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Cricket 1996 – Wills World Cup (Part – 1)

Javed Miandad, Pakistan, Player, Cricketer, Sportsperson
Javed Mianded played 6 world cups

After having the stunning world cup Asians queried the world cup venues should be in Asia again. After the marvelous victory of World cup Pakistan in 1992, Imran Khan got retired. After his regime, the most expected player is Javed Miandad. He is the Big Dad of all batsman. So the lights on every brain of bowlers how ignore the big personality. He had a six world cups player a name, a player, a passion everything given a advantage to him. Australia too fine with their form, Mcgrath, Reiffel, Dermott, Ponting, Waugh Brothers too in Form. After the gala opening, fingers getting crossed. UAE, Zimbabwe getting eliminated as guessed. Kenya shown some amazing talents by beating West Indies and shown them as Giant Killers. West Indies had a advantage with weather while Indian Summers getting too heat. Newzealand surprisingly has the new talents and players are in full form. They had a typical plan of playing aggressive in first 15 overs and sheet tankers fulfilled their jobs upto 37 overs. After that all the batsman and bowlers hitting and missing the balls to stumps. The full fierce given the knowledge transfer to other nations. Its like a wakeup call as how to play the ODIs.


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