Crimea and Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine is the country which faced many wars in the past. Especially wars with Mongols, Turks and Polish. Initially this land was ruled by Sumerians and Scythians joined them. They forcefully changed their religion by the Vikings. Later Bolsheviks joined the war, the clans of Cosecs, Tatars, Polish & Bolsheviks (Red) are created. Ukraine land was rich in agriculture, it has its own style of music. Their unique knowledge towards aircraft are amazing. Still in US, France are using the helicopters and planes which innovated by Ukrainians.

Ukraine always had a war within, this civil war brought the separation among the people. Legacy Ukraines, Russians, Tatars & Polish are survived till date.When Soviet Union provided the independence to Ukraine, it let Crimea joined to the Ukraine. But joined naval army of Ukraine and Russia dis-joined later. Crimea asked that will form the autonomous body, to join with the Russian Army. Crimea’s north side is dominated with Tatars. Russians and Ukraines had equal population in Crimea. Crimea is southwards with Ukraine, which holds Black and Sea of Azov. The direct trade with Europe & African countries will be possible through Crimean ports.

Often Ukraine’s aircraft, ships at Sevastopol shot down to show their interest with Russia. There is now Civil war between, Pro-Russian troops and once exiled Tatars by Russia. Ukraine still showing their interest joining the Crimea with them. But their political model itself required the help of Russia. It brought Orange Revolution in Ukraine (Electoral Revolution). Where-else the country split-ted itself. Russia provide their passports to Crimean people. In 2014 Russia announced Crimea as their ally. It has autonomous status, which will split from Ukraine.

Now Russia can enjoy the connectivity through continents. Also having the tax free natural gas pipe-lines through Crimea connected with European countries which will give most profit to them. Russia itself had a Socialist and Communist parties and rulers with them. They had a capitalist mentality among them.

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Ganesh Chathurthi and national integration

When there are August and September, there is an important festival which people won’t miss it. This festival celebrated widely in all the areas in big cities around India. The festival is Ganesh Chathurthi. People will select one center place to provide the space to Ganesh. This festival will be for atleast 16 days, with songs, dance in Indian Desi way. Daily prasadams will be provided, each family around the neighborhood will cook from their home and will provide prasadams at installed place, from their it will be cascaded to believers. It is good to see the neighborhood around, to talk with them, spending some time with them.

In Mumbai and Hyderabad its widely celebrated. I got to know in every apartment in Hyderabad will be emerged with the lot of money and install Ganesh statue in their compounds. There will be little show of superiority to showcase their Ganesh is better than other apartments. Spendings will be on some lakhs of rupees for these festivals. Often political parties provide funds, to prove their power in those areas. In Hyderabad Kaithabad, laddu auction is famous, the auction will goes upto lakhs, the Ganesh statue is the largest statue.

As per vedas, he is a child of Parvati and descendant of Suryavansh. His adoptive father is Lord Shiva. So its concluded that he is a god of both Saivas and Vaishnavite. Also unique god for Brahmins and Non-brahmins. Chatrapathi Shivaji celebrated and announced as official celebrations of Ganesh Chathurthi. Bal Gangadhar Tilak laid his statue everywhere, to show the unity among the people. British unable to handle this situation. Also Tilak told that Ganesh Chathurthi should be celebrated widely, that paved the way of definite unity among the hindus.

Later new designs of Ganesh are introduced, some of them are Dancing Ganesh, Reading Ganesh, Superman Ganesh, Singing Ganesh, Performing Ganesh etc., Kids loved these idols of Ganesh, he is adapted in many designs, so that everybody started loving his idols. In hindu religion one of the most designed god is Ganesh.

At Ganesh Festival’s last day, Nimarjan will take place. Earlier days they use mud/clay to design the Ganesh after that plaster, plastic and paints are used widely. Environmentalists oppose to use the harmful chemicals which are used for creating Ganesh and it creating ecological issues during nimarjans. Again mud/clay Ganesh are introduced in festivals. Still we can use Paper and mud/clay Ganesh for recycling.

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PDCA – Deming’s Cycle

In 1950s Deming proposed the plan of PDCA which has been found by his guru and mentor Shewak. Plan Do Check Act called as Deming’s cycle and Shewak’s cycle. This is introduced based on changing customer/stake holder’s requirements. The continuous cycle should be evolved to get the feed back from the customer/consumer to provide the interesting end product.

Where do we use this?

This can be used as a model of continuous improvement
In new improvement projects
If your project, process, product/service to be developed
Prioritizing the issues and root causes
If you find the changes to be executed

How can we use this?

