Multiple Interest

Farming and Bacillus Thuringiensis

I born in City like in Chennai, but it got some influence about the agriculture. When we moved outskirts of city, I seen the Tamarind tree, until that I thought Tamarind are from ground. Later on my perception about the agriculture some what changed. I came to know about the rice, how all about growing the rice the varieties of rice etc., We have some place to maintain our garden, Green leaves, mustard, Lady finger, Unknown flowers, Jasmine, Mango tree, Tomato etc., My mom is interested in buying the seeds, in those times it become a fashion have the garden at home. Sometimes later our place got influence of city we sold most part of our place. Around 2006 I went to my home town, there I seen lot of agriculture around it. I stayed about 2 years doing my Freelancing jobs. There I seen lot of agriculture going on. Many of the relatives around are investing on the land, one of my friend use to tell “1 Acre 30 lakhs, if you buy that farmer will come and you need to make a contract with him” and he will provide the money as per contract said. Farmers use to get the investment from the local zamindars, banks, micro banks etc., They will get the money and invest in the farming. Mostly high interest they use to pay to maintain it. Many of the farmers still don’t know about the insurance. Their kids use to go to mostly government school, where they need to travel long. They usually try to make it in a local private school. I went and seen that kind of school, where there is no roof no proper certificates, allied with other schools and getting the certificates from that school. If they are afford to make it a school, better they will join their kids in hostel and make them study there. Most of the farmers will striving and toiled in farming and paying huge amount interests to the Zamindars. I heard one of the conversation told my friend, Zamindar talking to farmer “Hey you come here to repay your loan” Farmer said “Yes sir! Interests are getting higher, so I need to close this loan”. Zamindar answered “Oh! isn’t it, too good. But I seen you are taking a tractor for rent” Farmer annoyed, Zamindar continued “I am telling for your goodness, I will give some more amount as a loan, Get a tractor of your own and run it” Farmer satisfied with the answer of Zamindar, for the tractor, he obeyed and taken some more loans. I can see there are more bad situations found by farmers which can be the extended document of this article. Then came this Krishna-Godavari project, which has high expectations of providing the gas and electricity. Most of the lands are captured in the name of project. Land sellers are enjoyed their moments, without knowing that they are going to killing the farms literally. Now farmers don’t know any other jobs than farming and agriculture. Did you heard this word “Bacillus thuringiensis ” I never heard that word, but of course we are hearing this word as “Bt”. Bt cotton, Bt. brinjal etc., these seeds are genetically modified seeds, which doesn’t had another generation, which has been promoted widely. Through this it has been promoted that, huge cultivation and huge profit. Now farmers has land limitations, but thanks to technology it provided many tools to get the cultivation done. Even India has more agriculture in our country what we had in 90s are about 60% revenue now lowered about 17% or lower. Even Industrialization struck on 26% of income, most of our incomes are from the Service sector. The situation got reversed, we have the combination of modern and traditional agricultural system. In one report, World bank says, “In India our agricultural practices are nor economical and nor environmentally sustainable”. India definitely lacks in what, converting the agricultural lands for industrialization, no co-operative farming, even though we have new technology to tell like, Japanese method, IR8 rice, cash crops etc., in the times of agricultural issues, State government to take a strong measures on state farming. So they can directly intake the crops and provide the technology what farmer wants. State governments has so many businesses to maintain like building the IT Parks, why can’t they bring on the method state farming. I can see the some governments are providing the lands to farmers, what will they do with that. Farming lands with security and equal consumption is required.


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