Che Guevara – Pt 10 (End)

He went to Soviet Union and met Nikita Khrushchev. He also got advice from Soviet Union and he implemented material incentives to labors to increase Sugar production in Cuba. When he came back in 1965, he is ready to resign his all positions and to fight against imperialism. Soviet Union against the interests of Che, but their revolution reminded their Russian revolution. His honesty, naturalism, attitude discovered new friends and fans. They believed he might believing in Maoism, Trotskyite and armed revolutionary. 
He suddenly disappeared from the public. He led the secret mission in the Third world in Africa. Congo is new target for him. He made the training base and also tried to bring down the white regime in South Africa. He come to know there are the leaders who are corrupt and lack of discipline with them. They lost their local population support. He knew that is impossible with these things. 
He again thought of going back to South America to support their Latin American expedition. However Nelson Mandela from South Africa and the leaders from other countries like Angola, Namibia, and Zimbabwe thanked Che for his work towards their independence. Cubans came out as doctors, teachers, soldiers, agricultural experts but never occupied other people lands.
In 1966, he secretly returned to Cuba. Immediately after his return, he planned his new mission. This time he selected Bolivia for a revolution. This was his final mission in South America. Bolivia is much like Nepal and surrounded with lots of mountains. He traveled through Andes, Santa Cruz. Its economy survived by growing Sugar, Cotton, Rice, oil and cocaine. But he thought to select the locations like Peru, Argentina. He believed Bolivia can make a change in Latin-American people. He also considered Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil, but he wasn’t so serious on starting revolution in these countries.
Che arrived in Bolivia on November 1, 1966. He entered Bolivia by landing in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He disguised with Bald Head and clean-shaven. He had Uruguay passports. He coordinated with Cuban Army ranked soldiers. He had disagreement with Monje in leading the movement. He was able to train about 20 Bolivians, same as trained as Cuban guerilla movement. Un-employed mine people are recruited in movement. There are some Peruvians came to the training camp they are get trained and get back to their respective countries to start the movements. Unlike Cuba, localities supported both revolution and government. 
They use to give the information about Che’s whereabouts. This brought major setback to Che’s army. Bolivian soldiers started occupying the Che’s army bases. Later on October 8th Che was captured. It is believed, this was happened due to the non-availability of medicine for his asthma. He was arrested along with his guerilla armies. From October 8th night to morning, Che got interrogated. 
There is a CIA agent among them. Even in interrogation he still felt about the revolution. Che made walkout to the nearby school house in La Higuera. There they executed Che. Che knows one day he will face this kind of death. Che’s body kept for exhibition for about 24 hours. The revolutions in Bolivia failed is either it’s too early to have the revolution. Because it got the liberty from its own revolution. Next is people are not yet ready for the revolution or they can’t understand why they need fight for their rights.

Che become revolution’s icon his posters, T-shirts, posed that he was the hero of any revolution. It inspires the leftist world. His ideologies and his warfare recognized widely. His rebel attitude portrayed in youth culture. Che’s failure in Bolivia helped regimes to re-look their oppressive nature. 

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Che Guevara – Pt 9

When US campaigned against these tribunals, Fidel counterattacked in media stating that Nuremburg trials against Germany and Nazis. Also, the news of Batista’s regime came out which their accounts in now Television, News, Radio, Magazines etc., Then their new government formed and Fidel as their leader. Gadea accepted divorcing Che and Che got married Aleida. Also Che got the Cuban citizenship. Fidel announced the agrarian reforms, where landless peasants benefited through these laws. When sugar stocks down in NYSE, Che involved in acquiring US sugar firms in Cuba and provided agrarian reforms. Che became closest advisor to Fidel.

Che travelled to Yugoslavia, Middle east countries to strengthen the relationships for Cuba. He met leaders like Jospeh Tito of Yugoslavia, Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria, Mao Tse tung of China and Jawaharlal Nehru of India.

