Multiple Interest

Thoughts of Granny Granny she is the mother of my mom. She got good personality, good height. In the sense, she was taller than many young men.

In my younger age she always scolds me for the naughty, prank things I do. As I am getting older, she endorse with a lot of love, with other she defends me. She hates cricket, and tells to me, that I got a good patience and she appreciated that I am seeing the test cricket.

She got good influence of British English, had lots of magazines, novels, books, histories of Europe etc., Her letters and handwriting remembers me the person from the high profile. But we as grandchildren of her missed the etiquettes she got, Vocabularies she known, the way she speaks English.

If anyone utters any grammatical mistake, they are finished. She will argue with verbs, nouns, past future, present simple etc., with that, the person will not argue anymore and hear the things what she was going to tell. If I said the sleeping princess story, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella stories to her, she says that I was absolutely wrong on that story, she will repeat in her style.

In external she looks like normal Indian lady, but inner she got the British style of thinking. She spokes about the world war, Winston Churchill the most, and yes for her Gandhi and his thoughts in Satyagraha inspires her as an Indian. At last glimpse, I donno she is getting dying from that ill ailing from that too she given the inspiring speeches to me.


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