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I call you may be!!!

ImageLast time I wrote about the Telephone, what this time is that about cellular :(. I see the grimmed faces along, no problem, I am back with the same repetitive topics. Yes this time about Mobile phones. Around late 90s we are introduced with the Pagers. One of the family friend came around telling about his relatives story, some body kept the pager in their home and it gave the rang. Immediately family members and neighbours are evacuated thought their are alerted with the bomb. Thanks for the Indian cinema giving the thought about the Bomb sound “Ka boom”. My brother bought the pager one day to my home, with the vibration mode which is useful for his marketing career. Couple of my friends are using it as luxury technology they are utilizing. Some time later Sun TV news advertisement, “Chennai’s most preferred cellular service RPG cellular service” I thought that is some thing related to industries. Again my brother bought something weighted about a brick, black colour with square letters (beghilos) like in calculator. Making a call is 14 Rupees and receiving call is 7 Rs. Father enjoyed in making call in that, while brother is furious about calculating the minutes. RPG earned most of the bucks and sold it to Aircel when Reliance introduced “mobile call in postcard price” yes it become true in that case. After I am introduced with that brick sorry Sony Ericsson mobile, there are many mobiles I have seen and used. Nokia 3300 with the voice call facility. The pencil box model of Nokia very classic :). Nokia came with the peculiar note “Connecting people together”. Later on Reliance introduced, Samsung, Nokia 1101, LG mobiles. If LG mobile ringing with mozart ringtone, that is definetely a Reliance mobile. Then Tata introduced the color phones, Kyocera. The mobile wars started, this paved the way for CDMA technology, the technology within the phone not related to the SIM cards (GSM). Again and again Reliance introduced many phones, color, flip etc., In 2004 I introduced with the Executive phone, which is the starting era of smart phones. Where only executives can afford. Blackberry came with that technology, with Outlook Emails, notes, tasks and calendars. Nokia came with the same technology given the price tag wars. These phones can’t afford by normal people. Nokia introduced Camera mobile, sleek mobile, music mobile etc., Vodafone (Hutch) mobile introduced the TV in a mobile, where we can see the cricket live. Nokia really connected the people, they offered mobiles for everybody and all classes. Once there is a issue with the Mobile batteries they replaced the batteries for them. Nokia become an King, they built their own empire in Mobile world. Its awesome to hear your customised ringtones, unless in Nokia you need to type the ringtones with the tempo. In new phones, you can have the music whichever you like it for. I like the pokiri ringtone, “Tana thanana thana thanana” “Please don’t stop the music” by Rihanna, “Call me may be” what a ringtones. When I joined in MNC company they proudly used Blackberry for their official use. Initially only on-call person can use that, then our team members used it. Blackberry prices lowered. Apple came with an iPOD then iPhone, which changed the world. Every body the terminology called Smartphone. Which we can use the apps especially social applications, emails, gaming, music, videos etc., iPhone brought on-line world into the apps. Then Android revolution came with the same terminology as Apple, but no cost in OS. HTC, Samsung, LG become fore-runners. Apps beaten the Nokia revolution. Even Nokia tried with the Windows mobile with an apps, it unable to beat the new revolution.


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