Don’t let your excitement levels down

Some people told me that they are good at their school times and not in college. Well even more people told me that they are good in other organizations and not in current one or in new organization. I use to see that people use to struggle with the new technologies. My parents use to struggle to use the new gigs, they always use to stay with their old devices.
Reading Chemistry
Some where I remembered about the Chemistry lesson, when the compounds are heated, it release the energy using light & relax with the strong bonds. I also read about Atom bomb theory which releases many energies while it exploding. 
When Indian cricket team performing, there will be sheet tankers, aggressive batsmen, middle order batsmen to start their batting innings. When initially aggressive batsmen set a stage to increase the run-rates. Statisticians observe their batting levels and predict the high score. Once their wicket fell down, normally run-rate fell down middle order batsmen try to keep up the score. End of the innings, other aggressive batsman try to increase the run-rate in short time, but often he will fail.
Keep up
The excitement which we had should be natural and it should be adhering to the situations or the people around. Remember when you are in Rome be a Roman. Be a team player, not a individual performer., understand team goals, work for its objectives. Initially team look for skills but in reality they required team player who analyses their work and complete their objectives.
Whats your take on this?

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Rethink before returning award

These days this is a buzz word of returning the award. First
time I heard that MG Ramachandran returned Bharath Ratna award because the
words are in hindi., later it has been given after his demise. Rabindranath
Tagore didn’t accepted the knighthood given to him. There are writers, poets,
performing artists are in spree to return their awards. There are critics to
mock on returning their childhood awards to make fun of this trend.
An award is given as a recognition for individual/group achievements
in a certain field; that could be provided as trophies, shields, titles,
certificates, badges, pins etc., I can give most attentive reader to whomsoever
reading my articles. There will be significant amount of time has been utilized
or spent to give the award. When there is an only individual performer, it’s an
easy task to provide an award. But if there are two or many it’s hard to
findout the performer or recognize his/their talents or skills. It required lots
of stats, mastery, data analysis and technology to find out the absolute
Also it is really hard to judge in performing arts, artists,
performances; it required experts to spend the time to provide perfect
judgement. Same way it required hard work to earn the award or recognition in
certain field. It brings out the encouragement to achieve something bigger. Often
it inspires the individuals to excel in their fields.
When Marlon Brando returned his Oscar Award in support of native apache, there is a rave response on the letter which I believe he
submitted at dais. This brought biggest impact and changed the view on native
Apache in USA. As I said earlier, the gesture returning award by
Rabindranath Tagore, viewed by Indians as the symbol of protest against
Jalianwalla Bagh.
Award/recognition are hard earned respect and value towards
the certain field. People who returning the award need to rethink again, how
they earned it with respect. It will not only hurts the judges / organization
which provided the award. Also the contenders who expected to achieve the

Whats your take on this!!!

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Short trip to Pithapuram – Pt 2

There is a long story behind 3 brothers, with extra side-kick. All the 4 are look alike, you can’t separate them by looks. Even the 4th one actually their child hood friend. They always mesmerize us with their childhood stories., how Geetha Atta treated them. How they treated their relatives with funny stories and jokes always had a destructive time to kindle the funny bones. Little later time Brahmam mavayya admitted to hospital in Chennai and got a treatment for Chest pain. Ammamma and mavayya died in short span of time.

Recently Geetha Atta was no more. I felt so bad, I called her elder son about her sudden demise. Due to unavoidable reasons I am unable to attend her Funeral. There will be the ceremony in India, that will be around 11th day to 16th day from the day of the person passed away. My brother asked me to go there, then he said he will be accompanying me for the day. We caught the train to Kakinada, had a 30 minutes trip to Kakinada. Went to Bhanugudi junction where we can get some autos to travel Pithapuram. We searched for lodge, which is too much for our budget to refresh.

We went to that house, where Geetha Atta called me “Idhena raavadam”, When did you come/ are you coming now?. I missed that gesture, I am surrounded with lot of relatives, I introduced myself., asking about whereabouts and inquiring about their health. Acting like well behaved person with them. Again same gang came with their head bald for their mother’s ceremony. Somewhere I am not good while seeing them. There are kids playing around, don’t know what is going on at their home. Myself and my brother went to buy clothes., while going on streets. I felt that I am rounding my kingdom meeting my own people, their traits, businesses, shops etc.,

That moment even short-lived will be there in my mind forever. Went to shop to buy clothes and sweets for the ceremony. The ceremony went over, lunch has been supplied one of the best I had at recent days. Our bus got cancelled for three times, my brother told he need to attend the meeting early as possible. Finally we got the bus booked it took around 11-15 stops from Kakinada to Bengaluru (APSRTC). Bus got delayed more than 1 hour. We entered into our destination, without forgetting our source. (End)

