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Cricket 1996 – Wills World Cup (Part – 2)

Gary Kirsten
Gary Kirsten
Story Went wrong for small teams like UAE & Kenya. UAE thought the Asian grounds will suits for their playing conditions. They have excellent batsman like Mylvagan and some enthusiastic srilankan and indian based players. Unfortunately, the bowling and batting became a weak points to them. They forgotten the perfect area of bowling, for eg., Gary Kirsten Innings. He played marvelously and beaten the record of 175 of Kapildev record. The shots among them are classical, matured, fantastic innings. Its like viewing Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo, the macho guy. Literally he killed every balls to the boundries and sixers. Much about bowling, Warne, Younus, Dermott, Defreit and Kumble are star bowlers in cricket on those times. Except Younus all of them are keep awaiting for wickets. Suddenly, the raise of Srilankan bowler Muttaiah Muralidharan became a big shock.
Muttaiah Muralidharan
Muttaiah Muralidharan
Murali has excellent spells among all the bowlers. But in Fielding side still South Africa as the team become stronger after the dive effort of Jonty Rhodes in 1992 world cup. Brian Mcmillan who was the excellent allrounder can change the event in both bowling and batting. South Africa becomes stronger making their point clear to make finals. Srilanka made every aspects as advantages to them. England failed to make ODIs aspect, they really falling in love with Test Cricket. They don’t understand the methods of ODIs. Nick Knight who was the wonderful batsman born in 1996 world cup.


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