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Tring Tring!!!

I seen the phone booth in 80s which is nearly a Kilo meter away from my home. My mom have to convey the urgent message to my father. She said we are going to phone booth today. We are ready like we are travelling for picnic. From Razak garden to MMDA colony main road, after travelling that we can see the VV Convent school after that we can see the sweet shop from here we are able to see the Chandra vidyalaya school painted ad. The board it says Public Call Office (PCO). Later I quizzed my friends what is PCO called as, Oh thats the phone, the long black phone. She inserted three 10 paise coins into that. Its not working properly, the operator came out and helped us to reach out to my father. Its mere joy to hear father’s voice over the phone. The receiver has the big dots where we can hear clearly and speak. The dial pad where we need round a number until the steel stopper, and again dial the another number. Later I visited my father’s office there I seen the phone which is smaller but with same dial pad and receiver. Another time I went to my brother’s office there I seen the intercom. Where the phone is wireless, but once we talked we need to keep it on the charger back. This dialpad had a backlit with yellow colour buttons. We can dial through the buttons. Later on around 2000s we had our telephone booth. To bring the PCO in our area, become the nightmare. We explained our are people that will bring goodness and development for our area. The BSNL people afraid to commissioning the land to bring up the wires in our area. Once we had a telephone, the BSNL person he came to our home to tell our number. We kept the wall clock, and look out for timing when customers want the phone. They usually evades the minutes. I thought that bring the loss to us. Then my father brought the stopper. Which will give the alarm promptly, also we can have the speaker facility. For neighbours we won’t charge for incoming calls. But for others we simply ignored it. The nearby grocery shop had the PCO they charged for incoming calls. Later on we discontinued it. Then we had airtel (Bharti), Tata Indicom for our personal uses. Both provided the internet through their plans. In 2004 the company which I worked had the phones, if the ring cames, all phones will be rang. It produces the big head ache. Once I received the call I need to travel from my desk to MD’s desk to tell him please pick up the phone. It took ample of time also wasted our working hours. Then management proposed the EPABX connection. The person came and provided the good phones to managers of the company. He planned like, the first ring will come to me and I need to re-route the call to the destined person who need to receive the call through the extension number. Also through extension, they can call each other. The meetings become easier than ever through that. In 2008 I seen the Avaya phone while attended the interview. Where the caller ID monitor was already introduced already introduced, but it looks differently for me. In 2009 when I joined office, that is Cisco phone connected with the LAN cable. Here we can call the numbers through extensions widely. Most of the days, I don’t know the acronym for NET and PSTN. It makes our life simpler. Our government still hold some plans for VoIPs or otherwise India will see the more innovations in communication.


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