When he came to India from Egypt he found India didn’t deserted like the country Egypt. He found some similarities from Cuba. But he found India to be vastly to be improved in Agriculture, Women Empowerment, Technology, Industrialization, Manufacturing Technology, research and etc., but he found theoretical and statistics Indians are masters on those fields. He travelled to villages about 40 Kms from Delhi to Haryana and met villagers. Who still having Kerosene stoves, similar conditions in landless people like in pre-independence of Cuba. He felt the existence English colonization by the local landlords. He got dealings for the local products for Cuba’s sugar market. He had his full sympathy for the local peasants.

Che returned Cuba in August 1959 and Fidel given the Agrarian reforms and Industrial revamp in Cuba. Che rewarded with Ministry of Industrialization. Also Che involved in creating the friendly environment with foreign relations. He concentrated with Socialist countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East. He believed India can play major role in social economic in future.

He then had secret negotiation with Soviet Union stating the nuclear missiles in Cuba. Then US

threatened Soviet Union to remove the nuclear missiles. He starting to create the third world from Asia, African countries were these countries are pre-colonized countries. For them First world are US colonized countries and Second world are Soviet dominated countries they sought for their socio-economic development and rapid industrialization.

In December 1964, he reached United States, New York. He visited CBS for the show called “Face the nation” where Malcom X involved in this program. Malcolm X said “He is one of the most revolutionary men in this country now”. Che admired by public.

Then he made a public speech in General Assembly. He condemned US for their military action in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Also their imperialist role in Congo. He lauded Cuba that they are trying to build the socialism and their economic towards development. He denied that he was not an Orthodox communist but a revolutionist in “look” magazine. 

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Che Guevara – Pt 8

Guevara convinced various leaders to fight against Batista’s government. All the respective leaders are accepted to fight against government. They publicly harassed Batista’s dictatorship and gone to communications sets to tell about the revolution and Batista’s dictatorship. But Batista called for the elections, where Fidel believed this election might corrupted. So he asked citizens to not to vote and boycott the elections. 
This made Batista anger and made shoot out against public citizens. And guerillas supported the people went against the police force. When Che marching in Escambray Mountains met Aleida March whom he later married after divorcing Hilda. She joined 26th of July movement in 1956. She served as a courier, messenger throughout the movement. 
In later, leadership took its decision to stay with Che’s army and it’s too risk to go further on normal duties in the movement. She shortly served as personal secretary to Che. She also handled M1 rifle.
Army later on captured Escambray Mountains, Highways, Railroads etc., they got their strategic points and provinces. His army made to forcing surrender, so as Batista’s army. 
They released them after surrendering and most of them joined back in his army. In December 1958 they have captured, communication hubs, transportation of Las Villas. These made them to get about 150,000 inhabitants. Guevara’s force increased to 3,200 which contains rural guards, soldiers and police force. Revolutionary Directorate joined Guevera’s army which acted as joined forces. 
Guerillas returned to Havana, in the city, troops are surrendered to Guevera’s army. Batista ordered air attack against the people and the city. Civilian people are terrorized by the attacks. Over Radio Rebelde Castro ordered surrender of army and asked Che to return Havana.
 He asked Che to take over the La Cabana Fortress. Which was the entrance to Havana and its harbor. It is the major bastion for Batista’s army. Meanwhile Che expressed his love with Aleida. While Che reached to the fortress, soldiers unconditionally sub-ordinated the Che’s army. This made Batista’s dictatorship to fall. Also people of Havana provided unconditional support to Che.  Fidel marched towards Santiago de Cuba and captured Fortress.

Meanwhile Britain and United States recognized Earl Smith supporter of Batista as Cuba’s new

government. Where Latin American people recognized Fidel as their new leader. At the age 31, Fidel is one of the strongest leader in Cuba. Che earned Fidel’s complete confidence. Since Che didn’t got political ambitions, he has chosen Che as Cuba’s comrade. Their relationship was really close and their thoughts are similar. Soon Fidel provided some important leadership to Che. In 1959 Rebel Army started commission to prosecute Batista dictatorship’s murderers, Thugs and Torturers.

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Hong Kong – Chinese controlled region

In 1997, when Hong Kong joined with China, promised to be “special administrative region” and “high autonomous region” people believed this will be true. When Milton Friedman talking about free to choose, a well known economist told that Hong Kong is one finest example of free market. 

