Sound Horn OK please

I have seen many heavy vehicles on the road, I felt lorry is one of the innovative and well-designed product for transporting things. When we shifted the place from the heart of the city on the outskirts of Chennai, I have rarely seen any vehicle going on the road. But, lorries are like Superman on the road. When we decided to build the house, the place which we bought is in downwards seems like a pit for us, so we filled it with the Rubbish (it contains of demolished building materials). The Rubbish contains, demolished building’s bricks, sand, contains bricks and sand together. How much we filled it up, we can’t make it to road level on one stage. We use to have got lorries to bring up those materials. We wonder about the lorries on National Highway, some of the drivers, have their Horn sound different, it will be like music, some time we can have the AR Rahmans on the way.

Ashok Leyland will deliver their container lorries to other states, so the new lorries will be driven and given to the other state warehouses. The newly built lorry will not be having top and finishing at behind. The driver will wear the safety glass while driving, the glass strap will fly along with him when he is driving. Often container lorries will carry the huge rocks, new cars and bikes from the manufacturing units. The other lorries will carry the rubbish, bricks, sand, cements mostly building materials. Along with the lorry there will be cleaner, helper for in-taking the materials and unloading the materials. The helpers will be having the spade always in the lorry. On sometimes, the material delivered not paid by the recipient, the part material will goes to lorry owner. Later they convert it as money. There are functions for if their vehicle passed FC.

The typical lorry will be having 8 wheels, mostly with yellow painting, board with lorry company name, if it is individual God or Goddess names, Father or Mother’s name etc., Rear end of the lorry will be having two signs, “Sound Horn, OK Please”. Social messages, “Funny designs”, peacock designs etc., some of the lorries wouldn’t have the steps, Driver will step on tire, bolt and nut and reach the destination. Inside the lorry, three to four people can accommodate, if an extra person comes, he will allocate at the material loading place. Some lorry often made as cottage and tours will be taken off. I also saw the petroleum products lorries,Containers from ABT parcel service, Lord Hanuman takes the Sanjeevi Mountain in his hands.

Trucks are other kinds which will carry the wooden logs, industrial items, cements, food products like grains, pulses and vegetables. I can see mostly Punjabi’s on trucks, somewhere they will lit on the stove, they make Dal-roti they relish and continue their journey. Local lorry drivers will visit the Andhra mess, where they can get lots of rice for lunch time. Breakfast at any hotels they can accept. Supporting shops are Lorry mechanic shops, tire re-treading, puncture shops with Omni advertisements, plate changing shops, welding shops, Customized lorry shops here they will customize the whole lorry and made into the shape where they can allocate more space for their materials, the original branded lorry can’t beat its design. In some ways they are also influencing the price rise, Government raises the Diesel price, Lorry Owner’s strike, then transportation cost will be high, materials price will be higher, even milk, vegetables, basic needs are relying on the transportation of those materials.

In some ways prices rely on transportation. Nowadays Cement, sand will be mixed in big size lorry which has the mixer inbuilt, when they are delivering it, it will ready-mix easier to deliver. Instead of bricks, usage of brick ash and glasses are becoming higher. We are losing the old beauties of lorries, instead we are using the trucks nowadays. Still trucks and containers provide Indian designs on their vehicles. Still people are using to lorries to bring the people to their functions, gatherings, political meetings etc., This reminds me we are still survived by the wheel of invention.


In a childhood, my friend’s use to ask “Did you see the airplane, physically”. I said, “It’s just flown through in the sky”. “No, I have seen the airplane very near”. “Oh! I see, where it is?”. “In the airport at Tambaram”. I am yearning to see the flight nearby, I want to see that. Then there is an opportunity, Gandhi’s Birthday came we went to small picnic to Vandalur Zoo it is next to Tambaram. Since our vehicle is pretty much higher than ground level I saw the thick wall, which has the iron fences on it. Behind that, a big Cargo plane having its packages into it. As we saw in old movies, we can’t say welcome or saying goodbye by going nearby. Either we can’t see them boarding or coming from the plane from the airport.

