Verdict on Jaya’s case

Jaya once again proved and this time she showed her enormous strength through the people, that she is the strongest leader in South India. As a leader, it seems she didn’t had a control in getting gifts when she was a CM in 90’s. National channels like Times Now, NDTV, CNN IBN are concentrated on Modi’s visit to US. But South Indian channels repeatedly provide the news from their sources about this case and verdict. Reason might be she is now in Karnataka to attend the case. There is a huge protest against the verdict, where shops were closed, buses re-routed, violence around Tamilnadu erupted.

AIADMK followers given their voice for her and against to Subramanya Swamy. There is a huge protest, where in DMK party in full swing to distribute the sweets. There are about 5 judges handled this case, about 2 judges got retirement when they handled this case and handed over to another judge.

In 1996 Subramanian Swamy filed the complaint against Jaya petitioning about the amassed wealth. In June 96, DMK led government filed the FIR against her. In 2001, Jaya came back to power, 2003 K Anbazhagan files to Supreme Court to transfer the proceedings outside of Tamil Nadu. On November 2003, SC moved the trial to Karnataka. In end of 2011 Jaya appears in person to court and answers the questions. In September 2014, all 4 convicted were sentenced.

The petition about Jaya was, she was misusing the office during her tenure on 91-96. There are properties and valuables are captured. DMK asked the court captured valuables to be provided back to Tamilnadu. But D’Chunha proposed that those assets should be transferred from RBI, Chennai to Bangalore. Trial of this case went through for 18 years. She was fined with 100 Crores and for second time Jaya resigning her CM post. Jaya might ask for bail, but court had long leave now meanwhile she was in Judicial custody in Parapana Agrahara. On October 5th, court might have the hearing on the same.

Disproportionate Asset case, this changed the history of Tamilnadu. It

laid the path for DMK to win the Assembly elections in 1996. In 2001 she regained the power and 2003 she resigned and again she became CM. She didn’t had much media support and some of the state plans collapsed her victory again DMK came into power on 2006, In 2011, she didn’t done any previous mistakes rather, she is a star of TN with the well designed plans. AMMA Unavagam, Jaya called as Amma (mother) in TN, in her name low price food courts opened with the quality food. She started revolution in TN’s GDP growth, which is next to Maharashtra. She is backed with the State planning commission which has Santha Sheela Nair (Retd. IAS) as a Vice-President.

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Dogs in my area

I don’t know how much Blue cross rules are prevailed in India. But it was constantly kept on regulating the dogs. When I saw Manisha Koirala in Indian movie as a Blue Cross member, I thought those members will be more attractive. When, Menaka Gandhi brought the rules against the animals and its rights, I thought that’s a brave move by our Government.

From my childhood, I am scared of dogs, one day my friend send the dog to bite me, the dog suddenly ran towards me, from the distance its smaller and suddenly I just fell down. When I stood, its a huge dog coming towards me, I opened my eyes, the skin of dog just dancing along with the dog’s body. I took some of the stones and thrown on the dog and its ran away. That dog and that particular scene, haunted me for many times.

When I came to Bangalore for the second time, there are dogs around my area. At first attempt, I am travelling through my vehicle, where it followed and barked at me. The dog is well built looks like Mike Tyson, and attempted to bite me. I left my vehicle and jumped towards road. I escaped without any injuries. Second time, I came to my area at night 12’o clock leaving office with important work. Now there is a night-mare, it has its own team and started chasing me and not allowing me to take a right for my house. There are about 12 dogs in my area, and it awakens the other dogs. All the dogs are started barking. I made a strategy, then changed the route made a fight between other area dogs and my area dogs, I called my home, when they heard my vehicle sound, they just opened the door immediately I went in and they shut the door. I rounded my area about three times., Some time later, cab came to leave at my home, driver took a stone to throw on them, because all the dogs are rounded the car.

I stopped coming on late nights to my home, Either I go to my friends’ house. Even though there are rules and policies for animal rights, why it is not so serious for human rights too. My question is, if the Parliament or any institution are creating the laws and rules for humans. For nature it won’t apply, were we are middle class and we are suffering from the ones which we called as pets. There are about 12 stray dogs killed the small boy. There are so many incidents are taken place by the stray dogs. Who can answer this call?

