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Chance in Gully Cricket

I waited for this opportunity this is long days, I was in the local team., I was not provided the chance for the long time, The team which I played is a consecutive cup winners in Tennis ball cricket. We are a Team B in that same team. This A team had a match on another team Shakthi team our team proudly called as Thalapathy team.In Shakthi team I already saw nearly all of them bowls the fast bowling. They asked me to be a scorer and they told they will be giving the chance to field, because main team members are not presented on the Sunday. I was a good fielder, they don’t know about my skills. I started ticking the scores, openers went to duck, after that so called big players went to single digit runs, Captain asked his friend’s brother who is younger than me to bat. Captain out after scoring one four. The team which surpassed many victories are in the trouble in this match. We had enjoyed so many moments with the cups and man of the series Big Coca Cola bottles. I never seen Captain was upset at this much. It’s already 10 overs gone, even we are not touched the fifty runs. Shakthi team is famous for its wides and no-balls but they are in perfect form. When 8th batsman is ready Captain asked me to bat, he is not our regular Captain but he asked me to bat,. I had a mixed feelings one is Shakthi team’s bowling and the way our batsmen are got out, next is I got the chance for the first time to bat after long time.

The wicket-taker bowler bowling fiercely from the off-stump. First ball he bowled it missed the stump, but in reality I can’t see the ball where its gone. Next ball I can now clearly seen it swings from offside but travelling through middle stump, judging this ball I glanced at square and its square shot. I started scoring after 16 overs our team score is 102, in that I scored about 42*. At the same match I took two wickets through the bouncers to take a sweet revenge. At last we won the match. They are all out for 89. Still remembered that nail biting match and literally I played all the balls. Eventhough its a Gully cricket, those days are enjoyable we will be having Coca Cola 1 litre pet bottles as man of the series and Fruits at lunch., Our only motive will be playing cricket., whatever the time will be we are more loving the cricket as well as our teams.


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