Later I joined the construction/engineering company in Chennai, I used to book the tickets for Bus, Train and flights. Travel bookings for my Boss, Engineers, Staffs, Employees, etc., we will be having the site at many parts of India, I usually book the tickets for Engineers and Staffs. Before I joined the company, they used to book it through the agent by calling them through the phone. They will call back the company and feasibility of flights. After booking, the person from the agency will give the tickets as a person. Then I started booking all the tickets through on-line, it’s pretty much easy and faster. I usually book flight tickets through,,, etc., I found SpiceJet and Go-air tickets are cheaper. But my boss said, due to his ergonomics, he opted for SpiceJet. Air-India will provide its flights at nights. People don’t like to travel on those times mostly. The Indian Airlines strategy is different, when the passengers are more, the ticket price will be lesser.

Then 2010 I went to Chennai, our HR send me the itinerary to me. I saw the flight details “Kingfisher Airlines”, the timings etc., I smiled course the reason is that the Airlines like Virgin Airlines for India. Air-hostess from Kingfisher has a separate calendar for them. As always Vijay Mallya takes us to in a different new world. Same his brands and products depicts the same. After the induction, I made it to bus-stop, there my relatives are waiting for me to bid a goodbye from Bangalore. There is a white Indica waiting with the customer, the driver said, he got another customer, so I can able to pay half of the amount to the airport. It is a long journey to the Airport. There is a beautiful environment nearing, small bushes, plants planted over left and right, often we can see the advertisement hoardings at sides. The Taxi driver, brought my things up to reception even I requested, he made it through the reception. A reception lady from airlines asked me to leave the luggage. There is a collector from her end taken my luggage. Suddenly I got relaxed, gone outside for a while, BMTC bus is waiting to collect the passengers from the Airport. Buses are neat & tidy and well maintained. There are the people are waiting for their relatives/friends/customers from the next flight. Some people relaxing in Coffee shops, one man wearing the suit and having a suitcase urgently entering the ATM booth. Air-hostesses jointly gossiping with them and smiles. The white dressed and having the cap resembles the captain of the flight, just put his hands in a pocket, giving the Ray-ban look to everybody. Lot of taxis’ are waiting for its passengers outside, also cars for relatives vehicles are receiving and sending their friends and relatives. People waiting outside, some having the hoardings of passenger’s name, hotel name, welcome messages, etc., Hotel and travel agents are convincing the passengers to stay and travel from their agency. Passengers coming outside from the glass doors are having the searching, amazing, exciting looks on receivers. Emotions, smiles, jokes, laugh often thrown at them. Sometime later, I entered into the airport, I walked to the first floor, and where-ever I go guards are seeing me suspiciously with their Guns. In the boarding area, there is another reception collected my details, asked me if I am interested in boarding earlier. Since I have time, I have been wanting to be there for some time and I refused to take an earlier flight. The food is costlier than some Star hotels price. On the other side of the area, the pantry looks entirely different, the food available there is not heard in Indian restaurants. There are full of foreigners on the other end. All the races, ages, cultures, people seen around. My flight came, the announcer announced my flight details. There is a bus with good amenities inside, it is like a room inside the bus, carrying near to the flight. Air-hostess announced “1-10” numbers come first, mine is around 30, there is no announcement, the person who in front started walking towards flight. I said, there is no announcement, he smiled and told me that, there will be nothing such. Inside the plane, the pilot told about the weather conditions and some news. Air-hostess demonstrated about safety measures. I am amazed, that she exactly looks like a person in a Kingfisher airlines calendar. A foreigner with a kid seated before my seat. Often rang the bell and asks something to air-hostess., she politely told that the facility will not be available here. There is a lady next to me reading the book, the complementary sandwich and water came, I took a sandwich and water of the next person, because she is busy in reading. She later smiled at me with the friendly gesture and thanked for the same. The flight started, it is the Airbus started slowly, then gone fast and faster, then it took off. Bangalore is same when I looked through the Google maps. As Chennai also same when I looked the maps. The glittering night, which I saw might be the one-time show from the sky.

Dialup, Broadband and 4G LTE

At the holidays we usually hang around at cricket grounds, on such holiday my brother get into the Internet center for chat. In 90s internet is the huge thing. I usually boast myself about internet with friends. Yesterday, we chat at internet center, MIRC, PIRCH chats are famous those days. There is a browsing center near Mehta nagar, there are the chappals outside of the internet center, there are so much of cables around, the small box often connected between the cables, LED lights from that. Annasalai’s Dish internet café is famous where its like a hotel or lounge where we get coffee with internet. Yahoo Email service just came. Whenever we chat we will provide the email address to the chatting friend so that they can email us. But they will do at the beginning and ends up frequently. Netscape navigator is the only internet browser we known those days. is the only search engine we had, later yahoo search joined. Yahoo become famous later days with the messenger, mail, chat, news and even more.

