Is UK did what Russia did for Crimea

Couple of days before I posted about the Scotland and UK. One of the visitor who visited my blog and said, the young voters who voted against the unification of Scotland and Britain. He also shown some statistics that youngsters are more keen to be separated. Also insisted that youngsters are tomorrow’s citizens, it is like their rights has been rejected.
Is it so, in the same year in February, Russia got Crimea, Crimea leader openly said that people are interested in joining with Russia. Russia has more benefits if Crimea joined with them, there are pipeline projects, where they are providing the oil and natural gas for many European nations. Ukraine might be threat for them and also impose more taxes or can stop the entire project. So Russia, got the love from Crimea, where more Russians are moved to Crimea, to support the thought of one nation under Russia.
In same way, in India France still providing the pensions at our Union Territories. UK providing the pension to Gibraltar still, even it is geographically isolated, Gibraltar is united with UK. Recently Ukraine said that, Crimeans who are getting the pension from Russia are not eligible to get the pension money from Ukraine. Basically there is no double pension. Pensioners usually who are separated or getting the money benefits from one government are loyal to their masters. 
UK proposed the same way what Russia did, they provided pensions, which are indirect benefits to the Scotland. Many of the separatists feel that UK funded indirectly to get the support from the voters. In any nation two sectors of voters are inseparable one is poor and another sector is a old age pensioners. UK got this idea and implemented and succeeded in their own way. It shown the new way to get the voters to diversify ideas. Youngsters who didn’t got these benefits are more dejected. Also for pensioners this is a boon for them, even in a high economy, these pension money will help them to lead a life in a better way. We need to provide a real award who found the pension idea.

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Match at Chinnaswamy Stadium

I love to watch cricket matches at TV. When I studied at University of Madras for a period, one day there is a huge roar at MA Chidambaram stadium. There are some Australians crossing over our University, with the Kangaroos miniatures etc., Next day there is a huge expectation, that is the match between Australia vs India. After the famous win at Kolkatta, Indian team looks like lion and become a fierceful competitor. The Pepsi waiter came with some of the unsold tickets where we can see the match for a while, since its a final day, we thought of going, once we entered into the stadium, Harbajan Singh ran for a victory run. That is the small glimpse we got for a while.

Then, in Bangalore, my boss told there are some tickets for Sunrisers vs Royal Challengers. He is expecting the tickets for CSK vs RCB, but I love Sunrisers Hyderabad right from the Deccan Chargers days. In ICL, I use to support Hyderabad Heroes, where Nicky Boje and Stuart Binny are my heroes at that time. When IPL came, the team which won the IPL Championship is the best team for Hyderabad. When the players are sold to other teams, I thought the team itself no-more. Then Kris Srikanth, Tom Moody & Shikar Dhawan revamped the team into another level. Amit Mishra, Sammy, Finch, Warner & Naman Ojha set an expectations.

When I went to the stadium, Police not allowed, my mobile phones probably I should not gone earlier. I went to home, left my phone and bottles and came back to stadium. My dream stars at younger age are Kapil and Srikanth. I saw Srikanth, Gavaskar, Moody, entire Sunrisers and RCB

players. I enjoyed seeing Yuvi with RCB colours. Its really a bliss for a cricket fan like me. DJ kept us entertaining, he kept the show really interesting. Especially, when RCB is down with the wickets, ABD came in for batting, he is struggling with Sunrisers bowling, he put the song which energised RCB, “Odi Maga, Odi Maga, Odi Maga” (Beat them man) It was a good show by Sunrisers, where people around my some times stopped me when I raised the Sunrisers Hyderabad flag. When Michael Starc ran out, I am unstoppable. Then AB Devilliers came in shattered my dream of Sunrisers winning. What a sportsperson he is, he tried every trick in a book. When the star batsmen failed to show-up he stood up in front and make his team winning.

Probably, IPL and the idea behind it, brought the people to love their stars, also engaging with the great sport.

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Scotland Yard – The Police History

When I am in school, I am fascinated with the story of Richard who is initially villain for Scotland Yard. How he escapes from law and he is always escapes with Scotland Yard. That is the first time I heard about Scotland yard, then my teacher explained about the Scotland yard, that is the world’s finest police department. There are about mysteries and scams we heard lot in history. Robert Peel, who is a minister in Great Britain concluded that one force can save the civilians from those mysteries. Police force came into the 18th century, where he had about some sergeants, inspectors and police officers. When one rogue tried to attack queen, Robert Peel said if there is a police force it can be stopped. Sooner in parliament the police law approved and made it in place.