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Che Guevara – Part 2

Then, Guevara moved to the nearest town, sooner Celia got pregnant and got baby boy. After travelling too many places, Guevara concentrated on his plantation business. Celia likes to be alone and spend thrift, but Guevara always looked for an emotional support. Where Guevara’s brother didn’t took his shipyard business seriously. They suffered lot of loss, Celia carried his two year old son in cold and wind areas. Celia’s son carried to hospital, and he was detected with asthmatic bronchitis. Sooner the medicines didn’t worked for him, her son also suffered with wheezing. Famous Che had a toughest childhood he suffered from Allergy and Asthma.
Che got affection due to his sickly nature. With the doctor’s advice for Che’s medical condition his parents moved to the highland for dry conditions. He almost died in various childhood incidents. Later dry conditions which brought by his parents made to manage the Asthma. But still Argentina faced the Post war crisis, her export slows down and depression started at their country. Agriculture and unemployment made Argentina vulnerable. The native Indians still having their binding labor jobs, where they will be provided with the advance money then they will work for their masters. Guevaras’ moved their family like they are nomadic. Che travelled more and more cities with the new buildings to live.
Even in bad situations Celia, Che’s mother given emotional bond towards his son. He saw what she saw, he learnt what she knows, and he saw the thing through her eyes. The other children envied that special care was given to him. Since she is a teacher and her husband now builder with his brother, she realized that, being a teacher, she can teach his weak son. Due to his physical shortcomings, he started contacts with broad range of people. He spent his time with literary works. He got friends with all classes.

His education continued in school, also he gets strict military education. His mother and himself both experienced difference classes, races and ethnic groups. He never seen the differences among the people. Che also a good student, he developed his quality education. Sooner he also interested with military and adventure. He loved to build the battlefield. Later Spanish civil war changed his family for decades. (Contd).

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Che Guevara – Part 1

Che, he who fought against imperialism and implemented socialism successfully. He may be the rebel, but he is the hero for millions. Celia she is the beautiful lady, her father is a congressman, ambassador & renowned law professor.  Despite of her parent’s untimed death, her family possessed with the revenue generating lands. Ernesto Guevara a clerkish appearance, tall and handsome with strong cheeks has both Spanish and Irish nobility. He is hot temper and had outsized imagination. He dropped his college while studying architecture and engineering. Then he met Celia and they went through the yerba mate plantation and strike gold.
Their marriage un-accepted by their families, she got pregnant and eloped with Ernesto and stayed away with her older sister’s house. Then court approved their marriage and portion of cattle and farming business then cash bonds are provided. Finally they both were wed in a private ceremony.
Argentina had a unstable past, which had native origins revolution, Independence struggle with Spain etc., Native origins Indians settled over with vast new lands and colonization. Later in the beginning of 1870s, Argentina exported commodities, cattle, agricultural products etc. In return from America and Europe it got Paris fashions, new equipment, architecture and designs from west. With the connection from the west it got new types of buildings, mansions, private buildings, fountains, statues etc., it provided new culture to the country.
Even though there are problems within from the conservative leaderships, diseases and workers strike are common in the country. Often strikes are suppressed with gunfire and police. In 20th century new political ideas emerged, Feminists, socialists’ voices are heard. Later Argentina’s political change was unstoppable.
Meanwhile with Celia’s money Ernesto bought the land in jungle. He saw a future in the jungle. They got wooden house with the outdoor kitchen. He believes in adventure, dangers and entraps. (Contd…)

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Mangalyaan, ISRO’s new confidence

I like to see the movie Gravity which story reveals the after effects of non-recycled satellites which destroying the space crafts. That is the awesome movie which is budgeted about 100 Million US Dollars. When Mangalyaan gone into the Mars Orbit, PM Modi said, this project is cheaper than Gravity movie’s budget. This is also the budgetary mission comparing the other 4 missions which are launched for Mars. After Chandrayaan, this is India’s huge step in Space craft. Recently India’s dependency with the other space organization is reduced.

More than that, India providing additional information which other organizations want to know. It has their own Data centers to provide the information for the organizations. This PSLV-XL is just a showcase for the upcoming projects, which has its own limitations. Also this mission provides about managing the space craft in situations, providing shaping information of Mars, minerals & contains weather information. This project is headed over by K Radhakrishnan. The space craft carrying the Solar array, propeller tank, High & Medium gain Antenna, Camera, thrusters (main engine). This drives into the Mars orbit. There will test firing for 4 seconds, while it reaching in orbit. However, this test firing is successful.

Last year November 2013 it released from earth and today 24th September 2014 it reached to Mars orbit. There are some interesting facts around this Mars Orbit Mission. This space-craft once entered into the orbit, it will be taken over by Mars by its gravity. Primary objective of this mission is to develop the technology for interplanetary missions. This mission will provide sufficient information for the future projects for ISRO. Camera was switched ON for 2 hours and send about 5 pictures to earth. This is the low cost mission (74 million US Dollars) and also successful in its maiden attempt. The vehicle total weight is 1,337 kg and this mission launched at Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota.

This is huge leap in space science for India, this victory also resembles the power of human beings. NASA congratulates India and welcomed for studying the Red planet. ISRO now knows where they are standing in the global map, this Mangalyaan mission gives extra confidence for their accomplishments.

