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Tu Tu Televijay

ImageThis time I came with the entertainment, yes its Television of course. Since I am pentecostal christian, my father converted into christianity, there are lot of restrictions. But at school, children will be talking about Sunday movies and Friday night “Oliyum Oliyum”. Often they talk about Saturday night Hindi movies. My parents will be sending us to the neighbours who don’t have the TV. When people around are talking about TV, movies, entertainment we become alienated among them. My father often see the news channel, my mother will see the TV when there is a christian programs. We are restrictive to see the Televisions. We have on relative in our area MMDA Colony, we often will go to their home. Since they are our relation, my parents allowed to go there. There is a big television, 20 inches Black and white TV, covered with the shutter left and right. When they stopped the television, they pull the shutter from left and right. When we are going to see the TV of their, that uncle ask me to massage. For the sake of TV, we will do that. When we shifted to Maduravoyal, we will often go to Arumbakkam mostly on Sundays. There is a 14 inch black and white TV, where we watching Sunday nite movies, Krishna tele serial. Once its completed, we will start to our home. Next to my home there is a 20 inch Black and white TV, which is covered by thick blue cover. Says it is a Anti Radiant. Late 90s there is a change in family, then black and white TV allowed in our family. The first TV in our family is Philips TV 14 inch with stereo surround and dolby sound. It has 14 channels, where we can get about only three channels. Then Cable TV came, my brother bought the  TV tuner where we can get about 25 channels. The day we have the cable TV, most of the people came to my house to look out the movie in Sun TV. “Seevalaperi Pandi” is the movie which we have seen it first. My house is full of neighbours, where the people can’t afford to see the TV, they came and seen this. They will be seeing the TV, by paying 25 paise on Sundays. This is new bliss for them. Then the peer pressure created, everybody got their own TV. Often TV tunner channel changer the plastic will broken, we use to buy it often or change the channel through the cutting player. Later my father bought the 20 Inch Philips TV through EMI. He always fond of Philips brand. 100s of channels with scanning option, where we can scan the TV channels also option for AV (Audio Video) where we can put the VHS. My father brought VCD player, where we can hear the music, videos, movies etc., Often I will connect my computer speakers to that, and put full of sound. When I went to home town, I missed my TV much. I thought of buying the 20 Inch Sony TV. But nearly to the same price, we got 29 Inch TV in LG. The TV impressed me lot, we brought VCD player which allows the Pen drive. That time, my field is Editorial, so I used to provide the breaking news in online newspaper. After I came from home town, we don’t have the TV for nearly 2 years. I will often check the news, movies in online and uses computer (desktop). I follow the cricket very much through cricinfo etc., Then the cricket world cup came, this time there is a need to buy the Television 🙂 Thanks to Dhoni giving the advertisement on details in Sony TV. This time also I am fond of Sony TV, asking about the offers. Then again LG offered me the better price, the 32 Inch LED TV, 1080p resolution High definition TV I bought. It came with the 5.1 home theatre. Nearly my wishes came true. Now I can see the TV with operating system most of them are Android, Windows, Linux etc., Smart TVs, UHD, 4K are famous nowadays. Curved TV which is providing the theatre like experience to the user. I can see about the 8k TV which is 8 times better resolution than 1080p resolution. 3D TVs are providing real experience. TVs are often complaint for the sight issues in children, but the same time, it is useful when the people around are in same page with us. TVs are not only entertainment media also information media for some time. Nowadays TV is inevitable, after the radio revolution TV already made its revolution. Dyanora TV Ad telling “Which size you want 14 or 17” TuTu Televijay ad, Onida’s devil ad, Silk Smitha’s BPL ad, Onida’s ad on Radio telling, “when our valuables are theft we are seeing the Onida TV” Sharukh Khan’s Videocon ad, Thomson TV ad which promoted people to buy their TV and it become the member of their family.


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