My friends ask me to create the email accounts for them, we will go to internet center, “Tell me your first name and last name” “I have only one name” “Then tell me your father’s name”. This is how we use to create the email account. Indiainfo’s is my best hobby, about cricketers, their records, Wisden commentary, etc., My father’s friend came to our home one day saying that, “Oh that internet, its showing world news and everything. You don’t need to phone or telegram nowadays, you can chat directly.” Relatives phone each other, asks them to come in chat, and they will share their information. My teacher called, her relative asking about our results before its releasing in the newspaper. Through internet we got the results, but she didn’t tell us about it. Then at the same night, me and my father went to internet center to download the results.

Those days we use to have Dial-up internet, then we moved to ISDN and Broadband internet. Its started from 28 Kbps to 512 Kbps. After internet revolution, Fibernet, 3G, 4G LTE, mobile internet upto we are getting about 100 Mbps. Internet plans are introduced with limited and unlimited plans of Fair usage policies (FUP) for downloading. When I am working in an internet center, the outbreak about the virus and update of internet explorer came. The viruses are Y2K, “I Love you”, we have another virus after the twin tower attack, “Nimda” virus. If any virus came in computer, media will tell how much loss it made to the corporate companies. Virus attacks are famous after that, then they use to differentiate it, Trojan, Worm, Spyware, Virus, Adware, Malware etc., We use to tell, “This is not a virus which affected your PC, this is only a adware”. Adobe acrobat, PDF versions, Flash versions, Internet Explorer versions are given important. How much security you increase, the attackers will attack the system files in computer. Then Anti-virus becomes famous, Norton Antivirus, PC-Cillin, Mcafee etc., Browsers are also added as Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Flock, Opera etc., Whatever the browsers or OS you use, Internet explorer is the maharaja of the browsers. After the Google revolution, Google given the opportunities for marketing their products, Google Analytics, Adsense, AdClicks etc., came into the light. After the smart phone invention, there is an internet in every nook and corner, like power bill, water bill, internet bill also considered and domesticated. Social websites are changed from Orkut to Facebook and Google+, there are about more changes in browsing internet. There might be different versions and changes, for me its truly amazing thing.

UB Plaza days!!!

When I joined Thomson Reuters in 2009 with many dreams about the global work culture, MNC habits, different people, etc., It gave a different dimension of work. But where-ever we work, we have almost forgotten the place we are working. I had my memories about such building is called UB Plaza. It is near to the UB City another hallmark building in Bangalore. Before joining in Thomson Reuters, I am being here in Bangalore for a week, I am rounding in auto seeing the Titanium, Karle Premium, Infinity also UB Plaza. I often visit the Century builders with my relative. After a week later, I joined Thomson Reuters after having the Induction in Titanium, I called HR, she asked me to come over to UB Plaza. I went to Shivaji Nagar and came by walk to UB Plaza. While travelling I saw Manekshaw grounds, after that I stopped and crossed the road for the St. Marks Road. On Cubbon road, right side I have seen the huge stadium “M.Chinnaswamy Stadium” its full name is Chinnaswamy Mudaliar Stadium.  After that I am crossing by the huge Advertisement video was running “Hearing opera, lullaby to your ears”, credit card advertisements, after a minute traffic cleared, I crossed the road, the huge castle like building, “Bible Society” after I crossed the building, Hard Rock Café at Right side, Koshy’s small road I crossed then Indian Oil Petrol bunk, Leisure club, Bus Stand, Nirmala Toilet, Bangalore Traffic Police Park, Crossing the small road again, Century Builder, Haunted House, Egg Factory, MTR, Juice Junction, Oh! Calcutta, Richie Rich, Nahar’s Hotel, Amruth Hotel, Karnataka Tourism Board, then there is UB Plaza. Opposite to UB Plaza two wonderful houses, one is garlanded with garden another one will tell the tale of modern house. Once I entered the building there is a security asking the reason after that I went to collect the ID card. At reception area there are somany awards are presented to Thomson Reuters, Reuters Best photography book, newspapers, Water dispenser etc., Shortly I joined to the job. Cafeteria at 4th floor amazing. Often we go to Hotel Amruth for every reason and every season. If courier or part replacements, we use to tell “Its opposite to Bishop Cotton Girl’s School”. Later I rejoined in 2012, this time I found Haunted house is filled up with debris and new hotel built at the entrance. Naturals Ice cream parlour newly joined. For foodies we have Nandhini Group of Hotels opposite to our building, lots of insurance companies around. The ice cream Corner house is our best, Naturals, Richie rich are others we have. McDonald’s, Empire Hotel, Chutney Chung, Kushboo, at weekends.