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Is UK did what Russia did for Crimea

Couple of days before I posted about the Scotland and UK. One of the visitor who visited my blog and said, the young voters who voted against the unification of Scotland and Britain. He also shown some statistics that youngsters are more keen to be separated. Also insisted that youngsters are tomorrow’s citizens, it is like their rights has been rejected.
Is it so, in the same year in February, Russia got Crimea, Crimea leader openly said that people are interested in joining with Russia. Russia has more benefits if Crimea joined with them, there are pipeline projects, where they are providing the oil and natural gas for many European nations. Ukraine might be threat for them and also impose more taxes or can stop the entire project. So Russia, got the love from Crimea, where more Russians are moved to Crimea, to support the thought of one nation under Russia.
In same way, in India France still providing the pensions at our Union Territories. UK providing the pension to Gibraltar still, even it is geographically isolated, Gibraltar is united with UK. Recently Ukraine said that, Crimeans who are getting the pension from Russia are not eligible to get the pension money from Ukraine. Basically there is no double pension. Pensioners usually who are separated or getting the money benefits from one government are loyal to their masters. 
UK proposed the same way what Russia did, they provided pensions, which are indirect benefits to the Scotland. Many of the separatists feel that UK funded indirectly to get the support from the voters. In any nation two sectors of voters are inseparable one is poor and another sector is a old age pensioners. UK got this idea and implemented and succeeded in their own way. It shown the new way to get the voters to diversify ideas. Youngsters who didn’t got these benefits are more dejected. Also for pensioners this is a boon for them, even in a high economy, these pension money will help them to lead a life in a better way. We need to provide a real award who found the pension idea.

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Match at Chinnaswamy Stadium

I love to watch cricket matches at TV. When I studied at University of Madras for a period, one day there is a huge roar at MA Chidambaram stadium. There are some Australians crossing over our University, with the Kangaroos miniatures etc., Next day there is a huge expectation, that is the match between Australia vs India. After the famous win at Kolkatta, Indian team looks like lion and become a fierceful competitor. The Pepsi waiter came with some of the unsold tickets where we can see the match for a while, since its a final day, we thought of going, once we entered into the stadium, Harbajan Singh ran for a victory run. That is the small glimpse we got for a while.

Then, in Bangalore, my boss told there are some tickets for Sunrisers vs Royal Challengers. He is expecting the tickets for CSK vs RCB, but I love Sunrisers Hyderabad right from the Deccan Chargers days. In ICL, I use to support Hyderabad Heroes, where Nicky Boje and Stuart Binny are my heroes at that time. When IPL came, the team which won the IPL Championship is the best team for Hyderabad. When the players are sold to other teams, I thought the team itself no-more. Then Kris Srikanth, Tom Moody & Shikar Dhawan revamped the team into another level. Amit Mishra, Sammy, Finch, Warner & Naman Ojha set an expectations.

When I went to the stadium, Police not allowed, my mobile phones probably I should not gone earlier. I went to home, left my phone and bottles and came back to stadium. My dream stars at younger age are Kapil and Srikanth. I saw Srikanth, Gavaskar, Moody, entire Sunrisers and RCB

players. I enjoyed seeing Yuvi with RCB colours. Its really a bliss for a cricket fan like me. DJ kept us entertaining, he kept the show really interesting. Especially, when RCB is down with the wickets, ABD came in for batting, he is struggling with Sunrisers bowling, he put the song which energised RCB, “Odi Maga, Odi Maga, Odi Maga” (Beat them man) It was a good show by Sunrisers, where people around my some times stopped me when I raised the Sunrisers Hyderabad flag. When Michael Starc ran out, I am unstoppable. Then AB Devilliers came in shattered my dream of Sunrisers winning. What a sportsperson he is, he tried every trick in a book. When the star batsmen failed to show-up he stood up in front and make his team winning.

Probably, IPL and the idea behind it, brought the people to love their stars, also engaging with the great sport.

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Scotland Yard – The Police History

When I am in school, I am fascinated with the story of Richard who is initially villain for Scotland Yard. How he escapes from law and he is always escapes with Scotland Yard. That is the first time I heard about Scotland yard, then my teacher explained about the Scotland yard, that is the world’s finest police department. There are about mysteries and scams we heard lot in history. Robert Peel, who is a minister in Great Britain concluded that one force can save the civilians from those mysteries. Police force came into the 18th century, where he had about some sergeants, inspectors and police officers. When one rogue tried to attack queen, Robert Peel said if there is a police force it can be stopped. Sooner in parliament the police law approved and made it in place.

So that is the quick glance of police history in the world. They helped civilians through their gatherings, festivals, functions, royal functions etc., Their main tool is horse, through that police are visible to people and also horse helped to control the crowd. When the people are migrated to Great Britain, they worked as a domestic helpers for the Royal Empire. Royals and their workers had these domestic workers to ease their petty works to be done. These domestic workers are un-inspected worked for royals had their feud with in them. There are lots of crimes happened by migrated workers.

