Multiple Interest

Sun and Sea Pt2

The sky is so clear but something he found abnormal, something differently looks like bug it went with high speed and it has fan which cutting the air went so long and the sound came as ‘Ka boom’ and he fear from his heart. TV is not a boring box of that day. Naren and his family continuously observing the situation. In Kilinochchi, it was the daily scenery that the group of people taking the guns and weapons. Finding this situation army thrashed the vans and jeeps at that time.  That situation become continuously become worsen. People used Rocket launchers from the ground level. Similar to war situation people are facing in their farming lands. Naren and his brother got upset when their one of the farmer land become burnt by the weapon released. Some rum-ours went down with the land mines were kept at near the forest. Army doubted that local people are helping the revolts, the frequent raids are happening in that area. Instead of that army people become nightmare to the local tamils. There were huge losses by the raids. Government ordered severe punishments who are all helping to the revolts. That day came in, the army persons deployed there military force in that area. Naren and his family afraid of that, they started searching the revolts in each houses, they released the cattle, searched in farming lands their motors have been damaged, and cutted the growing plants and trees. Then slowly it becomes the regular scene to the local people. Army started questioning the people regarding the revolts. Helicopters have been landed in the local lands. Some of them are become revolts and gone to revolutionary camps.  When the helicopter deployed in those regions people are afraid and they fall into the ground with the cries. The torture they can’t expected and it leaved bereavement in their hearts.

Ravi took the cattle and his father stopped by his arms and looked into the eyes in Ravi. By looking him his father’s eye watered with emotions. While looking his father he released the cattle from his hand. Both of them are embraced each other and Ravi sat on the chair without any motion. Ravi’s father handed over the letter from the selection committee. “Don’t make me please at this age, I already died when you said no to that job.” his father exclaimed. “Dad!, I will let you live you and your dreams” Ravi told. Both of them smiled with each other. Ravi unexpected this situation in his life, he is going to live the life for other person dreams. But the dream is his father, who nurtured him after his mom’s dead. He started thinking that his father cleaning his boots daily until his college and cooking for him long days. When his mom left the world, his father doesn’t got married, and lived the live for only for Ravi. If he married another lady and may the kids can help him to live the dreams of him. The situation made him to go to the camp. When he left to that camp, he was not doing by it interest. But trainer took him to meet at the dinner and started conversation about the ideologies of him and training is inevitable and makes the person from the normal human and the people saver from the harms. He had psychological classes, Karate and daily march fast becomes tired to his body. It changed his body from the bubbly boy to the different hard person. He started looking the people differently as the trainer’s look into the people. He attended the meeting of successful policemen. He met IG, Commissioner of Police, several persons who are holding different positions in Police Department. He also learned to how to handle situations, how to find the people criminals eyes their suspective movements from the training. He started holding the things very hard. His grip is changed while he shaking the hand with his colleagues. He looks into the eyes deeply, he started wearing the glasses to ignore the people they doesn’t need to look what he was looking into their eyes. Arrangements are made and the date have been informed to the selection committee. Ravi have been selected in the pompous ceremony. He got a photograph of the badge has been located near to his heart. He given the photograph to his father as a gift. His father got proud moment, he waited for this moment he got this moment as he expected. Viji made a sweets to his family and given to Ravi. Ravi got the selection and the placement has been made (to be contd.,)


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