Multiple Interest

High Fly

ImageIts the way of 1999 Summer time, we got a holidays, my brother and me are playing the carromboard nearby places. Once the carromboard visited at my home, where my mom and plays the carrom. Suddenly thought of carrom board for me. I saved about 400 Rs. to buy the carromboard. I left my home to buy the carromboard at nearby carromboard factory, I thought of its quality is amazing but its too cost for me. I told to my dad that carrom board is too costly that I am unable to buy that, he told he will try it in different shop where he works from. He tried a different Carromboard, those are really small and he left with the hint of there many cheaper carromboards are available near shops. When we are discussing this matter with my friends, one of my friend said, there is a shop they are selling the Carromboard at old rates.

But its quite far for us. My brother at evening came, he said that he gonna do a PC service for his colleague and his friend. Next day he went to servicing and came with the scooter. His friend said he will collect the scooter at his workplace. At that time we had a carromboard expert around us. So, we planned to buy the Carromboard at the shop. My brother accepted to give the bike but he said he will be driving it. Because the scooter which he needs to return it to proper shape. It is not a two seated scooter, its a Bajaj chetak where we can seated comfortably by one leg right and another left as rider do the bike while riding. ImageAt that age we are all so thin, only my brother had some muscles in his body.

So the expert of carrom, the route teller, the buyer(me), the rider (brother) all four of them in one bike started the journey. We had a shortest route for the shop, which comes around 4 KM, if we taken a bus route it could be more than 15 Kilometers the bus should cover. So we enjoyed the bike ride with the scooter. We entered to the shop, as our route teller said, the Carromboard is cheap. My brother bargained the carromboard in the shop, for that we got Dancing Powder and coins extra. I was really amazed and happy to have the extra freebies. I offered the cool drinks to my friends and to my brother. He filled the petrol at the near Petrol Station.

ImageWhile we returning the place called Seemathamman nagar., My brother started driving the scooter fastly to amaze us. We started shouting while seated. Its like roller coaster ride for us., even at turnings he doesn’t slowed the scooter. He driven faster and faster to reach the destination rapidly and start to play carromboard. There is a big hump which made the scooter into fly. About three to five seconds we are in air, each one of them separated while flying along with scooter. My brother gripped the scooter, our voice reached the heaven in those seconds. I was catching the Carromboard in the air too. We are about thick in the scooter, while flying we had a gap I realised the air flowing between us. My brother tightens the grip with his muscle power he landed saftely the scooter. I was about to hit him by Board. Behind one by seated at faster, got hit with each other. Then my brother slowed the scooter and stopped at one place checking for the damages. None got hurt even Carromboard is safe. Atlast we breathe well at the moment. I watched my brother hands at that time, I never thought he was such strong and like horse he controlled the vehicle.


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