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Education and our Recognizing Baadshaas

I mentioned the Recognizing Baadshaas as our Indian, Education Recognizing Authorities. Some years back, I gotta interview call for a job at educational institute. But, I found one thing, that is they are trying to market their MBA study courses and given me a hand lets, prospectus to join.  I deceived by them that is a different story by there is no such job as written in the ad.

What the point of this story is, the University of that study centre was not approved by any Recognizing authorities, but they had Self Answering that is, the Parliament of Indian Government has approved this University. There are so-many Universities are providing such courses, which are for Master courses. Such Like, MBAs which are providing the Certificates but that they are not valid in Higher Education just for promotions it can be usable. It becoming a open market now to deal with studies.

Recently I found the Deemed Universities, including much respectable Universities are getting banned by Judiciary. But the second thought is, why these Judiciary, the news of getting banned are coming at the times of admissions and making more confusions among the Students and Parents.  Already Education becomes high in making business with Students. Those confusions are to be rectified by our Recognizing Baadshaas. The Distance Education, Correspondence courses and Regular courses are to be streamlined.


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