So that is the quick glance of police history in the world. They helped civilians through their gatherings, festivals, functions, royal functions etc., Their main tool is horse, through that police are visible to people and also horse helped to control the crowd. When the people are migrated to Great Britain, they worked as a domestic helpers for the Royal Empire. Royals and their workers had these domestic workers to ease their petty works to be done. These domestic workers are un-inspected worked for royals had their feud with in them. There are lots of crimes happened by migrated workers.

Government shocked by these crimes, sometimes these crimes affected the royals. Robert Peel came

again with the ideas like, resolving the crimes, bringing crime rate down. The new policies implemented to the people, if somebody against these policies and law they will be punished. Parliament made these laws as Law and Order. As we can say Robert Peel is a founding father of Police Department. With these laws people tried to abide with the policies made by the government. Sooner there are so many un-solved mysteries and murders occupy the London. This time Police came with the new idea called CID special bureau for investigation. This fascinates the authors like Conan Doyle, in return he cooked the Sherlock Holmes stories. Later Police improvise the department with the Medical and Technology they made forensic investigations, fingerprint investigation which given major breakthrough. Also for emergency, they created the Fire Department separately.

In US we can find these CID special bureau as FBI and in India it is CBI and for state its CBCID. Due to this pro-active approach, Scotland yard become world’s finest police department. Continuously Scotland yard implementing the new things to find out the criminals and sustaining the Law and Order within the people.

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To be or not to be – Scotland

Scotland has a mixed culture of medieval and modern. From Bronze age through the Celtic civilization it provide rich culture from the famous people. Celtic civilization people normally found at England, Scotland, France, Spain & Portugal. Rome scriptures still prescribes the bravery of Caledonians (Scotland people). Later it got separated by Pictish, Gael, Vikings etc., Scotland is located at the north part of United Kingdom. It is adjacent to North sea. When the southern part is ruled by Angle Saxon people, later there are more clans ruled that part of the lands. Britons, Gaels, Angles, Saxons, Pictish & Vikings.

Then, Pictish & Vikings joined the hands to create the vast army to defend themselves from Roman empire and to get into war with Anglo-saxons. Anglo-saxons land become, England and Briton become Great Britain. Colombe who is pastor he reviewed the entire religion in Scotland and made them change to christianity. Still the old religion marks are marked in the stones. There are kings, stories to tell where this article wouldn’t be enough for those. In bronze age these people are mainly as hunters and gatherers.

Scotland is rich in offshore oil digging, where nowadays it is declining slowly. There tourism is really good and still they had natural resources in their hand. Their economy is based with United Kingdom, the factories and industries are still within it. Scotland played major role in WWI where about 150,000 soldiers were died and seriously wounded. Scotland raised with the ship building industry but it went down with the great depression in 1929. It saw lot of ups and downs in industries and country economy. In recent years it found their way by cultural and economy renaissance. It got it through finance services, oil industries and electronics manufacturing. It has malt whiskey companies one of the

famous company is Johnnie Walker.

Scotland has number of mountains, castles, wonderful hotels, beaches, isles, dark forests etc., Their unique music (Bagpiper music) and world bagpiper championship is one of the fantastic thing you ever need to cover in your life. Edinburgh is the capital for Scotland, where Aberdeen & Glasgow are the cities you can visit to know their culture and life. In recent times, Scotland voted to be with the United Kingdom, people loved United Kingdom and they like to be part of United Kingdom.

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The Amber City – Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is geographically separated from Russia, and it is situation between, Lithuania and Poland. Earlier Kaliningrad is part of East Prussia (Sambians) then its dominated by Germans (Konigsberg). It had Polish and Lithuanian as minorities. When Germany started the WWII, Russia wants to show their strength and captured the Konigsberg through Red Army. The assault made by Red Army made powerful expulsion from the country. Most of the Germans were killed in this expulsion and their properties handed over to Red Army. Russians were relocated to the Konigsberg (the original named by Germany).

