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Invitation – In a changing world

Invitation cards we usually got for Marriages, Anniversaries, Birthday functions, New releases, etc., but it brought many things in our society, earlier Invitations are exclusively for Elite people the Kings, Queens, Lords, Dukes and Duchess for the higher ranks in higher societies. Since it is written by secretaries, butlers, their wives., it brought education to the masses. The style of writing called Calligraphy introduced to write the Invitations in different styles. It brought diplomatic relationships and reinforced the diaspora relations to their own people. Later on printing press introduced for printing the Invitations. It also brought different pigments in the formation of inks. The new technologies are introduced. Due to we had sufficient technology Invitations are also printed by common people. In England it is introduced for Poll campaigns, Sports events, Obituaries, Business services etc.,

Once my father got a huge invitation from local MLA inviting for his daughter’s wedding. The back-cover filled with Chief Minister’s photo, with the poem lauding the Achievements by the CM and their government. The other invitation I got from the college where I am working, its front cover filled with APJ Abdul Kalam for their Annual Event. My colleagues used to fight for the Invitation because of its beautiful front cover. As an Indian we use to get the 16th Day card for remembering the death of their house. We usually get it through the post, my Mom use to cut the corners of that Invitation card. When my brother getting married, my Aththa and Pinnamma used to cover the Entrance with the turmeric, which is believed that will bring the good things to their homes and also provide Kunkuma to tell the auspicious things which is going to happen in our family.

When I am in Chennai, when we are trying to print the cards, we usually suggest the Olympic cards, then Menaka cards at last the local printers. Earlier cards given by the person. Then the book-post introduced, the invitation card inserted in the cover and stick with stamps. After the technology got developed, slowly printing is reduced but still the Invitation cards got printed. The same Invitation cards got scanned and cascaded to the friends. Even how much technology is introduced still we have the custom of Inviting for the events in social media, through email, etc. Need to see how much the technology and our customs will develop.

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Sun and Sea Pt7

Seeing this popularity, now he got the support from politics. He was speaking about everywhere. Recommendations, election money, appraisals come in the normal way. Naren become the unbeaten hero of the village and surrounding places. He ruled the side of the City, which many people can’t. His story always remembers us the Genghis Khan which he becomes for south.

Ravi becomes an officer and he popular among the officers. Most of them recognized him, now he got a beautiful girlfriend. He proposed her and she accepted it. She becomes a stepping stone to his career. Ravi’s father and his relatives attended the wedding. Ravi got beautiful baby, Ravi’s father was there for a long time with them. His wishes are getting fulfilled by his son. He was in now in cloud 9. Whenever he gets the calls from the village, he was talking about his son and his grandchild.

Ravi’s officer and mentor got a promotion and asked him to meet him. Ravi was so happy about his promotion. His officer talked about the part of the City he is going to handle which is a bit critical of him. He requires the honest Police officer who can bring law and order back to that part. With that joy Ravi asked to locate to that place called Renne. Rain not only concluded the small village of Naren, it has factories and boon for the economy in city. Also near to the harbor, industries, refineries etc., The part of city is now ruled by Renne.

Naren not only become the hero, his followers become corrupt, killers, taking money from industrialists often, special taxes to Naren. Behalf of Naren everything is not good. Naren started helping the people in Renne, He started offices, saving banks, credit banks etc., There are no other offices presented as Naren presented. He started all kinds of businesses to provide the employment.

He built bus stand where his brother killed. Naren fulfilled his villanuous image to police. Even honest police officials also become corrupt. Any body can play the rowdy role, uncontrollable. People who can stay in those places are mingled with them otherwise they can’t live with calm mentality. The Naren’s birthday was attended by Ministers of the state and central. There are about 500 wine shops are opened in his name.

At the same time Ravi has taken in charge of Renne. There is a fight between, passenger and conductor in a bus. The conductor made a complaint on the passenger, often he thefting from his passengers. The thief absolutely regretting it. Ravi searched that passenger there are many purses and chains. Ravi asked Arul (constable) to remand the person. Ravi found this place as new. People and their culture are different. Many of them are handicapped, lost their hands, legs, riding the handicap cycle etc.,

Complaints filed and returned back. The local rules are created and dominated by Naren. Marriage functions, festivals are donned Naren. He become everyone and everything to people. At starting Naren admired by Ravi. 

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There is a line between being aggressive and door-mat. Lot of people let themselves down to make other people happy. Thinking that others are happy and making down themselves is punishing your soul. Think about that you are going to grocery store and sacrificing the main item for another person. To get that same item you need to travel half a mile. Helping others should not affect yourself. Be a logic while selecting the things. Be good for yourself and be good to others.

Assertive is teaching us, how to behave yourself and not getting bullied in situations. At meetings asking too many questions will not make you a super hero but asking the questions which you want to ask will make fruitful to your career. When you are getting bullied, try to provide them a space. Accept the truths, take up the principles, make them feel that they are annoying others. Assertiveness also teaches us to do not get bullied by others. When the person comes to you and started the aggressive argument on you, try to say this,

“Oh! That’s interesting,

Why you feel like that

Why don’t you say that earlier”

Don’t make others to like about you, make others to respect you which is most important. Don’t tie up the situation, let it flow and pickup the points on that. Be bold, be yourself.

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Praising Sandwiches

When you tried to talk about the performance of others, the mistake what we will do is

-          Bad Signal

-          Warning

-          Poor Results


For example if the manager talking about the performance of others,

Manager – I need to talk about your performance (Giving the signal)

Employee – What (Annoying)

Manager – Customers/stack holders are not interested on you (Warning)

Employee – Really? (Frustration)

Employee – I don’t believe that, you just don’t like that I will get your job one day. (Poor Results)


To get the Win-Win situation, these praise sandwiches can be utilized,

Praise à Criticism à Praise

Allow some space to others to accept the critics, if its really required! Think about that again!! Then go ahead

Above speech can be changed as

Manager – Good job man with your….. (Praise)

Employee – Yeah I faced so many challenges

Manager – I know customer/stack holders are complaining, but those are small hurdles which you can jump up (Criticism)

Employee – Isn’t it

Manager – You had very good skills with you, soon you will be top employee, I had all faith on you (Praise)

Employee – I will definitely do that

Complimenting and criticism its fine but end of the day praise for their results this will make to feel the employee or others to give the potential impression of importance to their position.

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You can see more VM videos here, Installation configuration to Scaling, Backup & Restore, Networking in VM etc.,


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Jumpstart videos

Jumpstart videos

Course with an accelerated overview then dig right into the Core Hyper-V content. After discussing and illustrating how new Hyper-V features enable better scale, they lead a discussion on NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) and finish the module with Network Virtualization and IP portability.

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I missed this long ago

Hi Guys, we are searching technical training in various form of training materials, nothing will be good unless you doing it, microsoft giving us the opportunity to do it, yesterday I find this link and its very useful, which contains,

Windows Server



and much more,

TechNet Virtual Labs enable you to quickly evaluate and test Microsoft’s newest products and technologies through a series of guided, hands-on labs that you can complete in 90 minutes or less. There is no complex setup or installation required, and you can use TechNet Virtual Labs online immediately, free.


To login to this,



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