Telangana, new state born

As I started to Hyderabad, many people asked are you Telangana or Andhra. I simply said I am an Indian. Recently government announced,for Telangana & Andhra states where Hyderabad will be capital for 10 years for both states. Unlike Chandigarh which is in both Punjab and Haryana controlled, Hyderabad now more controlled by Telangana region. Everywhere GHMC puts the seal on the buildings. It said later those could be given to IT sector near to Madhapur. I can’t say development is stopped but internal infrastructure in good pace.Industrial and development its taking time for them. I saw some of the bikes and cars are labelled with TS (Telangana State) registration. In APSRTC buses now AP has been ruled out. Some of them sticked with TSRTC.

Lands are cleared to provide more lands to state. Buildings are still built sky high, lands are getting cheaper now and then. Water and basic amenities still not provided to individual owners. Real estate is still un-decided to get the lands in Hyderabad or not. I came to Bangalore on 2009, the real estate has steady growth, to find a land in Bangalore is still hectic. Due to this, outskirts are keep on developing. Bangalore has nothing to develop, but sky high buildings are still built. Some areas, 2 BHK flats are sold more than a crore. Bangalore developing the infrastructure it bureaucracy developing pace is simply superb.

I went to one of the local hotel in near Madhapur. One old man asking “Why did you put your shop here? Its disturbing us” There is no building around about 1 KM, I don’t know how its disturbing him. “I am Telangana guy, you need to give me the money here after to run your shop here”. He fought with shop guys. I am scared of the trend which is going around in Hyderabad. I am not sure the same thing happening in other areas. It remembers me the 80s-90s in Chennai. Where the local rowdy will occupy the shop or owner of the shop, he need to give the mamool to local dada. One shop keeper have to provide the mamool to Local Dada, to law, to politicians etc., I hope this will not replicate same in Hyderabad too. Shop keepers frustration, hesitation can be clearly seen. Recently in Tamil Nadu one of the lady police arrested for asking bribe in local shop.

I remember there are many hopes for creating the Telangana state, I hope the fire still remains on them. Inclusive development, developing without the race, creed, religion, language is important for development of any kind. Fundamental rights are equal to everybody, humanity to be shown equal to everybody. I hope Telangana state will bring fruitful results.

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Show-business for a day

Tomorrow please come to AVM Studios, I am producing the TV show just take look at it. “Hello sir, I am JJ, this security is not allowing me, he is asking about the floor details.” “Just say to him, newly built Studio 2″. I told to the security about the details. I am with the blue T-shirt, says GAP on it. “Hold on, JJ I am coming there, we will go by car” Sometime later, Tata Indica car came. I opened the door, get inside of the car. This time security given the salute. “So what is the program I asked”. This is the kids program I am producing, I have director, for this show. I went inside, that is like huge hall, inside that “Dance Mast” program name for Splash TV.  “Would you like to have some coffee, please”, “Sir, please have the chair, the security urged.” Friendly people. I made myself comfortable in the studio. The studio is fully Air-conditioned. First time I am seeing the concept of online editing. There are about three cameras around the studio. VJs came to the studio and told about the participants, sometime later “Nimbuda, Nimbuda, Nimbuda” two girls started dancing to that tunes. The three cameras started capturing the angles, online editor carefully capturing the videos which he wanted. Whenever the mistakes he found he rewind it and took parallel good video. Suddenly the studio changed to the Navaratri mood, we are taking about 29 episodes in three days. Through this we can save so much of money. I am introduced with Director, parents of dancers came to him and introduced themselves with their visiting cards. “My baby has won so many prizes in school competitions, she like dance, acting etc., why don’t you give the chance in acting. “Yeah will see that”. Organizer came in, Raj told that Dinesh organized the kids in Sowcarpet, where his marketing guy failed him. But Dinesh arranged the sufficient kids for the program. There are so many challenges, the episodes which they are organized are not in time, 2 ½ days’ time got extended to 3-4 days. He felt losses in show business. Lunch brought in all the parents and our supporting staff had a lunch. Again Raj shouted, “We are paying money, what kind of food is this”.