The formation happened at 1950, were one of the prominent leader of Russia died, where Russia decides to name after the leader, Mikhail Kalinin. The local people said, the place has to be named after Immanuel Kant or slovekian people asked to name after the sacred flower Kanto. Later the name Kaliningrad emerged. Kaliningrad had a mixture of medieval and modern cultures. It has wonderful cathedrals, monuments, museums, underwater shooting where you can find the piece of history. In underwater you can still find the armies remaining and debris inside the water. Movie makers are interested to get the movies underwater to take those snaps in their movies.

Kaliningrad also called as Amber City, because world’s 90% Amber exported from here. It’s rich in natural Amber mines. After Russians entered into the Kaliningrad they captured all the mines. There is an exclusive Amber Museum in Kaliningrad. There you can find the insects, lizards are captured inside the Amber about ages ago. Also you can find age old biggest Amber rock in the museum.

Kaliningrad also welcomes tourist as Russia announced it as Special economic zone, with this it
developed the tourism, parks, cathedrals, churches, old monuments, king’s castle etc., From Vistula Lagoon sea vessels can access the Bay of Danzig and Baltic sea. There is a lots of history behind this place, Konigsber Stock Market, Germany, WWII, Lithuania, Prussia, Poland, Russia many more tales to tell.

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He is the legend – K Vishwanath Part -2 (End)

He touched the evils of society through the movies like Subalekha. Chiranjeevi and K Vishwanath worked together on 3 movies. Swathi Muthyam another flick with Kamal Haasan, the autism guy who helps the widower and develops the family with the help of his wife. The problems himself and his wife faced through the society a well narrated story. Atreya and Dr. C. Narayana Reddy penned songs for this movie. All songs are superhit, movie is a silverjubilee hit. Biggest turning point for K Vishwanath, Kamal Haasan, Radhika, Ilayaraja in the history of Telugu movie industry.

Sirivennela another classical movie, a blind flutist entertaining the tourists. His life changed when he mets a girl, who teaches him how nature feels like. Then he feels the music, how should be the music is. This change makes him popular and adored by another mute girl. The song “Ee Gaali, Ee Nela” is a superhit. The places which they selected for shooting are awesome.

Swarnakamalam, the dancer who wants to leave dancing and performing namesake for her father. She wants to live a simple life and wants to forget the classical dancing. Chandu who enters in her life revive the classical dancer in her. He makes her popularize and soar. Through this movie, Bhanupriya showcased how beautifully she can dance. She is a perfect dancer, with the speed, abhinayas, mudhras etc.,

Swathikiranam, after Malgudi days, Master Manjunath done a role on this movie. He is the center piece of this movie. Small town guy with the impeccable talent of calculating the raagas and implementing into any song. There is an another singer who is popular got so many awards finds out this guy as disturbing. Lateron the singer copies the raagas from the small guy. The singer is none other than Mammootty, the small town guy is Master Manjunath. Radhika singer’s wife helps the small town guy to grow as a singer. Mammootty acted so well and expressed the feeling of jealous which killed the guy at last.

There are so many movies which I missed here but his impeccable talent can’t be missed by the South Indian movie industry. He got honorary Doctorate, Padmashri awards. National awards, Filmfares, Nandi awards honored for his works. The way revived our culture, and said what we missed that is the story untold by anybody. I salute the great K Vishwanath garu and his legendary works. (End)

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He is the legend – K Vishwanath Part -1

He is better known as Kalathapasvi Vishwanath garu, what a movies he took. He is a legend and rare piece where the Indian cinema ever saw. I never the seen his movies on 60s and 70s, I saw the movies of his own direction, story, screenplay from 80s movies. Shankarabaranam, Saagara Sangamam (Salangai oli in Tamil) Subalekha, Swathi muthyam, Sirivennala, Swarnakamalam, Swayam krushi, Swathi Kiranam these are the master pieces which made Indian cinema just turn around and saw what they really missed out.

He started his career as sound engineer, slowly developed as a Story writer, Screenplay writer, Director and performing actor. He brought back our culture from the past, by bringing out good keerthis from Thyagaraja and Annamayya keerthis. Basically these are songs are sung to god praising them noteworthy. In Shankarabaranam, the singer he got fame from by singing the Shankarabaranam Raaga, but western music dominates the Indian classical music and Indian music will be down for sometime. Later, again people like the Indian classical music the transformation again make Shankarabaranam Sashtri fame., The story is very well narrated and songs are super duper hit.

