Multiple Interest

Sun and Sea Pt 5

Naren and the people travelled much and tried to reach the boundaries which they are really working hard to find the area. They fought with the sailors, in the ship nobody knows where to reach. Food has been shared with each other, some of them fallen ill too. Naren got a friend in ship, who become a mediator between people and Naren. Naren had intuition that they can reach the shore on next day. He asked people to calm and maintain peace until they reaching the shore. Whatever he thought it become true, people seen the shore at one end. Where the people are busy with their nets, taking the fishes from the net. The leader of the village thought these people are lucky enough, so it took long time to get these fishes. The miscellaneous fish itself got sold for much amount. One truck has been called to get those fishes. The village leader gone to the people offered food and shelter for sometime. Night falls down, he discussed with Naren about the situation. Village leader assured that nobody approach them, so those people also can have the cottage near the shore. Village people helped the people to build the cottages.

Ravi now started working in City, he felt people in city they never knows the respect with other people. One fine day he driving his bike, on the street, suddenly car crossing and trying to take the right turn from the street. He suddenly stops his Bike, he now rides the Thunderbird, Royal Enfield so called Bullet model heavy duty vehicle. The Honda city which crosses it opens the door and releases the lady from it. Ravi never seen the lady which skin tone which shines like moon. The lady started screaming and shouting at Ravi. Ravi looks her at with cross look, which was the brand look of Police which he had coolers on his eyes. At his cornered look he seeing this lady. At last that girl went to her Honda City and went off. Now he realized that he prone to the traffic jam to that area. He made a U-turn and chased that car, that car ended soon and it came back to the same area he came and made a left turn. In some distance, she came out of the car and gone into house. That must be her house, he defined that, and wandered in the area. Initially he went to that area with bike, and sometimes he parked the vehicle and looking for her in that area.

That car registered with her name., so he traced her address and found her name as Kavya. He spelled her name with himself and started laughing. In station people are seeing him laughing. Seniors in Police station started commented him. But he traces her often in a day. In morning he parked his vehicle, just gone to the park with his casuals, he removed the coolers and tried to lookout the road. The same girl crossed him. He was speechless, his heart beaten fastly. At this pace he was not ready to speak with her., in this situation he was unable to follow her also, she is jogging before him. Can’t call by his name. Suddenly that girl turned back and seen him., seems like she recognised him. She came back, its like he is going face. He doesn’t show the fear on his face, he stood still. He is like face the situation straight to straight. She approached near to him, she started speaking, “Hello sir” do you recognise me, on that day at the street” He nodded his head, “I am so sorry, Sir” He shocked, by her words still he kept the face nothing happened. “On that day, it was something on my mind”, so please apologize my words.

He said, “Oh its Ok”, she smiled at him, and said “Oh sweet” he felt he was a child at her lap. Again he adjusted his feelings, and she asked him to come to his home. He never felt that his much shocks comes in a day for him. They reached at her home. She introduced her father to him, she offered a coffee to both. They introduced with both of them. She is an Project lead in a manufacturing company. In younger age she achieved a lot. They become jogging partners at park. She introduced many friends to him. Many of them scared that Kavya having a Police friend. Soon both become good friends. He felt him as a good friend and shown good gratitude of friendship towards him…


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