Multiple Interest


There is a line between being aggressive and door-mat. Lot of people let themselves down to make other people happy. Thinking that others are happy and making down themselves is punishing your soul. Think about that you are going to grocery store and sacrificing the main item for another person. To get that same item you need to travel half a mile. Helping others should not affect yourself. Be a logic while selecting the things. Be good for yourself and be good to others.

Assertive is teaching us, how to behave yourself and not getting bullied in situations. At meetings asking too many questions will not make you a super hero but asking the questions which you want to ask will make fruitful to your career. When you are getting bullied, try to provide them a space. Accept the truths, take up the principles, make them feel that they are annoying others. Assertiveness also teaches us to do not get bullied by others. When the person comes to you and started the aggressive argument on you, try to say this,

“Oh! That’s interesting,

Why you feel like that

Why don’t you say that earlier”

Don’t make others to like about you, make others to respect you which is most important. Don’t tie up the situation, let it flow and pickup the points on that. Be bold, be yourself.


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