Again we went inside to the studio, DD came in and introduced herself, “Yeah I know her”, Raj again said “We will try”. “Raj, do you know her, she is DD, she acted TV dramas, and she is growing star”. Raj told “She came in for her brother, to give the cinema chance for him”. Again program started, often VJ struggled in memorizing the names of the dancers. They change their dresses after four episodes. Suddenly the kids stopped dancing, “What happened, sir the song is wrong, first phrases are right” Again we put the song, those kids are right. I immediately rushed in and seen the CD, it has been written in pen. “Sir I accept that I written in upper wards, but I donno has written in other end.” Don’t you know you shouldn’t write on pen? You need to write with OHP marker. Fool you making my life worse”

Again, Dinesh went to Music World and gain the CD, in-between director made other episodes. Kids, again had a touch-up like growing actresses. At last programs got completed. Raj started settling the payments to the staffs. Studio supporting staffs to argue for Tea Bata. Dinesh argued, we are not taking Shankar movie here. If you want a Tea, come I will get you in Saravana Bhavan will provide dinner also. But the amount you are asking is too much. “Sorry sir, you have to give or you can’t move from here”. At last Raj given the payment, Dinesh told, “Sir you shouldn’t to given that much amount, already we are in loss”. At last the set is closed, everybody started to our homes, Security given the last salute at the gate.

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Independence day celebrations

In our area, the people looks for equality among others. DYFI friends club, paint their requests to the government by posting the paper in the cycle tyre and it will be lifted in street light poles. Some times power poles are also used. “There is no proper facilities in our area, government what are you doing”. Daily I use to see this kind of posters. My father and mother asked me to join in the activities in the school, if it is the speech competition, there will be the Auditor uncle he writes the speech and give it to my brother. I become unnoticed in our area, very calm among friends always at home. He memorize it and tell it in school. My brother excelled in sports and all extra curricular activities. But I am bookish, studying well and concentrated on school ranks. That is the new school to me, all the juniors are ready for speech competition. My class teacher told there is a huge competition among our juniors we are all need to join to encourage them. My mom also encouraged to join in the speech competition. Our are Police inspector invited to the Independence day function. I started taking notes for my speech competition, there are many leaders I come across, I selected this leader which provided much expressions. My friend started the speech about Veera Pandiya Kattabomman, with movie dialogues with same dialogues, “Vaanam pozhigirathu, boomi vilaikirathu….” Then other friend talking about Kamaraj, “Why his name came as “Karma veerar Kamaraj” with text book expression. Others generally talking about Bharathiyar, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.,

After Jalian wala bagh massacre there are the group of friends joined and one of the young person having this speech among their friends, “What is this injustice happen to us, our people just went to hear the speech. But they met the death, we need to be like tiger to our enemies, fall on them and perish them.” “There is no law, truth are prevailed in this nation anymore, come-on my young fellas we need to be one and defend ourselves…” At the end, we got the independence not so easily, we fought with unity, we had so much of sacrifices, we sow the seeds of sacrifice to win the Independence. We need to celebrate this freedom with knowing their works and due respect to those martyrs. Jai Hind”

At end of the speech, my family applauded there are many people among our area came to school there are vigils around, sounds, some of my friends are cried Hurrah, you done it. There are about 200 people listened and applauded, juniors telling me the kind words, how I told, my class teacher shocked with my speech. One instance I become famous in the school. Our Headmistress, cried and taking her napkin to clean checking if anybody noticing. Second prize goes to Jonathan Justus, Police Inspector awarded me saying, “Yen station pakkam vaada” with warning style “Come near to station”. When I got the prize, crowd smiled and applauded vastly. That speech inspired me to provide the speech or attending the interviews also fought with more fears. 

