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Going to church in childhood

I am going to this church from childhood. I don’t know when it is started. When we entered into the church in 80s to early 90s I can able to see the big car shed at left side. Normally Gentlemen takes left, leaving their women on right side, they need to separate for a while to the church hall. There is a big mansion in between those two paths. So both can’t see each other. One of the strictest church of that time. I usually enter into the mansion to have the Sunday Class, there I can hear from the sound box inside from the church hall to the Sunday Class Engineer brother singing “Vaarum Deva”. Here in Sunday Class all the children (including me) singing “Over and over like a mighty sea…” and will be separated to their Sunday school teachers. The Sunday school teacher having the big black frame of glasses above to her eye brows (bigger frame) with the stunning voice, “You should not take anything from strangers, they might be a satan…” Often I remember this at my school days, I don’t believe anybody who are with the admired words. Our heroes are David, Samuel, Timothy in the bible, sometimes Jonah for different reasons :). Teachings about Christ coming and the sequences how could that happen, “In the flight why two pilots are there do you know,” We will say “No”. “If Jesus is taking one pilot, there should be another pilot rite” we are “Oh!” I always think the other person will be anti-christ. Once we finished the Sunday classes often children will be celebrating their birthdays by giving chocolate or we will get the biscuits or any other snacks. From inside the mansion we have other way to go to inside the hall. There we can see that Spencer’s brother delivering the speech with his Malayalam accent in Tamil, often he compares the biblical world with the scientific world “Scientists told that Noah’s ark will not get through into that water. Then they created the model as per bible said!, It went through into the water, What a god’s power? Even science also admitting about the Noah’s ark” We were often not allowed to Mother’s place. I don’t care and directly go to mom and sit with her. Then given the rule that we should sit at between near to the carpet. The carpet is placed in between the Men and women, it will split the Gender. Then I thought the carpet is privilege for children. Then Periya sister (As a children we call her as Periya aunty) when she arrives Spencer’s brother will stop his speech or finished speech and church will sing the songs. She will continue the song and start with the small prayer, deliver her speech. Often she will co-ordinate with the real world issues and what god’s message through that. We respect her too much, she will deliver the message to the masses. Also deliver the message to the people of all the ages. “If you are Christian, you need to transform as a Christ”. She has the sweet voice, I will be flattered when she started singing “Yesuvaiye thuthi sei” in the Carnatic raga with her Sister Vasantha. Also need to mention yearly once she will sings “Silent Night! Holy night!” songs of “King of Kings, forever and ever” There will be the small entrance where Mathew brother adjusting his stereos and give the gospel songs and adjusting the sound as per the speaker. Often we will jump in that entrance at monthly once for the Jnanasthanam day. Where the pastor Lazarus from Kanyakumari, will give Baptism to the believers. He will deliver the special speech and provide bread and grape juice for Baptized believers. At that meeting we will enjoy by speaking stories games, the other children often taking out the air from the cycles and scooter and getting beating from their parents we don’t know why we are crying while other children are getting beating. If you do same thing you will also get this, our parents often tell to us. Johny always starting the Generator when we have the Power problem. Also brings big TV (20 Inches) when we have the big meeting and festivals (Easter and christmas), also loves to drive the van. Yearly once we will have our day children’s day often comes near to Christmas, we will provide our savings to Church with joy. Expecting the gift from the church. They will never fail us, also provides the cover full of sweets with one sugarcane. Pencil boxes which are great gift of that times.


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