Getting the requirements, analyzing, planning, completing the process, inspecting & checking the outcome and implementing are the important points of Deming’s cycle.

Plan: Understand and recognize the plan of change
Do: Modelling the idea, conceptualize with brief summary
Check: Inspect the model, review it thoroughly.
Act: This is the important step, analyze the other three steps before executing this step. Implement the outcome of those steps into this. This step will be model for product/service, project or process.
Often in Act step, the corrective action will take place. 
PDCA cycle provided a breakthrough in quality systems. Six Sigma, TQM are some of the recognized studies accepted PDCA as a improvement system.

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Ishikawa diagram – Cause and Effect

In the way through 60s, there is a huge demand for quality. Later WWII companies provided the finished goods within the demand and supply. Customers or users who brought the finished products are not happy with the poor quality products. Companies, industries and manufacturing units taken this issue seriously. While trying to improve the process, they have targeted only one or two sector. They are unable to find out which one they need to target and how they need to target.

In this time Professor Ishikawa worked on this cause and effect. He started to drive the solution based on the events in industries. He found that the problems are driven through the causes. He split up the causes which are driving the effects at end. Before analyzing, how big is the problem, he started to find out, what are the causes for these issues.

With his research and the events which he gone through, he split up the cause and effects. He found that the issue or an event will not be only monitored on one side, this should viewed as a complete unit. Like,

Step 1
What kind of Equipments they are using
What kind of Materials/Raw materials are considered

Step 2
What are the process to get the job done (Methods)
What are the environmental factors they are going through (Mother nature factors to be included)

Step 3
People factors (Demography, locations etc.,)
Management structure

He found above factors are driving any kind of event or a problem. If one have to draw the cause and efffect diagram (Ishikawa Diagram), he need to draw the line from left to right and adding the above factors as a fishbone as shown in the diagram. Later people modified the steps according to their needs. But in 70s Ishikawa provided a lot more to TQM. This fish-bone diagram revolutionized the modern management and started the quality management.

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Computer Tutor in town

Hello sir thank you for the DVD work, you have done a great job. He told at me, he is about 70 years old, but still young at heart. He often offers little DVD work for Ed, Once my MCSE class is completed, I will be in Ed shop and converting audio cassettes and VCR to DVD. One day he asked Ed to teach him the computer, Ed asked me to teach the private computer class at old man’s Apartment. I hesitated, but on that time he provided so many jobs to Ed shop., so I accepted it.

Initially he told about himself, for this Kothavachavadi, “I myself introduced Pomegranate, no body in Chennai not tasted it before”, he continued, “do you know what is the secret of my health, I am doing walking daily at morning, I myself discovered the technique you need to rub your hand with other hand, rub at your face chin etc.,” I started teaching him, how to shutdown and restart the computer. I asked him to take a notes, so that he can remember and also practice at his free time.

He took a note which he already entered so many commands, keyboard shortcuts, MS office etc., I asked, you are already familiar with this, why you need the tutor, you can practice same at your free time. No, No, I went through this computer class at nearby center, but he is too fast I am unable to understand anything. I started giving exercise and test. My daily schedule will be like this, I am working in college, through college bus I travel to MCSE center, from there to Ed workshop, and going to working as a computer tutor, comeback to Ed shop, then Ed leave me at my home on his bike.

While I am teaching computer class to him, he showed the new micro-oven which he brought newly. He told about his family, the problems he went through in earlier age etc., He started diverting me very often, I asked about the exercise and test, he started ignoring lessons. One day I started very strictly made him to sit and write the exercise and test. To teach him I required lot of patience, The lessons went through his personal laptop, once his grandson checked me how I am teaching. He said, “My grandson is working in American company in a computer job, he said I am improving in computers.” He slowly learnt how to browse internet, Yahoo messenger, Word, Excel, Power-point etc.,

In Ed shop, there will be the reception and computer room. When I sat there in computer room which is next to reception covered with black foil, Ed came and told me, that old man is in frustration, that you didn’t teach computer class properly. I said, that “classes are getting over, and he wouldn’t tell that to me anytime and I think he is not so frustrated as you are telling to me” I angrily told to Ed. When I am in computer room, this person came, he didn’t noticed me when I am inside the computer room. Ed told to him, “Jo said that computer class itself is getting over, but your version is different.” Old man replied, “he taught me for the level of LKG or UKG., I can’t pay money for that” thats it. I came outside, he was unable to see through my eyes. I am so upset, angered, deceived at that point. Without saying anything, he just given the tuition fee and went off.