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A Tribute to Robin Williams

When I am seeing the movie Jumanji, the two kids playing the game there are unexpected incidents happens. In between I am introduced with Robin Williams, there is some hidden sadness in him missing his father in the movie. Then later Kamal Hassan acted the movie Avvai Shanmugi, it is based on the movie called ‘Mrs. Doubt fire’ even though its a comedy movie, something makes us un-comfortable because of his acting. A Father for a kids and kids for their father.
Flubber, nerd scientist dedicates most of his life for the inventions.Awakenings, when the patients are walking ourself we are moved. I am moved with his trying to awakening the patients. Some of his movies tell his tale are Good morning Vietnam, Cadillac Man, Dead Poet’s society, etc.,

The voice modulation in Aladdin as Genie, Happy feet’s Love lace, Night at Museum as Theodore Roosevelt, there are many characters as we can say. He acted Televised series, he is also a writer, acted in famous series in television.

Earlier he is a good actor in Theatres which provided the chance in movies. “Bengal tiger in Baghdad Zoo” one of the theatre drama by Rajiv Joseph. Even though he got serious money trouble, he never accepted the movies for payment. The passion on movies are impeccable. Unable to bear the news he is no more, but his movies speak about him. His passion are not died with him. He is the guru and mentor for many actors in hollywood. He influenced the famous comedian like Jim Carrey. He even acted in Robin Williams movie. But he got only academic award for supporting actor. He got Golden globe, Emmy awards for his passioned acting.

I give the great salute to the such actor.

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Interview days – Part 2 (End)

In the hall everybody nodded agreeing the boss notation.

How will you work and what is your working style?
My motto is QTS
CEO smiled and asked me “What is QTS?”
Quality, Time & Service, whatever the work we do trying to provide the additional value to work , finishing the work before expected time, providing our utmost respect towards the job what we do. This is my motto.
We have couple of openings in our company, if you are shortlisted we will inform you., you can go now.
Thank you sir.

I got call from that company for different position. There are some irritating interviews, where they are asking for questions to gain the knowledge from us. I attended the interview with consultants, and writing answers to in companies. Earlier attending interview through consultant is namesake. Where I need to waste the time by answering the questions, some referral person will get that job.

Some times interviewers will be interested with us and will not provide expected package. Also false promises like “If you work with us for 3 months, based on your performance we will increase your package”. “How will I know your skill, its impossible to say it now. Work for 2-3 months we will analyse you and then we provide the better package”. There are the companies will come to check my home for background checks. Even they ask my birth date and time to check the Astrology. MLM companies advertise job openings, but in reality they are marketing their products to us. Once you go their they will ask us to join in their networking (Chain business) business.

“Computer Operator wanted”, this is the advertisement, if you go there, they will provide their pamphlets to us and talk about their products. I got an interview which I attended in hotel, in ad they said about the white collar job, in reality it is not. They are trying to motivate me to take this job. One of our relative said, there is a job in Hard Disk company in Malaysia, where we need to pay about 1 Lakh, my parents asked me to accept the position, which I turned down. In the name of jobs and interviews there are businesses running around in huge manner, our resume (Bio-data) are sold to the companies. People getting into the personality development, language classes, attending speeches etc., only for attending interviews. There are the people making us to act for not being our-self. Sometimes our passion getting down towards the high paying job.

While attending the interview we need to be a pleasing personality, laundered shirt & trouser, polished shoes, saloon-ed hair, clean face are important in attending interviews. Verifying and knowing about the company through the company website will be definite advantage, while answering the questions, if we are unable to answer the question, ask the interviewer what is the answer at the end. That shows the interest in the job, before failing in interview, try your best, attend the interview like its a last chance. Read inspiring articles, logical reasoning will help you often. Thanks for reading this article. – End.

