Multiple Interest

Sun and Sea Pt6

Naren used to go near to the harbour, he found that some of the people are going fast with in their fishing ships. Its really different, the fishermen wearing the coolers which looks different for him. He intervened the person later then he knowned Most of them are theft and smuggled. Once they got these goods those will be sold for higher rates. Naren’s brother interested in this business. He proposed those money will be good for the people around. They will be getting their old days, promising this his brother done this. One person came from the other village with his white Ambassador car, people in village surrounded the car. The person from the car so rude with dealing the people.

He showing off the gold chain and the gold Rayban cooling glass with white-n-white white shirt and white vest. He started calling Naren’s brother name, his brother is not at home, Naren went to meet the guy. He introduced himself. He is the Guru from the other village warned about the newly came village people. He started shouting that his brother crossed his area for smuggled goods and bribed his crew to work with him. Naren told that he will send the message to his brother. Krishnan Naren’s brother came back at night. Naren explained the situation. Krishnan told about Guru he is brutal and crew is not interested in working with him. He is getting the lion’s share and if Police got the crew some of them he refused to provide the bail for them.

Naren understood why the crew joined to his brother. Naren asked to his brother to show his business. Krishnan smiled and told that he will be definitely show it one day. Both of them had the food at the night and spoken about their younger days. Krishnan explained how he become a fisherman, heard some old songs, both of them sang it together. At morning Krishnan touches him at early morning while Naren in sleep. He is not interested in up from the bed. Krishnan smiled and went off. Again somebody touches him, some thing flowing after him, Naren realised that is blood, his brother filled with the blood bath and dead on his lap. All the things happened suddenly. He was filled with grief and thought about Guru, the same anger which he shown earlier in Srilanka, he vent it for Guru.

Somebody from his brother’s group told that, Guru’s crew strangled Krishnan and Guru himself killed Krishnan. Knowing that Naren will be furious, Guru planned to kill Naren. Naren absconded for somedays, slowly crew joined to Guru. Naren want to avenge for his brother’s death. He prepared the knife for killing the Guru. He got the news that Guru is travelling nearby road. But that is day, so the informer and planners are afraid about killing Guru in Daylight. But Naren is fuming, he went to that road and waited for Guru, he was sitting backwards at the middle of the road, Guru has a driver and cars are behind. Guru’s car in first place.

As planned driver stopped the car and came to see the person at middle of the road. He need to take atleast ten steps to see the person. He seen the face, which is fuming for blood and waiting for avenge, driver’s eyes became big and Naren kicked him off and came near to the car, cars are behind doesn’t know what was happening, after seeing Naren’s face Guru tried to start the car, but the car’s are strucked, he taken a knife to kill the Naren, While lifting, Naren’s knife broken, and with spontaneous he kicked Guru, unexpected Guru leaved the sword there itself, at this time other crew of Guru’s persons started running towards Naren. With falling on the car, he breaks  the head of Guru. Everybody stunned, Naren doesn’t moved, and asked the people to come forward towards him. Now nobody got the guts, his voice, his eyes dominates the situation.

After Guru’s death nobody came to the funeral for Guru. People are afraid of this situation. People are taking about this everywhere. Nobody filed the case against Naren. Naren released after the case has been dismissed without proper evidence. People are not close to Naren. The respect become higher. People started seeing him as a killer. While walking in streets, the child which plays in street was pulled in by their mothers. Harbour main areas came into the hands of Naren. He is not involved with politicians, he know that politicians are stronger than him. Big rowdies are working with him as a freelancers are now the full time employees…


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