Multiple Interest

Days at Eluru

This is happened at late 90s. It is the urgent message so called Telegram which came to our house. We never had a telegram message ever before and thought it could be some message. Our neighbor seriously asked about the telegram. I said we are not there when the telegram came, the post man will come again to give the same. When I reached my home, my mom collapsed with the message. Our respected uncle Sri. Ramachandra Rao garu passed away. My father later-on came with the train tickets. We went to the house. Our aunt in so detail with what happened how he died. He drawn the money from the bank and saw some five rupees note which fell on ground. He just lean down to take that, some one looted the drawn pension money. It gave the great shock to him. Later he went Tirupathi with his family he died on the way. All the things are happened in authentic way. Our Aunt (she is the sister of my mother) she asked us to stay for some time.

My brothers are happy to see me, because I was younger one of all of them. They used me to get the things from market. But the elders scold them by sending me to market. Its like a big family to me. My brother son of my aunt he was so serious and he was very much attached to my uncle. He never spoken a word and he don’t want to others to speak with him. He avoided even his friends and relatives. He was a respected person in his village, who took his life very seriously. Everybody tried to speak with him, he will answer those questions and leave that place.

This even brought sad mood to my aunt.

We are the bunch of brothers, one came to me and asked me to zip my pant. These are happened in my school days, boys embarrassing others before girls like this. I want to reconfirm it and went to other side of house and checked my pant. Now, my aunt seen this and told to everybody I checked my pant and laughed loudly and rolled out. I even embarrassed with his loud laugh. But everybody given their deep breath once he came to normal.

After that he was normal and achieved lot in his life as the people expected.


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