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Interview days – Part 1

There is the job announcement at Browsing center, I am eager to attend the interview. The browsing center owner came by and we sat opposite to reception. He asked my name, certificates, whereabouts etc., I gone into details and told about myself casually. Suddenly someone interfered and told that why it is required, that owner said, “Don’t you see I am taking interview” I giggled myself, “Oh! this is called interview”. Later I got the job. Often I am attending the interviews to know in which position I stand, how much can I do, what are the requirements in job market. Once I forwarded two Resume, to the company which doing the biggest project at that time, they called me asking about the candidates. I started explained about the candidate who had experience and the same level of expectation what they are looking for, “We are ready to take this candidate, there is another resume, which we are not going to consider it”, I replied, “Okay”. “Do you know that guy?” they asked seriously “Yes sir, that’s the person whom you are talking to” there was a silence for the moment on other end. “We will call you back” then phone got disconnected. Couple of days later, the guy called me and said he got appointed in that company. On the same day I got the call from the same company to attend the interview, I am surprised and afraid. 

Interviewer: Hi Jonathan, what do you know in computers
Me: I know MS Office & Computer Troubleshooting.
Interviewer: Will you repair laptops?
Me: No sir, I never touched laptop, I use to do with the desktops.
Interviewer: We have some excel work, where you need to work on 6 months of contract, after that we won’t available for this project, you need to search the other job for yourself.
Me: Its Okay sir I can do.

Later there is an MS Excel test and offer letter given to me. The most con-vincible interview I had with the Real estate giants of that time, takers are CEO of that company, Executive Assistant, VP of sales, etc., there are about 11 members seated in the interview hall., I am glad to see so many people to take one interview.

Hi, I hope you have seen our profile.
Yes sir, I took the information from your company website.
I can see that you have passed our technical round, now tell me if you are administrator of our website what kind of changes you can bring in to the website.
Sir, I have seen your US & India websites, in both profiles are kept neatly. But for Indian website I think there might be changes shall be included.
VP of sales interrupted he is full of smile and looked at me and asked, What kind of changes?
The database about the homes and shops are just photographed and information has been entered below, we need the information to be presented in easier way, the customer or visitor who looks for the property need the information about the area, building size, amenities, rent/buy prices etc., those information are not presented.
VP of sales again interrupted “But people like the photos and images”
now CEO interrupted, “Don’t take his words wrong, who ever he might be he is giving the information and helping us to provide the information about our website, I need to see the changes in that website going forward”

to be continued…

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Dosa Place – It serves in a bandi way

In Hyderabad lots more to see, places like Tank Bund, Charminar, Golconda, Malls, IT Parks etc., There is something to tell about where the place I boarded to. The Borbanda station gives the feel like my home town, after travelled through autorickshaw, we came to the Ayyappa society. The streets, house are confusing, some are similar to one another and catching up the right house little bit confusing. I went to office while I came back I am introduced with the nice treat. I use to believe only Hyderabadi biryani is famous, after I got this treat my opinion got changed. In Bangalore I saw so many variety Dosa shops, which had same manner. The Dosa Place which got in four wheels, which remembered me the “Food on Wheels” Jackie’s flick. Here no-body wants to fight with you :). The bandi shops normally not be clean and tidy, the place and their serving methods are contaminated. When I entered saw the shop, it is like four wheeler van, behind the driver seat the area is covered by the Kitchen. On top of the Van, the white color board says, “Dosa Place”, between the front end and back area, Hand wash area provided. The van is located in bare land between the house and school, the free land is utilised and even there are extra kadais kept for cooking the dosas. The Dosa’s are made at charcoal stoves to make extra delicious, the menu card given to us, on that there are about 50+ dosas are available with Idli and Tea are extra in the menu. We ordered Kerala dosa and Panneer masala dosa with Extra Idlies. The order has been taken by the separate order taker, he will tell to the chef “One Sada dosa and One Mysore masala dosa”. Bubbletop water container kept to satisfy our thirst after having the delicious dosa. The dosa we had, is crispy, the masala they put on dosa later  brought out separately like sabji for the Dosa, the masala and dosa are cooked simultaneously at the same dosa. The chutney they provided are awesome. More than that, dish and place are hygenic, even its open air restaurant.

The presentation and dish can beat any top hotel’s dishes. If I came to Hyderabad I won’t miss this place, I am giving the details of that place below this article.

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