Now China turned out and said that it will take some of the control from Hong Kong region. Also told that there will be 2017 elections in which People Liberation’s army will announce the candidates, whom to participate in the elections. People annoyed with the decision, how come single party can decide about participating the election. Then Hong Kong decided it should be democratic country, they should ruled democratically. Since, its a free market, it had more per capita income than China. 
Joshua from “Scholarism” movement leading the people movement, to halt the central activities. He had been arrested and later released. Protesters slept at the highways disrupting the activities of government. Even Government warned against the protesters. Protesters asking for more freedom and degree of democracy. It believed the Tienanmen Square incident re-visited again where thousands of students where killed in that protest. 
Also, in China social media has been restricted. The news about Hong Kong was not leaked to them. Media purely controlled by Chinese government. Police backfiring the protesters but “Occupy Central” still continues. The Civil unrest in Hong Kong affected the business transactions. Hong Kong has the people all around from Asia, importantly India and its neighboring countries. Since protest are from students and it got its momentum. Harsh imprisonments and social media restrcitions are expected from the government.

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Che Guevara – Pt 7 (26th July Movement)

At starting Guerilla force from 26th July movement attacked Santiago de Cuba to distract the naval and police station to draw the army. They got the Cuban Navy commander support who joined them recently on this movement. They started walking on mangrove swamp and muddy crush. Sooner they are attacked with sea and air attack. Since they are attacking in thick mangrove forest, it’s impossible to army to plan. After they survived with the sea attack, they moved forwarded to their targets. When they rested in Algeria de Pio, surprised attack made Guevara to fall down. 
He just escaped with the bullet crossing over him on the neck. 26th July movement people are scattered. Now there are about 12 people among, Che, Fidel and Raul Castro. Che treated with medically, to carry out the large stock of weapons and other things in forest it’s a risk and made their expedition slow.
Meanwhile Mexican and Cuban Government made the news that famous trio dead in expedition. But, General Bayo visited Hilda’s news when she was lost given the inspirational news that this news might be fake. Later-on Hilda received a Letter from Guevara stating his experience in the expedition. One bullet crossed his neck and bullet attacked his chest pocket. He survived both. At one time, one the farmer told to them, that building gone under attack. 
There are the soldiers who captivated it. Guevara and his army seized this opportunity and lit fire on the building. They captured the weapons, food and other things to go further. This movement treated their captivities as their own. Most of them joined back to this movement. In 1957, he have captured cities like Santiago, Bayamo, Guantanamo and Manzanillo. Their victory has been increased with the local peasants support.

Che become liked by his simplicity and only force’s doctor. His attitude, personality, character, naturalness, comradely attitude, originality, even none learned these qualities.

Che made wounded soldiers to re-join them. He became a good and bold leader for them. He had group of soldiers in his team. They do lot of difficult tasks. They are selfless people, who dedicated to the column. After seeing Peasant’s support Che and his army respected their belongings and properties. They called their new union as “Free Territory of Cuba”.

In Sierra Maestra they started the new tactics of ambushing this made major setback to Batista’s army. In 1958, Guevara’s army planned widely to give a set-back to Batista’s army. Support increased to “Free territory of Cuba” movement. So many soldiers from Batista’s army were captured. Guevara instinct on Batista’s army never failed. He had the ability to see the things on mind’s eye in the battlefield. He set out the traps for the army. Provinces, towns were captured. Peasants openly support the movement, they gave food, guide them, they become movement’s strength. 

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Che Guevara – Pt 6

When he know about the United Fruit Company which ruled Guatemala he criticized New Yorkers as a ‘gringos’ Yankees. He started to hate US military and UN which forcing to rule the other boundaries. In Mexico Hilda and Ernesto got married and he met Raul Castro. He was convinced for armed struggle, since Cuba or any Latin American country will not be take into power through proper elections. He want to change the Cuba from Imperialist country to socialist society. He strongly believed that, throughout their revolution they need to give the true power to people. From power to people to transitioning the social society can be achievable. He met Raul frequently and learnt that Fidel is coming to Mexico. Ernesto overwhelmed by the 26th July movement. Fidel arrived to Mexico and met Ernesto. This meeting changed everything in Ernesto’s life, where Che found that he was true Latin American.