He also finds-out the caste and class feelings among people. He renounces that, this could fade away. We can achieve the society prosperity through the unity of the people. He brought back the classical dances like, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak and told their importances in our Indian culture. Especially in Saagara Sangamam, he give the peculiar feeling about Bharathanatyam and hero’s story both will go in the peculiar way. His screenplay is awesome. Kamal haasan and Jayapradha done their role really awesome. Their dance, their passion meets one another. One of the upcoming dancer needs the attention but he never got the chance to prove himself due to the poverty. He meet the another dancer (Jayapradha), who likes him to bring up in the good position.

After the breakup, he found that, Jayapradha’s daughter is a upcoming dancer, she requires the good guru’s attention. But her daughter refuses to take a Kamal Haasan’s attention. Kamalhaasan’s transformation as a drunkard and dancing on a well, made him as a true legend (Contd..) 

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I called him ‘Sir’ – My Grandpa

This is a story about my grandfather, father of my father. Father and my Grandpa usually speaks friendly. When I am introduced with him, he is taking tuition to students. I used to call him as Thaatha (Grandpa), when my mom send me to the same tuition. the expression of calling him as a Thaatha has changed. Whenever I called him as Thaatha, students laughed at me. He will also laughs, this given me a disgrace and embarrassing moment. So, I started calling him as a sir. Usually we call our seniors, masters, gurus as sir. May be we are born in British ruled India. Somethings which they left over us, we just continuing that.

With relatives also I used to call him as a sir, our relatives asked me to change that expression. But he advocated me to call him as a sir. He felt good to call him as a sir. He is a tutor for ICWA, CA, IAS aspirants, Diploma students, ITI students, School students etc., Daily evening it will be like some queue before his room. He will provide about 2 minutes for each student. Then at weekends special care for ICWA, CA, IAS aspirants and ITI students.Way back he is a military officer in INA with Subash Chandra Bose army. He did SSLC (10th Grade) and achieved knowledge from the books. He used to read The Hindu newspaper, he will call me for take a Young World weekly in the newspaper.

He use to tell us stories about the Military, his horse, army fellows etc., He will talk about vitamins, american jokes, Russian political jokes, WWII jokes, Hitler, Subash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore etc., He is regular with the nearby library and member of it. He took almost all the books in that library. Every time he queried about some book, the librarian will say, “you read all the books in this library, that book still not came here”. He need to visit Connemara library which has largest book collection at those times. We as relatives and his students celebrates his birthdays.

His name is Pasupuleti Nagabooshanam, my father still signs his signature as PN Suresh. When we got good ranks in a school, I asked my father to go to Jurassic Park. He told that he might not able to come, so we insisted our grandpa to come to this movie. He agreed, Sir told that he saw the last movie in theater is “Veerapandia Kattabomman”. After that this is the movie he is coming to with us. I am scared to the thriller scenes, he smiled at me and put his hands on my shoulder. Nowadays I miss him so much, whenever I buy the book or reading the articles, I remembered him. He tell the stories so easily, but to read in one book and understanding that, that is really time consuming. His laugh, his spects, his sweater, uff what a personality.

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Das Kapital – Karl Marx

While yesterday I started reading this book with much expectations. But it never failed to impress me with social ideas. Das Kapital book written by Karl marx a socialist along with Levitsky and Engels. The first edition of the book was not pretty good. The ideologies are not well explained. Sooner or later Levitsky and Engels charged the book with the good written book.

They explained the every ideas of the book in the narration manner. He explains the economy and human power with ethics, law and political. He carefully studies the capitalism, social economy and its driving human force. He classified the classes as labors, wage labors and owners. Marx immediately shed the light of social classification between men and women in work.

He didn’t came into the immediate conclusion on social classification but on social economy. The thriving power of any government will be a social economy. This power could be claimed upon the policies, rules and regulations and labor laws in their country. Also, capitalist sees the recession and depression as their weapon against these laws and philosophies. These are well explained in Communist Manifesto.

