Multiple Interest

Sun and sea Pt3

Ravi got selected in the Police regime, his village was in a festival mood. Everybody who came to his home, greeting for his post. The village big wigs asked him to make pride the village’s name. Ravi fulfilled the promise of his father. Ravi got pride in himself by getting the job. It was very quick to him to be selected and joining in as police. The posting has been made, the station inspector called him and asked him to lookout the local railway station. Since the old person was retired and he needs to look after that railway station.  Ravi got upset by this job. Ravi’s father asked him to do the job with full pride, and look after the job with full respect and as police how he will lookafter the job he needs to do it. Ravi gone to the first day job with the full suit as a Police to the railway station. But he doesn’t find any problem on that station. He gone to the retired police home and queried that there is no issue in that Railway station but why our Police station worrying about the Railway station. It has the RPF and every security in place. That police replied yes security is there, the central police will approach the criminals in different manner, but we are in a state we need to lookout the matter by locally, you need to wear the dress where the criminals can’t find the identity of yours. Ravi learned his lesson, he took the advice of the elderly police man. He became a normal citizen and doing his duty in other dress.Now he came to know the small thieves and criminals and watching them and their entry. Ravi often went to the elder police and that Police man often visiting Ravi to cope out his work. Ravi become famous in the station, days are left. Station inspector is interested on Ravi. In raids or in some big works he included Ravi onto that. He made sure that he is learning the working tactics and skill of practicals.

Naren heard that his relatives from the near village is crossing their countries. But Naren believed the situation will be normal once the military force leaved their place. Local politicians worked hardly for the ceasefire to be in place. But frequently the raids are taken place. Once, his brother beaten one military person and Naren pacified him. In this place, Naren’s relative came with the alliance to get him marry. Marriage went well and family was happy. He often scared in nights that helicopter sound came his mind and booming their village. His wife often helped him to come out of that situation. Now him and his wife was seen often in the farm fields. He got the pair to lookout his jobs. His wife is respected equivalent to him at the village. The people lived together with lots of happiness. The gold, cattle, farm field is a dream come to true for every citizen in that part of place. But Naren got additional power and dominant personality. He is the cult of personality can do the panchayat whenever the issues are happen. He can kick the butts of the wrong doers he become the icon of the village. Whenever the arguments goes on, if anyone raised his name, the problem will be solved. One day the local forest with the people who speaks the language in the radio. People are afraid the radio talks at nights. Soon military deployed and the fight again starts. The plane the people never seen that near, it came above their head. The people who are working on their fields struck with the bullets and died at that time. The farm fields are crumbled with the bombs. Their farm fields become the warfield for both the people. UNO asked to stop the fight. The scholars who want to be the country should replicate the Belgium where French speakers and German speakers are united and driving the country very smooth. The Government doesn’t making their step strong for their political development. Naren started losing his all wealth, his wife went to the field the bombs are keepon shelling near to her. She cried a lot and walking through the forest, suddenly the gun shown before her. She shocked and stood still then the gun and the person who holding that wentoff. Naren searched his wife and seen his wife standing without motion. When he came to near to him, she found dead. He cried once his mother dead, after he cried from his deep heart, shouted when the forest shooked from his voice.


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