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PM Modi – He came, he saw, he conquered

After 2002 Godhra and 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, it has been repeatedly told that, Modi will never come back in politics. But, people who believed in Gujarat development, still believed in his abilities. Gujarat development has been told at every states. Unlike other leaders he traveled all over India. Congress is the party which is famous for its secular politics, since their allies are busy with the corruption, government unable to do with anything with the critics. Congress is a party who ruled India almost 60 years, even it had split of Congress (I) still it had its gratuity on its own. Then Janata party came tried to provide different from Congress and it failed in 80s, ever like still BJP is the strongest opposition in Parliament from 70s.

Congress plans will be suitable for Super Riches and poor people. But BJP always proved that they will favour for Middle-Class. BJP believed Middle-classes are tax payers. In Gujarat Narendra Modi developed infrastructure to pull in investors. Factory owners didn’t want to go to the Land owners to provide the lands. If you have the contact with Gujarat government, Government will help you in setup the factory. Through infrastructure development and investor friendly he created lot more jobs in his state. After Singur incident, many states asked TATAs to come to their state and install the factory. Modiji just made one SMS toTata which made him to install the Tata Nano factory in Gujarat “Welcome to Gujarat”.

He is like a Ekalavya, who learned the principles without entering into the campus of RSS. He sold the tea to them and heard their ideologies. Then he become a teacher and joined in BJP. He is the aggressive player in politics, he never afraid to give a speech in public. Even party members condemned him, he taken out fear from his mind. Once BJP is down in Gujarat, and Modi is in Delhi, Vajpayee asked him to go to Gujarat to set a come back. Advani and Vajpayee surprised of his surpass of other leaders. He become a CM in Gujarat.

When a party needs strong candidate for PM, everybody says that could be for Modiji. He done a justice to those thoughts and won in most of the seats in India, surprisingly north-east regions also supported BJP and gifted with the MP seats to the party. There is a overwhelming responses all over India. In 80s Rajiv Gandhi got about 400 seats when his party won almost everywhere in India. There is a Modi wave all around India and BJP swept the seats and almost party got about 300 seats, his party came into the government as a single majority party without opposition in a place.

He reviewed the Railways, of-course IRCTC website itself so pathetic, railways are still behind of 50 years. He promised with the new ideas to get the Bullet trains and improving the internal infrastructure of Railways. Getting stronger military, new cities planned, infrastructure development, education at par quality. Parliament started performing 103% better in his government. Instead of fighting, now members are interested in development of India. When he came situation is not a cake walk for him, he saw every little issues which affecting the people, he made a promises to the people what he can deliver. People believed in his abilities of Gujarat development and what he can able to do for India. 

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Ask me – Question and Answers

In 80s and 90s to know the information Google, search engines, wikis etc., are not yet introduced. There was a cartoonist in Anandha Vikatan called Madhan, in his column they adored him as “Hi Madhan”. If you posted the question to him, the answer will be published on next week in that magazine. He is the awesome cartoonist, some-times he penciled his answers rather than writing it. Bhagyaraj tells the answers in funny way when the readers posted the questions to Bhagya magazine. Kuruviyar’s in Thina Thanthi, for cinema questions and answers.

Young world in “The Hindu” often answers with the General Knowledge questions. Those times, if we had the question that has to be evaluated first by ourselves. Is that question is valuable to ask, then we will reach the right person. Right or wrong we need to accept the answer. In those days to find the answer, the person who is in the same field for the long time to be met  and answer has to be took from him. Failures answers the most of the questions. Experience saves your time. In school days teachers and library are the source of information we got.

I try to buy the books from the book fair to gain the additional knowledge apart from the text books. Books from friends, libraries, information from neighbors, relatives through their stories also included in my source of information. I am also introduced with Britannica, Encyclopedia etc., I started making that kind of Encyclopedia of my own, to show it to my friends. I cut the newspaper articles, bought the charts available in stationary shops which are had the printed images/pictures of National leaders, different cultures, seeds, flowers, trees etc., The philosophical ideas to change our thinking told by our neighbors or relatives will be in this form, “This is what elders told about this….” Information will be quick slapped to us every-time they talk like they know everything and sometimes those will irritate you, with their ideologies. There are the people who are soft spoken and they deliver what you want and also speak which will be the better choice to us.

Later in this Google Era, Yahoo introduced with Yahoo Answers. Question is about terrorism, Yoga guru started his Upanyasa about Yoga, People have to do yoga to minimize terrorist activities. One of the patriotic person told, we are all to be called as one nation, we should not see the differences between us. Other person told, we should respect each other. The state level authority told, One have to respect the area they are living in, they need learn their culture and language. Later that column become big mess. Which one is true? the answer one which you are taking it :).

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