Marx done a complete analysis of political economy and become a critique of legacy laws. He saw the buyer/consumer needs to consume the skill/work to the materials/end products. This made different perception and provided new perspective for capitalists. He given the idea of including the labor charges for the finished product. He also gone against to the bonded labor where the people paid off and had a contract to work for years and their treatment provided by their masters. He also prescribed that owner and labor should have the clear contract, expectations and remunerations.

Marx acknowledged that Russia provided much value towards this book. Russia read this book and given much value to Das Kapital. Even though Karl Marx is German his ideologies are accepted by German people on economic crisis at 2008-2009. It become high demand on those times.

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Top 10 English Movies

As a kid of 90s, I usually saw the movies of Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, etc., English movies provide different perspective, global view etc., Mission Impossible, Speed, Cliffhanger, Rambo series, James Bond movies (Sean Connery & Pierce Brosnan) these are different action movies amazed me always. Later I started watching the classical movies like Ben Hur, Cleopatra, Ten Commandments, The Bible story, Clint Eastwood movies which are branded as cowboy movies.

Some of the classic movies indeed can be mentioned are Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi, 12 Angry men, The Great Escape, Charlie Chaplin movies, Mask, Disney’s Animated movies, Star wars, Jaws, King Kong, One flew over Cuckoo’s nest, Raging Bull, Rocky, etc.,

I may not watched all the great movies, but this list will provide to the best of my interest,

10. Terminator Judgement
 The Sci-Fi movie, which changed the perspective of taking the movies. It took the Hollywood in next level. I am introduced with Arnold movies from this movie.

9. Jurassic Park
As a kid, I completed some rankings at school to watch this movie. The only movie I watched with my grand father. It had some sentimental reasons though.

8. The Silence of the lambs
 This movie introduced me with Sir. Anthony Hopkins, later that I saw the movie called Mask of Zorro of Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta Jones with Anthony Hopkins. This movie is an crime and horror movie, which Jodie foster is a FBI Trainee to catch the Hannibal and serial killer.

7. Titanic
When I watched the Speed 2, the trailer of Titanic was at interval. I am bored with ship tragedy and action movies. I thought this movie is also about the same. Some time later, Oscar awards announced, which provided 11 awards which had tie with Ben-Hur movie. Suddenly the craze about Titanic started. The song “My heart will go on” popularized, my worry is about Di Caprio, he never won the Academy Awards for the Best Actor Criteria.

6. Citizen Kane
This film shows, how the Journalist can change the things. The advertisements, catchy words, the popularity, marketing what-else from this movie. By the way what is the Rose-bud in that chair.

5. Fight Club
The film about Split personality, the man who wants to live with his wishes., meets his split personality believing he is the other person who wants to achieve the same goals, what he wants to. Director David Fincher who also directed the movies like Se7en, The social network, The curious case of Benjamin Button, most of the films are done with Brad Pitt.

4. Godfather
Marlyn Brando’s few moments in this picture donned the role. Al Pacino who acted as his son, fighting with his fears, winning and become a Godfather. Part 2 and Part 3 didn’t given the magic of Part 1. Sicily island beautifully captured by Coppola.

3. Kill Bill
How to tell the novel in the movie, ask Quentin Tarantino, he makes poems in his movies. What a brilliance, with good passion, no body can beat Quentin Tarantino. Uma Thurman given a justice to her role. The movie with all cold blood, killings, the music, the direction makes wow. Tarantino’s other movies are Django Unchained, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp fiction etc.,

2. Forrest Gump
Why all the great movies are done by Tom Hanks, in this movie the story is about, one didn’t want to be genius to do the things. War field hero, Ping pong champion, Successful Entrepreneur, Celebrity what not. He done a great role in this movie.

1. The Shawshank Redemption
A successful banker’s life changed drastically after his wife and lover killed. Once he gives the idea of saving the tax to the jailor, the news spread all over to the other jailors, he make those black money to save in one account, un-noticeably he escapes from the jail and gets their money in his account. Narration of this story is awesome, Morgan Freeman voice is impeccable in this movie. Wonderful story telling, making the audience at the edge of the seat, which adds the fantasy.

Some of the movies I need to mention are, 12 Angry men, Schindler’s list, Toy Story, Mission Impossible, The Good, bad and Ugy, Goodfellas, The Usual Suspects, Intouchables, Spiderman, Superman, Batman series, Matrix & Slum-dog Millionaire etc.,

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