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Short trip to Pithapuram – Pt 1

Pithapuram, the place which is near to Kakinada. The fort which I remember long back and couple of relative house. As a kid I went there couple of times with my Mom. During early 2000 I am asked to visit Pithapuram all alone, I am nervous to visit Pithapuram, I am afraid to go there, because I don’t know the language (reading) travelling from Eluru to Pithapuram I don’t know how to explain. I told to my Peddamma, I can’t go there!!! somehow she convinced me to go there to visit my Ammamma. I was told that, once I stopped at railway station, I need to ask “Watch mechanic Brahmam garu illu” to rickshaw-walla by the way Brahmam garu is my mavayya (brother of my mom)

Somebody given me the lift upto to Eluru Railway station from my Peddamma’s house (must be Srinath Annayya)., I took a ticket in one of passenger train and went to Pithapuram. I just stopped there, quickly one gang came towards me with on one bike, “nuvvu Kumar kathu” you are Kumar rite? I just shook my head, they took my bag quickly., I barely remember them. Its like kidnapping me, bike driven by somebody, behind me there is another person. I am in middle. I am still worried and nervous. I don’t know the faces., bike stopped at house.

The person who drove the vehicle asked me this is the house, you need to go inside. Don’t you ever came to our home. Here he is Brahmam mavayya smiled and came outside., asked about me., I am now just shaking my head. I know Geetha attha she came to Chennai for sometime back at that time. Venku annayya who already there, said that his mom called him and told about my Pithapuram visit. Then I am in peace. He said, I can join him while returning to Eluru. Then I met my Ammamma., she sat on a table., seeing his one of his last Grand child., of course its me. Asked about me and my visit., about Mom and dad. Suddenly there are number of people., later I joined and cracking joke then went to Eluru.

Recently my Mom called from Hyderabad and said, Geetha atta was serious, she already had Heart operation in that span of time. I remembered the number of visits at Pithapuram, the affectionate calling and confusing the names with his younger son whose name also Kumar, nick name also same., Everytime we both answer her calls. But its nice., her food preparation Avakayya, phenomenal.  (to be continued)

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Music instruments and me

Do you believe that I played keyboard at the age of four?
Even I can’t believe it, because that’s total lie. Myself I am always fond of
playing tambourine, which covered with skin and surrounded with steel jingles. You
can hear both the sound of drum and jingles at the same time. Bass drum which
is about 1 feet, both side covered by skin, drum player needs to have the stick
which covered by the kind of cloth to control the raw sound from the stick.,
other end he needs to use hand.
Piano, whenever I got chance I will try to play, even I don’t
know how to play that. Still for me, wondering why there are black keys in
piano. Harmonium, bongo drum, even more are in interests. All these instruments
I found at church. On Sundays proceedings starts and ends with music., because
church ran by devotional singer.
I had personalized musical instruments later, whenever I
tried to learn the music, some or the other things I need to give priority. The
time AR Rahman entered into movies, having keyboard is kind of prestigious
thing with youngsters. My dad planned to buy Guitar for my brother, we went to
Musee Musicals in Mount Road, Chennai. I found huge piano showcased in the
store. I don’t know how to open the over, suddenly one person came and played
like Beethoven and went off. I sat and played the unknown raga, with typical expression.
Dad paid nearly half of his salary to buy the guitar, Gibson
guitar and guide opened for more than a month. My mom tried Sa Re Ga Ma, on
that. Monthly, my dad had an expense on buying the strings and pecks to play
it. Even he tried a tutor, where I too got introduced for Tabla. When I went
there, with all the musical instruments, they are trying for concert and they are
teaching for free of cost.
They need people to learn the music. More than one hour
there is a discussion between musical guru and instrument players, when they
started for 5 to ten seconds, Guru interrupted and started playing Harmonium. I
got slept over, for hours. They even don’t know, that I got into sleep. My friend
who introduced me to Guru, woke me up and Guru starred at me, then send a
message, “He is too young”. At that age, I am looking so younger than my age.

Recently I got an interest for Sitar, having the tutor through
online and books. It’s not enough for me, looking for some more time to develop
my skills on playing the instrument. My mother influenced in music, with Sa Re
Ga Ma. Currently I am learning the music variations with Western, Hindustani
& Carnatic. Finding differences, learning how to write musical notes, to
get into know these things, still it will take some time.

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