Their talks gone around straight 10 hours. Now Ernesto knows what he want to do. They know each other now and they are going to fight against the mighty power of Batista. Ernesto believes that Fidel will bring his ideologies true. He also learnt that, if they are against Batista, FBI can watch them and bring US in between then they will collapse this revolutionary movement. They believed that Batista’s government corrupted at core and people wants to overthrow his government. Also believed that this government very well backed by the US Government. Fidel flies from Cuba to Mexico and US to get the funds for his guerrilla warfare training. Initially Ernesto thought joining in Fidel’s army as a doctor. Later couple moved to Cuba, which brought revolutionary change. Then the couple were separated due to the dangerous job which Ernesto taking up. Ernesto concentrated on diet, went for wrestling, Karate training. Fidel brought 80 members in training camp, Ernesto become finest camper in all those members.

Cuban comrades named Ernesto as “Che”, because Argentinians constantly says Che like ‘Hey buddy!’. He accepted the new nickname. Che and Fidel were arrested and kept in Mexico for few weeks. They suspected that Yankees might give the information to Batista.  Fidel paid huge sum of money to escape from Mexico along with Che and Calixto. Che once again separated from his wife due to the search and got the information from their acquaintance. Che, Fidel and their crew members moved from Mexico to Cuba for their 26th July movement.

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Che Guevara – Part 5 (Back on the Road)

After he returned to the Argentina, he undertook remaining courses and completed his exams. He gained medical degree in 1953. He still want to know about Inca, Aztec and Mayan culture more and more. It deepens in his heart. Also he want to know the social, political and economic conditions of South American continent. In this back on the road, he was accompanied with Carlos “Calica” Ferrer his childhood friend. After this planned travel, Ernesto thought of going to European and Asian countries. 
He planned this trip from Buenos Aires to La Paz, Bolivia. He went through North Argentina and entered into La Quiaca in southern part of Bolivia. He found that newly formed government still need to do lot of reforms. When he entered La Paz, the reforms of from the new government nationalized the mines and industries. But there is no genuine improvisation in socio-economic reforms. The government was not ready to pursue policies for agrarian development. He tried to emphasize the social justice for poor and undeveloped mass people in Bolivia.
In September 1953, Ernesto and Calica left Bolivia again Ernesto met Peru. Again he revisited the Machu Picchu. Again the same hospital for leprosy, they welcomed them from their bottom of their hearts. They went to Lima and went to Ecuador. Bolivia’s political situation is getting better and worse. Military wants to suppress the inhabitants. He thought that, strong revolutionary movement can save them. When they joined Rojo in Ecuador, one of the student suggested that he need to join in the revolutionary movement. He was in league of his own, already he was a rebel full of thoughts about Marx and Communism. He want to revolutionist to save the masses from their dictatorship mentality governments. They planned to reach out Guatemala on the way they met exiled leaders. He found that US from their companies ruled the Costa Rica. I found similar situation in India that East India Company slowly came into power flourished over as British Government. Cuban police is an agent imposed of FBI. Everywhere southern part of North America and northern part of South America ruled by US in the mask of industries, rulers, dictators, military etc.,

When he went to Guatemala he found that is the place for exiled leaders and also met his future wife Hilda. Soon they become good friends and met Cuban exiles who has unsuccessful attempt on Military barracks. He saw the Cuban revolution through Hilda’s eyes. Suddenly everybody talking about Fidel Castro and Cuban revolution. His greatness, honest and Cuba given much respect towards Fidel Castro. When the books are Marxist books are translated, Ernesto thought, the money through translation will help him to travel further. Hilda helped in English translation to Spanish. He went to Mexico to see the ruins of Mayan architecture, but he felt Incas are better. He also served as Emergency attendant, when air rifle attack made on Guatemalan people. Hilda was jailed for her communist ideas and Ernesto offered to leave Argentina. Hilda escaped the jail and moved to Mexico so as Ernesto. In Mexico, Ernesto allowed to practice medicine.

