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Adventerous in Kandikuppa

That is the busy day for me, at evening my brother came with the snacks at home. I was working in a website, and covering the cover story for the website which is continuous which is toddler story in New Zealand and Pakistan’s Bhutto murder. At these times I was in Kakinada home town., my brother was working as systems admin for a college. I had a brief visit at his college once or twice, immediately staff are liked me. At that time they are planning to go to tour with the family, of course they invited my sister-in-law, the tour arranger asked my brother to bring me on the tour.

Once I finished the hectic work, I arranged somebody to look over the work and my boss agreed to provide one day leave. The bus has no windows and covered by one big cover that can be tighten in the windows. My brother said its too hot here, so they will not prefer windows for buses. Kids joined in the bus, at morning we are served with hot idlies and breads, which is sufficient for breakfast., some of them had their breakfast from home and brought their lunch from home. Our journey started well, in between, the famous Yanam came, the tour arranger had some hot drinks, yes some and couple of litres they brought, which made uncomfortable to ladies, they packed the drinks and kept in shelf to open it afterwards.

Even some of the ladies are cursing their men must be their wives, I asked my brother what is the place we are going to visit because they said the place in Vishakapatnam., he said that trip has been cancelled now they are planning to go to another place which somewhat nearby to this place., also the place of one of the partner of the college. That place is called as Kandhikuppa, nearby at Amalapuram. The farm lands remembered me of the some of the movies., One old man said his favourite actress, once walked in this way of farm land for shooting. He even sang the song of that movie.

We dropped by one place it has big bungalow, one man who is obese and speaking the local language to his workers. He came back to us and asked us to cross one small bridge there we can find the light house. We walked to that bridge, the bus can’t enter to that place because it has small bridge. We walked through the bridge and there is a petty shop which has some local snacks. The person who is at local place is a person of college staff. He is in detail about the snacks, which is different and good to eat. The person appeared again, that college staff said, he is the partner of the college. He asked me and my brother, that he will provide the lift upto that place, because it’s about couple of kilometers. We want to be with crowd, we don’t want to be away from them. We ignored the car and went to that place by walk. The strange there is the people rowing the boats are simply doing nothing and sat in the boat it automatically sails, when I heard about this, the people they said it thoorpu – padamara, the sailor who will goes by the water streaming and at evening the direction of water stream changes and with the fishes they will come by with the little effort.

Suddenly I seen that the village is full of beach sand and has some little pond of thing which drying quickly, after that I thought that can be the effect of thoorpu – padamara. At last we went to that place, I can’t imagine in that village I can see one big light house which painted pink colour at top. We saw the Bird watchers club which started by the Britishers on their rule. Once we got into this place, we came out with the games. Children played with mini-soccer balls. We usually plays the cricket, the pitch is bad so we played the full-toss match. Once we look around the place and wished each and everybody and the perfect team out.

The time gone and it’s the lunch time, before we starting the meals, people started the drinks with cooked fried items which kept for meals. Then meals completed as earlier.

Once we completed our Lunch the people came out of plan for Kandhikoppa beach. Roads are not nice what we expected become worst. We start jumping from the tractors, as we are not having the feeling of sitting on it. Once we joined the beach, there are no people except us. It is the wonderful black beach which I don’t see in my whole life.

We played with small games and had a fun on that beach. While returning we started to the light house, where we can see the farm lands which is gold tinkling for our eyes. All the farm lands are planned like engineered by an architect.

The adventure remains still while we travelling through a tractor again, where all the people are settled in one tractor, where me, my brother is standing at the junction where tractor motor and body meets. It’s a thrilling experience ever and dangerous too. But we enjoyed a lot and had a fun where we meet the people and goodness of nature.


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