At breaks, we often come to the roadside petty shop, the old lady who smiles at us and provides the value to her customers. The person who works in a Fried Groundnuts petty shop with wheels often smiles to us and often I see Warren Buffet Quotes on his wheel shop. He enjoys his work. If I came early to the office, I see the man with khaki trouser, having two Big dogs going around. Its about 20 Minutes for my travel to office, if we got no traffic jam. There are Vans loaded with children parked around our building, the kids who plays near to our building, it’s like a huge family around us. Next to our building, Fly Emirates reception visible from our office. Ladies with the same attire as in the Flight resolving the queries of their customers. The five floor building always sticks in our memories forever.

Lily-flower among the thorns

A couple of days before my mom gave grave news. That is about Sis. Sarah Navaroji, devotional singer and founder of ZGPF church is no more. I have seen SUN TV scrolling telling that “Sarah Navaroji aged about 76 is no more.” Angel TV broadcasting her old interviews  She sang many Christian devotional songs. We donno how she named Navaroji but she got famous for the songs which she sang. Not only that, she writes, gives the raaga, often doing the music and she sangs. Like this she created about 400 devotional songs. That too, she is founder of the ZGPF church running without any foreign funds. Genuine personality and she had a couple of branches near Chennai.

She is strict in her gospel in all the songs are in meetings, she told about “Jesus is coming soon”. When we experienced family problems she and her elder sister advised us and those thoughtful advices are like told by some elders in our family. 

In her early ages, she went to Bretheren, Lutheren gospels. She went to CPM, there she had differences and started the new church. Her songs are sung at the gatherings in CSI & ECI churches. She got more opportunities in the movie industry, she rejected those offers. She had tough competition between, stalwarts of Gospel singers. She won all the competitions, she even more good than ever. She is also a wonderful critic, anyone making mistakes on their speeches, she easily identifies it and gives the right explanation. The church had been given me the opportunity to design the labels for the cassettes and CDs., she had an option to select the logo for her CDs, she accepted my logo, which I considered a big gift for me. Her songs like “Erugindrar”, “Mega meedhinil”, “Siluvai Sumantha uruvam”, “Umpadam paninden”, “Sathiya Vedam” these are my personal favorites. When she had a meeting in Congress Maidan in Chennai there are about thousands of people have been coming in the way of truth. They believe only the truth of a crucified Jesus on Calvary can save them. That made her to start the church and fellowship. She named her church as Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship. I don’t think if anybody sangs in Carnatic Raaga in Christianity songs nowadays. She has done it in a peculiar way, classical Indian music with the message of Christianity.

Her songs are absolute gifts for Indian Classical music. Someone says, the singer can’t be a good preacher, but she is the one who changed that thought. Her devotion towards Christ and poor people made her “Lily-flower among the thorns”.

A Day in Hyderabad – Pt 2

Hussain Sagar

I continued for my tour, where one security guard helped to go to Hussain Sagar. It is a small form of bus which they took the ticket. I asked for Hussain Sagar, they told me to get down at Devi complex. There is a large Hindu Goddess Temple, where she having lots of hands and had a thrishul within the right and left hand in standing posture. I think I got an energy after having the function then family gathering like that. I start thinking that Hyderabad is one of own city. When I reached the place, its small tomb at tank bund. road. On left hand side is Snow city newly built. There are leader statues, like NTR, Sitaramaraju, etc., Those statues are well maintained like a long park. I seen the road it seems unique. The road curved and ending at the junction. The curved area has the night lamps, when I imagined it in night this could definitely looks like necklace. Then I came to know this is none other than Necklace Road. Again right hand side, the Buddha statue looks small for me from the view I started. Behind the statue, there are the buildings stood after the lake. The mobile phone antennas are standing like rocket to be launched. 