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Che Guevara – Part 4 (Motorcycle Diaries)

As I said Earlier, the person who discovers the world, discovers himself. The same feeling might be Che felt so. His companion for this long drive is Alberto Granada. He is the Cuban biochemist & doctor at the time of travel. I personally felt that this travel is like Gandhi travelling all around India and understood about his country. Immediately his attire changed to Khadi dress. His appearance totally changed. Also for me, when I am studying “Discovery of India” by Nehru I felt same about the content of History. It’s like the travelers who changed our mentalities in India. Travelers like Megasthenes, Fahien, Huen Tsang, Al Beruni, Ibn Batuta, Vasco Da Gama, and Albuquerque visiting the nation which changed forever. Talking about Che’s journey with his friend, it changed his way of thinking. It shown who he is, understanding about his life, where to walk forward, understanding people etc,

Granada planned this journey long ago by learning about this continent through books. They started their journey with the old bike “Pederosa”. Che promised his mom he will post her often. His dad supported this journey. Just before this journey, Che hated about University’s plan of having the job. Granada driven this old vehicle and he is about to hit the bus, just escaped from that. Initially they loved their craziness in travelling through bike. Granada had his plan through his map, Che had a plan to have some extra money to travel with his friend. Many of us knows that, Cuba, Argentina and little about Bolivia but, Che traveled Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela throughout this Motorcycle diaries.

Che found Chile as a country had rich in minerals. If communist won the elections, it will be huge industrial nation. American industrialists making this country as their own colonies and occupied their wealth and minerals. Chile has a ruler who had a dictator tendency, other leaders are communist, socialist and right wing supporter. In between, Che and his friend lost all of their money and their old bike. They started travelling by walk. Meeting people with their problems. Landlords are waiting people to grow agriculture products later threatening to leave their place and occupying people’s valuable. Communists treated differently in this part of Chile country. People have to lose their dignity to get their jobs. American companies making them as their slaves, government supporting these investors. There is no food, water, basic healthcare for these people. Che may be he is well off in his country, but he never far away from the poor needs. Che’s friend Granada, good orator marketed themselves as Doctors and got free food and shelter to take a rest from their longer journeys. 

Granada might be interested in journey at start, but Che continued it. Even though they lost everything from their hand, they got new freedom to meet the people and knowing their issues. They found Chile as a unique nation and different from their motherland Argentina. Argentina it’s like a promise land for them. Exploring the continent is like entering into the other planet for them. New things fascinated and felt different for them. After crossing the Andes in Chile they crossed over Peru. They like the rich nature around this country. Cuzco fascinated them much. Its culture, architecture, nature, invited with the young guide for them. It boasts the Spanish bravery which occupied that area. It says the olden story of Incas, who became slaves to Spanish military forces. They walked away near to cathedral of Cuzco. He felt that the people in Cuzco, can’t speak Spanish, no basic education, poor living conditions made him worry. He went to visit the alone hill, Machu Picchu. He said about its beauty, mentality of equality on those days, bravery of Incas and much more.

After Machu Picchu, he entered the Lima, the city which buried its past. He was comparing the old and modern civilization and the beauty of Lima’s architecture. He met Peru’s leprosy patients he treated them with utmost care. He gone against the local rule of non-touch ability. Where the patients must attend the church mass to get the food. He operated number of patients. Leprosy patients kept away from the public life. They kept away from the other side of the river. Doctors have to travel through the boats to treat them and return when dusk is falling on them. Food at hospital and the place was rejected to him, because of non-attending the church mass. But patients feed him with part of their own food. Che Guevara moved with this move, the love provided by patients he have to carry with his whole life. He started carry out the mixed feelings of equal justice, inhabitants’ rights, education and healthcare. He went to Colombia for the brief visit and reached Venezuela to complete his first visit at latin-american continent. He started carrying those memories and he want to start his journey again in other side of the continent.

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Che Guevara – Part 3

Celia, Che’s mother who fall from the grace now. She made her dining table as a solitaire play. Furniture in the house often disappeared. House not maintained well. Kids are not nourished in a best way. Che adjusted with his mother’s mentality or ignorance to go forward and taking the situation in his hand. Of course he is a kid, he made a practice to adjust from the situation which his house has given. He often wear the suits/shirts for a week. The famous quote ‘El Chancho’ “The pig” because of wearing the cloth for about a week. Situation becomes worse for him, friends of him use to call on the same name. His friends not dared to tell this name to his face. This helped him to survive in forest lands in later age.

