Multiple Interest

Ballpoint and Parker pen

In young age I still remember the person who repairing the pens outside of our school compound. He had his shop with variety of pens, nibs, nib assembly (nib wood) and also one stone with him. The stone is soft and filled with blue ink shows it as black stone, and also it has green and red ink stripes will be there. If we students lost our pen caps we can find it in his shop.  In those days, ballpoint are not allowed in exams. Gel pens are not introduced in market. We use to have the Inkfilled pens only. But with ball point pens we can write a homework, classwork etc., Strictly advisable for exams are Inkpens only. When I joined 4th grade my mom given a Hero Pen, says it is from china. After that again Hero pen, which is famous at those times. Later-on pilot pens designed fountain ink pens are introduced. We as the students are fan of Oliver pens, which has the big ink tank and nib is nice to write. We don’t want to fill it often, ink will be there for a week. The small petty shops will be providing the ink for 10 paise at those times. My father brought Bril brand ink for pens, often we will break it, so he advised us to get a ink from the petty shop. When I joined 8th Standard my father brought me a Parker pen, in some days the cap got broken, but I used for long time without the cap. I used to clean my ink pens my self, whenever in sundays, we fill the jug full of water and remove the parts of pen and clean it and with the blade will clean the nib assembly. For ballpoint pens and Gel pens its not necessary but some times we will remove the nib and clean the old thick ink from it and blow the air in refill we will make sure that is coming upto to the end. That saves lot of money those days. While we are doing the repairs our hands are full of blue, mom oftens asks us to clean our hands or she rubs our palms and make sure that is neat. I still remember when I got the first ballpoint pen, that is about Rs.25 on those days, it is a mark of luxurious we will say that is tik-tok pen with steel head and refill will be covered with strong blue lid which has the springs to give the movement. Our teacher told that she will be providing the prize if we students are carefully watching her speech. We students carefully watched the speech its actually story about faith in God. She said one versus in Jonah 2 :2, After speech she told us to repeat the Jonah 2: 2, without seeing the bible. I was in Third grade at that time, One girl tried she unable to tell the full verses, other boy who in other grade able to tell the Jonah 2:2. I was forwarded into the stage before nearly 500 students at the prayer meeting, I boldly told the verses with the little help of the other guy. School applauded and prize is that Ballpoint pen. Which is my dream of those days, it is covered with plastic cover on it. I showed to my class, class teacher appreciated in  a class room. She told to her colleague teachers as well.


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