Multiple Interest

Visiting Anna Tower

It happens yesterday visited Anna Tower, my childhood excitement it beats my all the priorities of visiting the places, itImage had pole walking, jumping on tyres which built by MRF tyres on those days. When I studied my computer courses, for killing some time I visited here. After that when my marketing career started when the appointments are got postponed I will be visiting any of the near parks, if its Anna nagar then its definitely the Anna Tower park. Our friends will be giving priority to be the Anna Tower will be the meeting place for us. At mornings the skating will be started, then Yoga classes, when at weekends children plays here. Sometimes at Chennai Sangamam they played silambattam and later they developed two stadiums to nurture the talents. And its beauty is Anna Tower, which stood very high, I thought of that tower touching the sky in childhood. It shows the many number of trees at my childhood, recently I can able to see only buildings, the green patches still to be made. The fountain which releases the water from the mouth of fish, its exciting really. We can see all kind of people enjoying here. I was really happy yesterday by visiting this place.


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