Multiple Interest

Milk cover and the glimpse

The scene near Giovani Bangalore, I seen it at many days!!!., One girl with the Pink scooty, wearing the beautiful suit with brown white covered hat covering her ear of course its called monkey cap, but definitely suits her., her jeans pant and suit she weared looks like she just readied for going somewhere.,

She suddenly stops near Giovani, she parked her vehicle near that place, she came with cover she opened the pedigree snacks and she opened the milk cover., One Dog which has the black scarce fully at the body., which looks awe-full, I thought she is looking for another dog, but when this came, she touched the dog and called by its name, she says I need to go to somewhere please have this, she did this very patiently., She talked to that dog, played little while and shown the milk cover and the glimpse of in urgency it drank the milk and seen the girl.

That glimpse said me that this could be the daily scene when the dog at owner’s house with all beauty, by for the society having the scarce at her body, it can’t continue to live in their home. The full heart touching glimpse I can’t forget for the while, I can’t tell anything here because it is already told.,


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