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Decision making

ImageDecision making is psychological, cognitive and balancing effort between rational and irrational. It is also occurred by groups and individual. While looking at the definitions in which ways decision making can be useful. You had the product to innovate, upgrade, modify etc., how to achieve this at planning level. Decision making is playing important role while planning. Decision making is used in various levels in Governance, business, management, projects, works etc., Governments using decision making through their bills, ordinance while business is using to create the products. Management utilizing it in discussions, planning levels, finding the objectives etc., In projects, it is decisive in calculating the outcome of projects. In normal works, decision making is used productively and in maintaining the quality.


What are all the psychological effort from Decision making?

Human mindsets are peculiar, each individual has their own plans, requirements, values etc., consulting them and gathering the ideas are important in making the decisions.

Cognitive efforts

For any anything or everything, questioning is important. Reasoning them, calculating it, resolving the issues and problems are cognitive efforts in making the decisions. These are also the psychological efforts while everything are attained the attitudes towards its attributes. For example, if you say the flower, people think about the smell, colour, shape differently. Which they preferred most are provided through cognitive results.

Rational and irrational

How to make the things without irrational or how to make the things rationally for certain users. These are most complicated things in Decision making. If your attributes and data are clear you can win the most people hearts. The requirements should be clear, the results are such good as you planned it.

Groups and Individual

Groups can be intervened in Decision making. As I said for ordinances, passing bills, creating the products, decisions can be made with the group. Most of the times, group of people are representatives of large. Each individual’s idea can be respected. Normally group decision are voted and as per the majority the decision will be taken.

Individual decision, as my mama prays and will take the decision after the prayer. That is also the Individual decision. Individual decision as our premier’s decision, like as a head of the family we respect our Father’s decision. Experts decision, Head or chairperson decision also called as Individual decision.

Remember, the ideas for decision making will be born with the discussions, then conflict of ideas, emergence of new idea, debate on the idea & justification and judgements at last enforcing the idea is called as making a decision in process.


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