At last I reached to Lumbini Park. I also queried about the Hyderabad Biryani to taste. One of the person from the park visitor told about the Bawarchi restaurant. I went inside the park, one of the German couple enjoying the site. Since it is about 3 PM, there are lot more crowd coming inside. In one of the board it written “Laser show Today on 7 PM”. I went inside, its more than a park. The playing area, connected to the great Hussain Sagar. I enjoyed the view the kids play. Then I found out the yacht going to the Buddha Statue which stood in middle of the Hussain Sagar. I don’t want to miss the opportunity, I got the ticket and went inside the yacht. The yacht is a public yacht, which is in square shape, with open all sides. I provided with the plastic chair at corner of the yacht which can provide the good view of Hussain sagar as a whole. There are so many languages with different lingual people are in Hyderabad. Urdu, Telengana, Coastal Andhra, Hindi, Bihari’s, Odisha etc., When I entered into the yacht, I seen the multilingual people as whole Hyderabad in a capsule. We reached at statue at middle of the Hussain Sagar. It stood and as like its touching the sky. The Buddhist monk given his prayers to Buddha. Near to the arm I found the brown mark, some body behind me said, there is a incident where the Buddha statute had a crack then it got repaired. Then we came back from yacht to the Park again. In other yachts the party mood started for them, the dance, songs, all of the sudden I am in the different world, totally changed environment. The lights are ON near to the Buddha statue, showing different colors a good wonderful feeling collectively. I am unable to make it to Bawarchi, but had a Biryani near to the Secunderabad Jn. At last I had good feeling with the families and relatives, they attached with me and I respect them at the core. Also seen the Hyderabad as much as I can in a day. (End)

A Day in Hyderabad – Pt 1


When we had a functions at our relative/friend’s house I can see the members are mostly from Hyderabad. Un -removed Air-India, Indian Airlines tickets from their baggage shown their prestige and privilege about flying. Most of them from trains, I seen lot of relatives for the marriage functions. Once my father planned to go to Hyderabad to relish his Hyderabad days. From Chennai we went through train, It was his Pinni (His mother’s younger sister) house. The house exact opposite to Praga tools. Then we went outskirts of Hyderabad, where his Mavayya (Brother to mother), he is Thathayya for me. It is rare memory I had in my school days. When I am in Kakinada, my brother got called from my father to attend the House warming ceremony in Hyderabad. At that time it was exam time in College where he given his name in the duty list. At that time I am a freelancer, got enough time to spent so obviously then its my turn to go Hyderabad, Initially I refused because, I don’t know anybody. My brother and father are in firmed in their decision, then my ticket got booked. I really worried about how to find their house, how will they treat me I got scared too much. There are so many questions inside me. My way of talking telugu is totally changed when I came to Kakinada. In our town we respect all the elders, need to ask “Randi Randi eppudu vacharu, prayanam elaga unnindi. Lopalakki Randi” (Please come in, when do you came to this place, how is your journey?” In the train, there are some elders, I queried about the address which was given by father. They told to go to Nizamabad Junction, later other person told, to go to Secunderabad Jn. which is safer. With all the tension, I went to railway canteen, asked for MInute Maid a drink to relax myself.

When I came out the large advertising screen, advertising their ads. Then I got a bus, asking for Thirumellgerry, “Don’t stand on the steps, come inside” “Sir is it going Thirumellgerry”, “How many times I will tell to you, Come inside”. Again taking the tickets “Please give me the ticket to Thirumellgerry” His words are too fast, which I can’t follow, “It will stop at Junction, be there”. I stopped at junction, My Thathayya’s number was not reachable at that moment. I called my father, told that I am unreachable the number. He then called me back saying, “Its reachable, and somebody will come there to pick you up”. Then I rechecked the number, the number which is given or taken by me is wrong. In some minutes, thathayya called me “Be there in junction, he said.” Lateron he came, he came to Chennai couple of years ago, very much active person and interested in religious. He got Hanuman Chalisa, will be there in Sai Baba Temple, his talks are about temples and mantras. In our family & relatives, we respect him and his family. He is like Godfather to our families, he will attend all the functions at maximum, also will do the monetary helps to the families. He came in Kinetic Honda to pick me up. On the way he asked about my career, life and rest. He told that his son built new house, he is Ex-Military officer etc., 

