Multiple Interest

Sun and sea Pt 8

Since Ravi thought Naren should be the good goer in his life. Many people are getting loans in Naren’s finance companies. Where ever he goes the posters talking about Naren’s fame and goodness done a job of becoming fan of a person. He went to theater he seen 75% ads are about Naren and his companies ads. “Buy the TV, Washing machine in stores” with the Naren’s photo. “Are you in financial problem meet our representative” on that Naren seems to be kindness. “Visit our hotel with your kids., Your kids definitely like our hotel” Naren smiling picture. Kavya becomes bored of Naren’s image. The near water tank at his home had the image of Naren’s image.

ImageRavi gone around the places, this place seems to be different. It is very near to the city but its controlled by a single person called Naren. His political image and a image of businessman started growing. Naren started building his own empire. Even though harbour is in his control, he controlled the entire place with his businesses and providing the employment. People from other areas started scared to enter Renne. As its wholly controlled by him. Many of them moved from Renne as its not safe for them. Relatives started asking “Are you in that place, how are living in such circumstances, Will you go outside after 8’o clock”. 

Such remarks made Renne people worried.Professional goons and organised are becomes higher. Police have been never notified such crimes. Ravi is keen to do his duties, he went to night walk in the streets. It is always dark, people who are moving around doesn’t care about him.


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