Multiple Interest

A Book never written

I thought books are our text books which we are carry in the bags. I will make a two compartment in my bag mostly its a military bag, in front of the bag, it that could be place for pencil box. I would like to read the text books before the day of examination, I donno what they found in my writing in examination I stood second rank. The rank system so much familiar in our days, nowadays that is upgraded to Grade level. My teacher one day asked me, “Do you know why you always second rank”, I murmured, she told “Because you idiot, never write the homework” My text books are always clean, can be given to the poor junior students who can’t afford to buy the books. My text books binded, binding will be done by father. He brings the thick card, tears the cover of the text book and paste on the card. Then he binds the book with the tight thread stitch it carefully. We can’t open the text book freely because the thread in between tightens the book in the middle. Immediately it will try to close. Then friends are talking about Gulliver’s travel, Tom sawyer adventures, Robin Hood, Superman stories, Chandamama stories, Batman from The Hindu, these are the story books we heard. Then one day reached my Aunt’s house, there I seen lots of books. I took one book and opened it, she told these books doesn’t contains the picture. “Why?” those are not my type of books. Then heard about Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy stories etc., Lateron I seriously started reading the book, I can say that is my first book, To kill a mocking bird, I like the details explained in the book, the courage of little girl understanding the society given typical experience through out the book. Once I though why I read the book called “Catcher in the rye” full of yelling, at last the turning point where it is expected. I would like to say, the wonderful book was “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hossaini. He never failed to impress in telling the story with the different style. We can travel along with him where the story narrated about. The fantasies of “Harry Potter” series by JK Rowling. APJ Abdul Kalam’s “Wings of Fire”, Joginder singh’s “Success Mantra” & “How to excel when chips are down”. Shiv Khera’s “You can win”, “Awaken the Giant within” by Tony Robbins. These are inspirational books and character which made me to speak with people. “The bossy pants” by Sarah Palin oh sorry its Tina fey from 30 rock, “Five people you met in heaven”, “Schindler’s list”, “Animal Farm”, “1984” These are the books taught me the other side of stories in Russia and Germany. Initially I hate to read the books, nowadays quoting any sentence from these books are bliss. Books teaches me, how other people lead their life, what are the importance they shown in their experience., what we need to learn from it, that is A Book never written…


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