It is a fashion or a new trend to have the new deodorant, shampoo, new food items. Che took a little towards a new culture. But, he found German and Russian literature work inspiring. He took it as seriously, he started reading their philosophies. He found Alfredo Palacios, Argentine leader for Socialist party. He started finding the new leaders who took socialism seriously. Still some of the leaders from Argentina found that Che as their inspirational leader. Peron is one of them. He might found that Fidel Castro as a Mussolini of East. He loves to read the books of Karl Marx, Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto etc., books of Freud & Engels are favorite to him. He played rugby, he applied for San Isidro team, where his parents rejected this because of Che’s asthma. But he secretly plays rugby his favorite past time.

He played tennis, golf also piloted the planes where he played with his uncle. The toys are becoming bigger and bigger. He gradually growing up. He saw that people are dying with the diseases, himself he is the Asthma survivor. In 1947, he was asked to take care of his grand mother. He was there around her for a while. Suddenly she become ill, then Che tried to save her with the medicines. He come to know all the medicines which can take care of her. He treated her by himself, with the right dosages. But despite of his care, medicines didn’t saved her. This made him worry, when his right to choose for college, he chose Medicine, which changed his perspective entirely. He chose Medicine in Buenos Aires University. To support his studies and livelihood, he took his career as a Male nurse seriously. He is attentive to the details, but often he failed in insecticide ‘Atila’ with his partner.

When he was in college, he concentrated on studies. Politics was not cup of his tea. He shown little interest on it. He never considered the student movement. But, his vacation in College change his attitude towards socialism, marxism very much. The person who discovers the world, he discovering one of his own.

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Verdict on Jaya’s case

Jaya once again proved and this time she showed her enormous strength through the people, that she is the strongest leader in South India. As a leader, it seems she didn’t had a control in getting gifts when she was a CM in 90’s. National channels like Times Now, NDTV, CNN IBN are concentrated on Modi’s visit to US. But South Indian channels repeatedly provide the news from their sources about this case and verdict. Reason might be she is now in Karnataka to attend the case. There is a huge protest against the verdict, where shops were closed, buses re-routed, violence around Tamilnadu erupted.

AIADMK followers given their voice for her and against to Subramanya Swamy. There is a huge protest, where in DMK party in full swing to distribute the sweets. There are about 5 judges handled this case, about 2 judges got retirement when they handled this case and handed over to another judge.

In 1996 Subramanian Swamy filed the complaint against Jaya petitioning about the amassed wealth. In June 96, DMK led government filed the FIR against her. In 2001, Jaya came back to power, 2003 K Anbazhagan files to Supreme Court to transfer the proceedings outside of Tamil Nadu. On November 2003, SC moved the trial to Karnataka. In end of 2011 Jaya appears in person to court and answers the questions. In September 2014, all 4 convicted were sentenced.

The petition about Jaya was, she was misusing the office during her tenure on 91-96. There are properties and valuables are captured. DMK asked the court captured valuables to be provided back to Tamilnadu. But D’Chunha proposed that those assets should be transferred from RBI, Chennai to Bangalore. Trial of this case went through for 18 years. She was fined with 100 Crores and for second time Jaya resigning her CM post. Jaya might ask for bail, but court had long leave now meanwhile she was in Judicial custody in Parapana Agrahara. On October 5th, court might have the hearing on the same.

Disproportionate Asset case, this changed the history of Tamilnadu. It

laid the path for DMK to win the Assembly elections in 1996. In 2001 she regained the power and 2003 she resigned and again she became CM. She didn’t had much media support and some of the state plans collapsed her victory again DMK came into power on 2006, In 2011, she didn’t done any previous mistakes rather, she is a star of TN with the well designed plans. AMMA Unavagam, Jaya called as Amma (mother) in TN, in her name low price food courts opened with the quality food. She started revolution in TN’s GDP growth, which is next to Maharashtra. She is backed with the State planning commission which has Santha Sheela Nair (Retd. IAS) as a Vice-President.

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