Multiple Interest

Sun and Sea Pt4

Naren mourned for his wife, her memories keep on making him uncomfortable. Everyone started warmed him, often the sounds of shelling made life worst. His family now decided to cross the country, they thought Naren will get a break once he reached into the newland. Their destination become Southern part of India, called Tamilnadu. It is the country which friendly to Tamil people who living in Srilanka. One of the person came to the village and started the business of transferring the people. His brother taken care the deal, Naren lost his strength. He gone outside seen that military helicopter giving the sound, all the people are down at one end. He is still seeing the chopper which hiding the sun. Once its a clear sky now its everything was changed and people changed as per the political situations. The angry, hunger, sadness fill everyone’s heart. He started chasing the Chopper and sounding behind and throwing the sand on it which is unreachable. His emotions gone wide and wild and the eyes are filled with tears.

All of thinking of traveling and taking their money and counting to give it to the representative of transport. Some body thinking of business which they can have little shops to begin with. The dealing is begin with huge amount and they don’t want in Srilankan Rupees and they want it in as a Gold. Which they can later exchange in different norms. There are the three people in Ship and the ship is like a huge boat. Which contains the color which is equivalent to the sea color. Its shape is designed as a ship , the sailor says he knows the sea very much and he bribe the officials. Everyone believed the sailor, they offered the food in the ship itself. Many people left their cavalries, live stocks, agriculture things. They brought the dress to wear and some gold jeweleries. Some people given their respective to their neighbors saying that they will collect it in future. Now they had only confidence in their minds, that they can live properly in newlands.

Tamilians once entered to the Sri-lanka to do the agricultural works and settled. They thought of getting their representatives in Srilanka. Indians are settled all over the world. Like USA, South Africa, Australia, Fiji lands, West Indies, Srilanka etc., They have their representatives in their respective countries where they are living. Instead of getting the representation, Governments and politics joined the hands to suppress the people. Now the people are forcefully thrown by the Government.

Naren traveled in a boat accompanying with relatives to catch the fish, but he doesn’t know to swim at that time. He thought sea is limited and they can achieve the shore soon. After he traveled he changed his mind. The ship waited for the moment., and it started sailing at night. There are about nearly 100 of the people are sailing with their family. One of the sailor thought of mis-behaving with the girl. She tried to escape with him, he showed the knife, the design of the knife which is curve at the top, where the knife two feet high and correctly presented on their neck. Sailors joined now and asking for the Jewelleries to collect once and giving to them. Ladies are started crying, they found the violence in their home land but this is a betrayal for them.

They felt deeply in their heart., Men are like crying like a women to save their lives and started collecting the golds. Sailor not seemed to be satisfied and started pulling from the girls necks and ears. Naren felt this is a shame, he got one stick and beaten the person who had a knife. The blood bleeding from his head and he fainted. And he kicked once he fell in to the sea. Then he turned all the people are now raised their hands and started beating the sailors and thrown to the sea. Naren’s eyes are turned red and its like keeping the tiger in the cage, it raged once it is released. Everyone thought he is the hero and saviour. Offered him a food and his brother came for his backup. Now nobody knows the route, couple of them handled the Ship. They are keep on travelling, their only hope to get the new land. It become couple of days in the ship. Now everybody joyous and even dancing and thinking that they will reach their destination. But Naren thought its too long and its not the destination which they are trying to reach…


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