Multiple Interest

Sun and Sea – Pt1

There is a green land, he was searching for somebody along. The grasses are uprooted well and grown upto the level of the human’s height. There is the air making the grass to flow in the land, the greenery and the sunlight making him blind still he searching for the hand he left out. He closed his eyes and still looking for by making half opening it. He is running to the tree which is the center piece of the land. The roots are stood perfect and the tree should not belongs to that place and somewhere in forest. He is so deep in his heart and looking the sky that is blue enough and crying without seeing her. Somebody calling him from the far place, now the sound ringing near to him, very near to him. He wonders how the voice reaches so fast. “Ravi, be fast you are still on your bed” his father awakening him. Ravi in his dreams until his father waking him up. His father is so late at the yesterday, he doesn’t meet him at last night. So he wants to talk him for a while. “Ravi you have applied for the Police job, if they ask you to do the drill and regular practices it will be difficult for you”. Ravi applied for the Police job, his father went to the town and seen the application and filled it and sent it behalf of Ravi. But Ravi had a different idea. “Dad you struggled for my studies, now you have about the three milk cows, Do you want to sell them also”. Ravi wants to develop the family business of agriculture and milk business which they are running already. He doesn’t dream about the Police job, he wants to live in his village with all the respect. He don’t want to go to the new place and new job. “Ravi, I know you are thinking about your father,  but person like you who had the natural gift of good height and skills”, his father believes his son could be a good Police Officer which he tried earlier and leaved it because of the height factor. His father applied the Police skills in works, wherever he goes he talks like a Police and Laws.

Viji is a marketer of the milk from the Ravi’s father and also relative to that family. She is a childhood friend to Ravi, she gives lot of pain to Ravi, waited to pull the legs of Ravi. She given one letter to Ravi’s father, “Ravi you have been asked to the selection process of Police”, but you asked to go to the city training centre. Ravi stand and looked his father and Viji without interest and took a rope of the cow. “Ravi I am telling the biggest thing and you showing the disinterest on this.” His father yelled and Ravi on his reply, “Dad you know that I had no interest in that job” Ravi felt embarrassing before Viji. Viji left that place,  there is a death calm in that place for a while. His father knows, he will be speaking like this, from childhood he was saying to Ravi, that he needs to be a Police officer one day.

Naren is a farmer, who looks farm. He spends life with Srilankan people they behaved each other like a brothers and sisters. Even though they are neighbours they behaved more than that. Naren had a elder brother who also a farmer and less responsible than Naren. Naren works hard like any other farmer and earns so much of money. He believed luck favours the brave and hard-worker. He come across the all the hardship to upbringing his family. He doesn’t know the other land than in Srilanka, he feels it is his mother land. He become famous and owns many agricultural lands. He got many farmers working under him. His brother managed the things, and showing his bossy feelings on them. Naren is one of the important person in that village. He is making good money, so he don’t want to establish it further and maintaining it properly. Naren never thought that day will come to him, he seen some thing different at sky… (to be contd…)


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