Multiple Interest

Sun and Sea Pt 9

One day Ravi went to local restaurant, where he see the Restaurant in market area. The hotel he went there is no roof it is a cottage. Which had two benches to sit there is a small bench where he can sit and eat on big plate. He seen the glasses often cleaned in soap neat and tidy. The pan kept at outside, the stove is big barrel it had two holes. One is upper hole bigger, where the covers are covered with the clay and pan kept on it. In the side way of the iron barrel there is a hole where you can put your hands and its covered by upperwards where half of the barrel is covered. The barrel stove has the coal to burn where the pan can be heated. Ravi ordered for omellette where he felt that is too spicy for him. He asked waiter why the food is too spicy. While leaving he given the money, waiter hesitated with the fear to take the money. Ravi said its ok about the food and ask him to take it. But waiter said, normally we won’t take the money from the Police. Ravi said, well don’t say to anyone you took the money from the Police and smiled. Waiter smiled him back and took the money. Often Ravi crossed over the restaurant, they served whiskey secretely. Ravi warned about Restaurant often he cleared the petty issues in the Restaurant. There he met the Pandu, he often boasts about the secrets of Naren. “Do you know who I am” with the drunken voice. “Hey! today what I will say that is the justice you have no other go”. Crowd laughed, “Today you are happy!!! Because of me”, “Do you know about Naren”. Crowd silented, Ravi wondered. “Hey Police, What are you looking at? Get off from this place”. Ravi alerted himself and struggled about himself. Did himself he reacted in a such a way that he was coward. Why did he moved from the place. What is all about Naren?. If Naren is a good guy, why people are afraid about him? How did Pandu related to Naren? There are so many questions where he struggled himself. Ravi put 10 days leave and had a plan about knowing the place. He went as a industrial worker lost his job and awaiting for his turn. He met Pandu, he had so many questions, will Pandu identify him? While sitting in the sea sand, where Pandu often seated there, Pandu came near to him. Naren introduced himself to him and told false story about industry. Pandu had sympathy on Naren. Pandu said “I can provide you the job, but you can’t return from that” Naren asked “It’s OK, if you provide the job, I will be honest in that” Pandu smiled. He asked Naren to come over the pipeline. The pipeline from the industry where it is directly outing the wastage water to the sea. People walking on the pipeline casually. Naren went with Pandu, actually Pandu was an interesting guy. He came to the city for a work, where nobody recognised him. He taken almost all the works, where he can’t feed his family much. He married so early, he can’t feed his wife in his village. He came to Renne, where he met different kind of people. They asked him to bodyguard Naren initially. He did his job perfectly and earned the respect from Naren’s family and business. There are about 40 people among Pandu, they are Naren’s all and all. They know’s Naren’s in and out. Pandu told initially he thought of in the place of bodyguard and leaving. But in one circumstance, Pandu become a murderer. Pandu told to smuggle the goods from the foreign ship and one of the passenger seen that and he killed accidently. He got ransome amount from Naren for that. Initially it’s a surplus, but day after the day his family expected too much from him. But he didn’t told his family about his work. He had nobody from this place. He will go and do his duty and wander the market area and sleep some where. He took the room for the rent, but he will be everywhere. Often, Naren’s people ask him to murder some body., he will do that for the money. Naren shocked after hearing Pandu’s version. Pandu continued, “Now I can’t leave to my village, just like that Everywhere Naren’s people are looking at me”. Naren came another day at same place. This time, Pandu came early with the cover. Pandu opened his cover and showed the photo of his family.


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