My level of scare is decreased when I seen thathayya increased when I heard about Ex-Military my Mavayya. At night when we reached home, there are number of relatives, mostly known faces. But I talked to them for the first time. The family treated me as I am member of their. I am introduced with Ammamma (Grandmother). The books, teachings, culture, relationship the great Indian grandmother I ever seen. In most of the things, we are apt and our views are same. She immediately like me. They given me the Diwan cot to sleep, where there are many little pillows around Diwan cot, where I had fabulous sleep. At morning, we went to their new house, lots of friends and relatives are came. I seen many relatives at mavayya’s new house warming. The pooja started. When I entered at the entrance, a hall right hand side, the wall below small slab disconnects the floor. The slab has the white stones and lighting, where small Ganesha statues kept their each giving different pose. After the hall their is a kitchen which is Italian modular, where we can define easier. Between that there is a mini-bar facility, where I am not going in detail. Right to the kitchen, there is a pooja room, where Thattayya’s friend talking about the door design of the pooja Room. My another known mavayya from Chennai and complained about my slang. “Yuk, what is the way of speaking, speak normally”. The way speaking with elders, annoyed him. My Grandmother introduced her senior’s in office, where I can do little help in arranging the foods for them. When I said I am leaving, mavayya strictly told, that I need to leave a week later. Then I told about my clients and about the projects, he smiled and let me go. When I left from the house, its afternoon, I got train at 11 PM. So I planned small tour for myself. I seen some old Krishna movie, where heroine talking about the Hussain Sagar. (Contd.)

Vision, Mission, Goal, Objective and Strategy

Vision, Mission & Goal

I use to hear that elders blaming, their children doesn’t got their vision or goal. In resume we put our objective what we are expecting or what we are going to do if we got opportunity. In sports for example in soccer matches strategy is so much important, even you have good dribbling skills, you need to send the ball to the right person, or opponent will take the ball and chances of he is hitting the goal.

Okay, all are seems to be same, “What we need to worry about it?” lets differentiate the above things,

Vision: What are you expecting to do. “I have the perfect vision, what I am going to do”

Mission: What are you currently doing. “This guy in a mission, he will be like this”

Goal: What are we going to achieve. “He achieved his goal, his project is major success”

Objective: Vision and objective are kind of similar. But vision is overall statement, but objective will say the things what are we going to do in precisely “I will be develop along with the organization….”

Strategy: Do you have a plan? “Planning, Analysing, Resource Checking are main points in making any Strategy. “I have four resources, one is developer, one is QA….”

I faced lots of issues without knowing the appropriate meaning for these words. I hope this article will helps you.

Vision, Mission & Goal


Pentiums and AMDs

AMDs and Intel

I have more passion about computers, when its coming for programs. Initially in our school in 90s we are allowed to do the Turtle programming. Teacher draws the turtle in the board and draws the triangle on it. That time I donno that is the cursor which she is mentioning. Forward 90, Back 45, creating the squares more fun on the computer.

Later due to shifting schools, I don’t have much pleasure on computers. Then my brother took a computer class where I took typewriting class. Fortunately, both are in the same building. In Annual school day leave provided computer programming for him. Once I complete the typewriting, I will rush to see him. Often people plays paranoid game on that. Games are more fun, interesting and gives time pass. When time passed away, my brother suddenly emerged as Hardware Engineer. Often he brings the desktop to repair, Pentium 386, Pentium II, Pentium III, AMDs, Celeron processor machines. Color monitor added advantage.

When I worked in a college seen lots of computers, with B&W and color monitor. After going to so many calls for Desktop repairing I got an opportunity to buy one Desktop for me. There is one monitor already for us, repaired cabinet motherboard got some issues without hard-disk.

I went to Richie Street at Mount Road, Chennai that time famous for computer parts. Explained my issue with the Cabinet. He took a calculator and asked me to provide Rs. 13,000. My savings are about 12,000 change and I borrow 1,000 from my Father to get the new computer. At last I got my new computer, fortunately small freelancing business started for me to Scan, Video Editing, Photos to Videos, Desktop configuration etc., I even brought the new scanner and printer then with the complete multimedia setup. Lateron Pentium 4, Core 2 duo, with the 24 inch monitor I bought for my self.

I have my confession here, I use to play lot of games in my desktop rather that doing useful works on it. But my desktops always stood for me, when I had my requirements. Neighbor kids exam results, New born child name, Google maps, Typing the letters especially for Government matters, Educational videos, Audio clips of inspiring speeches, Translations, Proof-reading, books and articles etc., Its always I had a wonderful time with my desktop. Sometimes I donno how much time I spent on it.

