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Rainy day in Chennai

It’s the rainy season at Chennai on 2005, My boss went to his hometown. I was in my Aunt’s house, there is a full of water around the neighborhood. After three days water was cleared and situation becomes slightly normal. When I charged my mobile phone, my boss called me and I said my situation around my neighborhood, he doesn’t believe that. When I started to my work, my Aunt and Uncle doesn’t like that I am going to work. Because if the Bus is not coming to that area, I need walk through the water. When I went to the bus depot, many of them faced the similar situation, which nearly all the bosses are likely to have their employees to work. In south and central part of Chennai always enjoy the good drainage system but North Chennai doesn’t. Bus initially given the trouble, and that bus conductor find the issue and resolved the problem. We initially making fun of the driver because of he is not finding the issue properly. As a daily passenger, I had a nearly 4-6 friends who are in 40s to 60 years people around. So that anyone who comes earlier will pick a seat for everybody. I was younger to them, so they will ask all the technical questions to me. I enjoyed that to be answering. The road is bumpy on that day, driver driven the bus slowly until Retteri comes. Once the bus get on to 100 Feet road, it went to gradual speed. Once its entered into Koyembedu, we find many bikes are un-starting by the rain and Mechanics are making good money on that. Children from slum areas came to the roads to give the push to cars and asking money from the car drivers and car owners. After Koyembedu, at Aishwarya Marriage hall, there is an industrial exhibition it got failed, the event managers came outside their faces is unhappy. Once it crossed the small bridge was broken and water was felling off and roads are unseen due to that. Traffic Police working hard and diverting the route safely. Once we crossed that bridge, Bus driver fed up whiles his long driving. He suddenly taken left and bus fell down on steep down and its filling with water. Everybody in the bus shouting Govinda, Allah to reach the heaven.  Bus driver not sure about the floor which is going to hit he waited for that and all of the sudden he raised the gear and bus came out from that low like a raging horse. I can able to see the water touches on my Pant. The person next to me said, that is the Metro water lane often Metro water people repair the road to repair the faulty pipes. When I down to my bus, again its call from the driver of my boss. Boss entered to the office that area filled with water. So he asked me to stay at house. I still can feel the death near to my face and the people’s belief in heaven. Anyone who is in different position, if death nears they feels the same thing, because if they know the earthly matters well they still believe the life after death. Whatever they do going to temples and doing poojas still they are unsure what after death.


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