RTE and School fees hike

In 2008-08 I got a chance to translate the important document or policy which is billed and passed over. That is none other than RTE Act (Right to Education Act). Which is continuously improved to provide education to all children in India. Other than that, there are government schools which are trying to provide shelter, food and clothes to children for protecting their rights. During Kamaraj period Tamilnadu found innovative project called mid-day meal scheme, which apparently changed as Nutritious meal scheme (Sathunavu Thittam) by MG Ramachandran.

Karnataka for some time it imposed strict fees collection and tried to improve the education for middle income group children. Recently Delhi government imposed strict rules for DPS schools to collect only reasonable amount and not to loot the people in broad light.

India has many schemes, it went to the roots like Nalanda times. It brought GATE exam from the inspiration of Gate keepers story at Nalanda. World’s first University which we called as Nalanda from India. Vishwabharati University which inspired by many like Indira Gandhi.

Normally if we took the boards for Primary/Secondary education in India,

State Board – Least preferred
CBSE – Most Preferred
ICSE – Preferred.

The pain yearly comes is getting admission in good school for parents. Earlier parents are ready to provide enough money to get an admission for their kids. This become usual to rise the school fees/tuition fees/transportation fees etc., Each state government has different rules as school fees concerned.

Government like Tamilnadu has Singaravelar Committe on Fees hike, Karnataka Education board like DPI provided fees structure I believe its not yet approved by State Government., which leads to more confusion. Still International schools and CBSE schools enjoying the fees hike and can put the numbers, whatever they want. (to be continued)

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New Post

There are so-many things occupy me for past months. Good news is I de-activated the Whatsapp from my mobile. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are my sources to connect the social media or to my friends. Facebook messenger is helpful to connect with the people and helps me to provide the personal touch with them. I can’t resist myself being busy these many days, I like that guy who is busy probably he might doing the things which he likes.

I remember the manager who holding the cricket team, he always busy with coaching, training the team members excelling from their weak areas. Defensive players can be coached towards aggressive players., Aggressive players are coached for the consistency, local players are promoted to the International players. If his team performs he like to concentrate more on winnings and concentrate to improve his team by all means. Even the team consists of Physios, manager, coaches, sponsors etc., Once it performs everybody in the team get encouragement and try to outplay the team against them.

Probably I hit the same kind of passion, I like the doings whatever I like it in my way. Its really hard to convert those in your ways., probably we don’t understand it better. Probably we are not in the way of success., Success will not comes to your path always, if it happens you are lucky enough. Dhoni great cricketer, criticized for his luck charm working in all matches. But I completely understand, he is in the way of success. He didn’t approached the success in easier way, he know what to do to create the success. Not only the strong team, greater belief creates the success.

Today I am in a great mood to write this, I am always being grateful because I have handful of people who believe me that I will achieve the success one day. Also I am working on my weak areas to develop constantly, standing up as a mentor trying to guide the people who really want to achieve greatness in their areas.I am not done always. I just took my time.

Yours Truly,


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Indian Railways – Online

I use to travel Indian railways lot yearly four times at least. Earlier days we use to book the ticket at ticket counters, waiting long queue to avoid the General seat, where we need travel without seat or without sleep in the train. Sleeper class is our long time advantage, where we can sit at day and sleep at night. Still my father’s favorite place is at window seat. Occasions & Annual leaves are major contributor for travelling with Railways. I still remembered the train which roaring sound and leaving hazard smoke in the air., travelling in track.
I told many stories to my friends about my first travel in train. Cross mark before the trains, horn sound, seats, Side Upper which always gives the advantage of viewing the window and so on. Later on IRCTC given the advantage of booking the ticket online, earlier at slow internet its not possible to book the ticket. Later on, on any internet speed, booking with IRCTC its horrible. Booking the tatkal tickets leaves a tears to you. Government’s policy changes given mere advantage to booking the ticket in counters. Later on I found that there are many websites gives advantage for online users and travelers.,
This website provides the information on seat availability and policies. www.erail.in, this website is faster mode of getting the seat availability information.
In this website you can book the tickets by signing in., I need to do more research on this website, http://ctrlq.org/irctc/ which I believe of filling the so called Form in Indian Railways.
This website provided me more advantage from above websites, it predicts the information with PNR status, also with the information of Source and destination trains. This fantastic algorithm works with past bookings.
These websites will help on post bookings, while travelling, your friends or relatives can track the train’s live status, even platform information, what time it came ETA expected or when it got arrived, delayed information etc.,
 If you have more information, please feel free to share.

