Multiple Interest

Lost in Translation

The time I started the translation, that is not a good moment. 6 months ago I quit the job in Construction industry given so much stress. Then I joined in the website as a DTP operator, later I developed as an Editor for the website in a period of months. Personally I felt very bad, whenever my salary cheque are getting delayed when the local person fooling me around. I don’t want to go to deeper in that. At last I quit the editorial job (I can say I lost the job in recession period). My life is so embarrassing. Initially I thought I am becoming the burden to my brother, he never cares about the situation. He knows that I will come-up. My own I am searching the small jobs in freelancer websites. At last somewhere I got translating the sub-titles for the TV serials. The job initially interesting but lot of typing involved. I am not a fast typist in Tamil, later I developed much. Tamil language which I took as a second language helped me on that time. Monthly I earned much than what I earned in Editorial job & construction job. Later on I went for samples and I passed in all the leading translation industries. Which given me the merry joy. Then I started translating the books, advertisements, medical, legal, technical manuals etc., Even though the criteria is native language Tamil, I never thought my native language Telugu will be burden for me. I never applied the jobs in that criteria. Some foreign institutes will ask I need to do the Certification/Diploma/Degree in translation. One day from Translation Company called for the job, I did my sample and I got my project. They are in urgency mood, they asked for immediate response on the project. I kept away all the projects currently I am doing concentrated on the presentation translation. Each and every page carefully translated and I sent to the person. He sent another PPT to translate, I completed it. Likewise he sent about seven presentations back to back. I didn’t care about the food or drinking water also., fully concentrated on the project completion. Later I told the company when will be proof-reading completed, they said they already checked the translation content, it seems to fine for them. One week later I asked about the payment, nobody care for paying for me. I immediately remember the person who already in translation industry, I called him up and asking about the review of this company. I am literally scared after hearing his words. This company was in non-payer’s list. Then I called my brother who is good in judicial terms. He advocated for me to the company, they said they will give the payment. After one week, they said my project got rejected. I asked for the explanation, they designed the fake email sent it to me, telling that project got rejected. I filed the complaint in complaints website. Each page of complaint contains 10-15 responses, my complaint page gone upon about 10 pages. There are about 100s of complaints from the different translators asking the explanation about non-payment for their projects too. They not only deceived Indians also the foreign nations. Translators for Italy, German, Spanish, Swedish etc., When I came to Bangalore to lookout the address, they changed into different business later on they closed the office and went.


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