White n Lemon

52444_old-india-ads-and-jinglesI came again, with the new thing. In India we have two things in Advertisements White and Lemon. Popular advertisement in our time when we don’t have Coca-cola or Pepsi is Rasna. The cute bubbly girl will tell, “I love you Rasna”. I never thought Complan drinking boy is still short, yes I am talking about Shahid Kapoor. Our neighbour use to complain, I am giving Complan to my boy, he is not growing, he is shortee. One of the boring advertisement is Vicco turmeric. The scariest is Dabur Lal Dhantmanchan, the teacher who have fearful teeth asks for which toothpowder you are using to the student. The most refreshing is Washing Powder Nirma, “The white you get is milk like” Oh that wonderful lady then become Azharudheen wife. Kapil Dev making stepping exercise and bowls get the wickets tells us “Boost is the secret of my energy” later Sachin the god comes and tells us “Our Energy”. The soap advertisements, “Now you come to know why I bought this cake” oh what a ads for that Rin Soap “It will provide the white like a Thunderstorm” Wheel powder “It has lemon shakthi”. Lateron Ariel and Surf Excel came into Ads. Health Drinks, I donno why one wants that. Complan ad comes with “I am growing mommy” & “A complete planned food”. Horlicks comes with “I won’t drink this, I will eat raw”. Bournvita made low competition. We use to provide Horlicks for sick patients, believing it will provide strength to the sick person. The toilet soaps ads provided cool models., Cinthol with Aravind Swamy and Akshay Khanna. Lux soap with movie heroines. Rexona coconut beauty, but top of that was Hamam soap., we use to tell, “He will not tell lies, because he is bathing with Hamam soap”. Then Lifebuoy soap, “its securing your healthier life”. Medicines came into picture, one advertisement I can’t forget is “What happened, child is crying, then give the Woodwards grape water, when you are a child I have given that”, “Dettol cleansing the illness”. Anacin for Fever and Headache, Vicks Action 500, Saridon, Strepsils, Vicks “If you kich kich in your throat have this candy, It has medicine in that”. Then Balms for body pain, Amruthanjan, Zandu Balm with Kambli ad, Vicks Vapourub these ads which you can enjoy.


Later the cable TV era provides so many ads, TVs are running by the money sponsored by Advertisers. Pepsi and cola advertisements, Coca-cola tagged Actors mostly. But Pepsi always wins the Advertisement wars. Azharudheen, Jadeja later Sachin tagged to Pepsi. For Coca-cola, Saurav Ganguly, Javagal Srinath are the stars. Shahrukh Khan, Initially Amir Khan, Kajol are the stars for Pepsi came with the tag “Yeh Dil maange more” (This heart will asks for more”. Coca Cola later pulled Amir Khan in. Cola wars are famous and it gave big losses for classic, Gold Spot, limca, Thums up, etc., Local brands are mostly diminished. Everywhere either Coca-cola or Pepsi products got sold out. In snacks area, its Cadbury’s Dairy milk stole the show, its drinks Schwepps, Canada Dry are short lived. Uncle chips “Tell my O’ lips, I love Uncle chips”. Ruffles Lay “No one can beat that one”. The other varieties are chewing gums, Big fun is the only Chewing gum we use to use until 90s, in each gum favourite cricketer photo presented. Then Wrigley’s revolution, Big Babool, Boomer came with “Boom Boom Boomer” with free tattoos. Cooking oil, some days before I remember my friend’s love for Dhara. The boy will come out of home with the small anger, then his Grandpa will tell, “your mom cooks all oily items, why you come and taste it” that boy change and go to home. Funny isn’t it?. When Sundrop ad comes, I can’t believe it how in the earth, they created that big Vada and poori. That too, the poori fell down when the boy cross that. “In Sundrop’s love you can find the health”. The people who are health conscious from Ghee are really converted to Sunflower oils. Cement ads, the strong arm ad, Birla cement ad, Coromandel some ads are to be mentioned. Fevicol, “With your strength pull this”, to show the strength they use to tell it in humorous way. Electrical goods ads, “Khaitan Fan, it will be for ages”. Coffee Ads, Bru instant coffee, Leo coffee “The taste which win the ages”, Narasus coffee “Besh Besh this is too Good”. Coconut oil ads, Malish oil ads Shampoo ads, we all love the ads in our ages. All we found in common are White n Lemon.

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