Government shocked by these crimes, sometimes these crimes affected the royals. Robert Peel came

again with the ideas like, resolving the crimes, bringing crime rate down. The new policies implemented to the people, if somebody against these policies and law they will be punished. Parliament made these laws as Law and Order. As we can say Robert Peel is a founding father of Police Department. With these laws people tried to abide with the policies made by the government. Sooner there are so many un-solved mysteries and murders occupy the London. This time Police came with the new idea called CID special bureau for investigation. This fascinates the authors like Conan Doyle, in return he cooked the Sherlock Holmes stories. Later Police improvise the department with the Medical and Technology they made forensic investigations, fingerprint investigation which given major breakthrough. Also for emergency, they created the Fire Department separately.

In US we can find these CID special bureau as FBI and in India it is CBI and for state its CBCID. Due to this pro-active approach, Scotland yard become world’s finest police department. Continuously Scotland yard implementing the new things to find out the criminals and sustaining the Law and Order within the people.

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To be or not to be – Scotland

Scotland has a mixed culture of medieval and modern. From Bronze age through the Celtic civilization it provide rich culture from the famous people. Celtic civilization people normally found at England, Scotland, France, Spain & Portugal. Rome scriptures still prescribes the bravery of Caledonians (Scotland people). Later it got separated by Pictish, Gael, Vikings etc., Scotland is located at the north part of United Kingdom. It is adjacent to North sea. When the southern part is ruled by Angle Saxon people, later there are more clans ruled that part of the lands. Britons, Gaels, Angles, Saxons, Pictish & Vikings.

Then, Pictish & Vikings joined the hands to create the vast army to defend themselves from Roman empire and to get into war with Anglo-saxons. Anglo-saxons land become, England and Briton become Great Britain. Colombe who is pastor he reviewed the entire religion in Scotland and made them change to christianity. Still the old religion marks are marked in the stones. There are kings, stories to tell where this article wouldn’t be enough for those. In bronze age these people are mainly as hunters and gatherers.

Scotland is rich in offshore oil digging, where nowadays it is declining slowly. There tourism is really good and still they had natural resources in their hand. Their economy is based with United Kingdom, the factories and industries are still within it. Scotland played major role in WWI where about 150,000 soldiers were died and seriously wounded. Scotland raised with the ship building industry but it went down with the great depression in 1929. It saw lot of ups and downs in industries and country economy. In recent years it found their way by cultural and economy renaissance. It got it through finance services, oil industries and electronics manufacturing. It has malt whiskey companies one of the

famous company is Johnnie Walker.

Scotland has number of mountains, castles, wonderful hotels, beaches, isles, dark forests etc., Their unique music (Bagpiper music) and world bagpiper championship is one of the fantastic thing you ever need to cover in your life. Edinburgh is the capital for Scotland, where Aberdeen & Glasgow are the cities you can visit to know their culture and life. In recent times, Scotland voted to be with the United Kingdom, people loved United Kingdom and they like to be part of United Kingdom.

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The Amber City – Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is geographically separated from Russia, and it is situation between, Lithuania and Poland. Earlier Kaliningrad is part of East Prussia (Sambians) then its dominated by Germans (Konigsberg). It had Polish and Lithuanian as minorities. When Germany started the WWII, Russia wants to show their strength and captured the Konigsberg through Red Army. The assault made by Red Army made powerful expulsion from the country. Most of the Germans were killed in this expulsion and their properties handed over to Red Army. Russians were relocated to the Konigsberg (the original named by Germany).

The formation happened at 1950, were one of the prominent leader of Russia died, where Russia decides to name after the leader, Mikhail Kalinin. The local people said, the place has to be named after Immanuel Kant or slovekian people asked to name after the sacred flower Kanto. Later the name Kaliningrad emerged. Kaliningrad had a mixture of medieval and modern cultures. It has wonderful cathedrals, monuments, museums, underwater shooting where you can find the piece of history. In underwater you can still find the armies remaining and debris inside the water. Movie makers are interested to get the movies underwater to take those snaps in their movies.

Kaliningrad also called as Amber City, because world’s 90% Amber exported from here. It’s rich in natural Amber mines. After Russians entered into the Kaliningrad they captured all the mines. There is an exclusive Amber Museum in Kaliningrad. There you can find the insects, lizards are captured inside the Amber about ages ago. Also you can find age old biggest Amber rock in the museum.

Kaliningrad also welcomes tourist as Russia announced it as Special economic zone, with this it
developed the tourism, parks, cathedrals, churches, old monuments, king’s castle etc., From Vistula Lagoon sea vessels can access the Bay of Danzig and Baltic sea. There is a lots of history behind this place, Konigsber Stock Market, Germany, WWII, Lithuania, Prussia, Poland, Russia many more tales to tell.

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