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Study Notes: Functional Programming with C++

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I have been enthused with functional programming recently. As C++ is my favourite language (or most familiar language), I have also tried to implement in C++ some of the techniques I learnt. And this blog serves to record my learning experience. It is my sincere hope that it will be useful to other people that come to functional programming with an imperative programming background.

Without further ado, let me describe first what I wanted to implement:

  • Map
  • Reduce
  • Pipeline

If you are not familiar with these concepts, do not worry, as I will show you the code in both C++ and some ‘more functional’ languages. The functional language implementations are always easy to understand, even if you do not know the languages!


The concept of the map function is quite simple: it applies the function parameter to each item in a list parameter, and return the result as a list. The following…

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All the glitters

After a long day, my Sis-in-law want to buy an Gold chain, which my brother got some amount in his bounty. She wants to select more design, after analyzing she came back without selecting one. My brother said, he will be joining next day to select, his plans already revealed  that he is  no more interesting on design selection. He is pretty straight forward on buying the gold.

My brother’s D-day came up, and he asked me to join with him.I initially refused, with everybody’s compulsion and promised treat from my sis-in-law, I went  with them. Sis-in-law has the habit of buying Roops of gold every year, that could be half a gram to one gram of gold in every Varalakshmi pooja. Brother collected all roops, unused gold items which presented to my nephew, presented when he was child. Our travel started and target not started., We chose about 5 shops, but my brother is happy in buying at first shop.

Exchanging the gold
I learn some basic things for buying the gold., if you are exchanging the gold or not, you have to spend the money for wastage. To calculate the purity of gold most of  the  shops are having similar machine manufactured by Redlands. This machine can scan gold, copper, silver, platinum, palladium, zinc, etc., This has been connected through two USB cables, I believe one for connecting the machine and another  one for results provoking. Machine sends X-ray rays and capturing the information, time it taking around 30-300 seconds. Then gold got weighed in scale, earlier I use to see Physical balance scale in Pawn shops and gold shops, now electronic weighing scale providing the accuracy. If you have the old gold to be exchanged, above methods followed and gold achari will be given a word. Some times certificates will be enough to check the purity of gold.

Buying the gold
Wastage is something, that when they are designing the gold to ornament, to design that ornament wastage will occur. If its handmade, the life  of designed gold could be more than 10 years. If its manufactured through machine, the life  of gold designed can’t be  predicted. People choose handmade designed  gold ornaments, which leads about 10 to 15% of wastage. Special designs can lead from 18% to more than 50%. Buying the gold with designated design, will lead to lots of wastage.

“All the glitters are not gold”, gold’s purity checked with BIS standards

999 – 24 Carat
958 – 23 Carat
916 – 22 Carat

In South-India, people prefer the 916 – 22 Carat gold. If your gold got BIS and Hallmark symbol, it will be easier for buyers and sellers to check the purity of gold. Also shops had a scheme to join, where we need to invest for 11 months, at 12th month of maturity the gold rate at same day will be calculated to buy and there will be no wastage could be calculated.

Tips for buying the gold
Negotiating the wastage is key of buying the gold. After seeing the purity of  gold, one have to negotiate on wastage according to its design. People will fallout for designs, but wastage is money sucking. Always go for strength of material, which gives the life. You have to decide, do you want gold or the ornament. If you want to buy the gold, go for the wastage upto 10%. This will gives appreciation value in future.

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Lets Support Chennai

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