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Play that you never forget – About Theatre Y

It is the late summer, my colleague called me on the phone and said he landed up in Chennai. He is not only colleague he is my friend too. I asked him to meet me at office, course he is working at bangalore. He said to meet him on Sunday at Allianz de francaise. I said I don’t know the address, he said it is the prominent place in Chennai and told about the route. I was really happy to see him but I wonder why he asked me to meet at certain place. I again dialled him and asked the details, he said he came for the play.

In my younger ages I know the plays which was done by YG Mahendra, SV Sekhar, Mouli, Kathadi Ramamoorthi, Crazy Mohan etc., Most of them are funny but YG Mahendra is different among them, with his plays he brings the new feelings, each time he bring the new things, SV Sekhar is full of humour, as well as Crazy Mohan uses the new techniques., Kathadi Ramamoorthy will do the humour things and eighties till ninetees he is the star and the person next door to the middle class peoples. Mouli provides the humour but had the talent to make the people to go into in depth in the stories.

Then I went to that place with newly brought Honda Activa, I shown him, he thought I will coming through the bus. Suddenly he made me as a cashier and selling the tickets. Then there is one old lady came and sat after me with the Full Flask of tea for the cast and crew. My friend introduced the cast and crew, there I met Kaleeswari (Kali) she acted in ad, There I met her brother too. To see the play people started came in, the people are keep on coming until the play starts. Some people asked me about the Y theatre, I pointed the old lady, as I expected she wnet into details, the play is from Y theatre and it is run by Yog. He acted in Ajith’s Flick Billa. They had a training centre for poetry reading, mono-act plays etc.,

The play is in Inglish yes I am not wrong its an Indianised English. The play starts from Ramayana, about stealing the Sanjeevi Mountain for saving Laxmana. Hanumanth how he will be facing the Toll gates and stopping things. Its a few minutes play. The next play started, here I can able to find the Yog, this play about the hype from the media and how the issues are becoming fame and how the persons are making it a politics and enjoying the fame due to that. Once everyone got the fame the issue itself gone into vain. It symbolises the current situation in India, Yog prophesise this in this event. The dialogue I never forgotten is “Only in our Channel” about the news they are delivering to the people. They provide the background music and lightings which perfectly apts for the play. The talent to tell the uncivilised to the civilised one, is the guts and pure skill got by Yog.

I enjoyed the play totally, the reactions and using the face in many baavanas by Kaaleswari is outstanding. The cast are waiting for the live comments and reviews most of them said that is awesome, some of them asked for the trainings and future plays. I think the old puppet shows and plays which sow the seeds for the freedom., the same passion I found in this play. True the Artists can tell the message then anybody else. I thanked my friend for showing me this wonderful play. If you want to know about theatre Y, logon to,


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