Multiple Interest

Praising Sandwiches

When you tried to talk about the performance of others, the mistake what we will do is

–          Bad Signal

–          Warning

–          Poor Results


For example if the manager talking about the performance of others,

Manager – I need to talk about your performance (Giving the signal)

Employee – What (Annoying)

Manager – Customers/stack holders are not interested on you (Warning)

Employee – Really? (Frustration)

Employee – I don’t believe that, you just don’t like that I will get your job one day. (Poor Results)


To get the Win-Win situation, these praise sandwiches can be utilized,

Praise à Criticism à Praise

Allow some space to others to accept the critics, if its really required! Think about that again!! Then go ahead

Above speech can be changed as

Manager – Good job man with your….. (Praise)

Employee – Yeah I faced so many challenges

Manager – I know customer/stack holders are complaining, but those are small hurdles which you can jump up (Criticism)

Employee – Isn’t it

Manager – You had very good skills with you, soon you will be top employee, I had all faith on you (Praise)

Employee – I will definitely do that

Complimenting and criticism its fine but end of the day praise for their results this will make to feel the employee or others to give the potential impression of importance to their position.


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