Multiple Interest

White n Lemon

52444_old-india-ads-and-jinglesI came again, with the new thing. In India we have two things in Advertisements White and Lemon. Popular advertisement in our time when we don’t have Coca-cola or Pepsi is Rasna. The cute bubbly girl will tell, “I love you Rasna”. I never thought Complan drinking boy is still short, yes I am talking about Shahid Kapoor. Our neighbour use to complain, I am giving Complan to my boy, he is not growing, he is shortee. One of the boring advertisement is Vicco turmeric. The scariest is Dabur Lal Dhantmanchan, the teacher who have fearful teeth asks for which toothpowder you are using to the student. The most refreshing is Washing Powder Nirma, “The white you get is milk like” Oh that wonderful lady then become Azharudheen wife. Kapil Dev making stepping exercise and bowls get the wickets tells us “Boost is the secret of my energy” later Sachin the god comes and tells us “Our Energy”. The soap advertisements, “Now you come to know why I bought this cake” oh what a ads for that Rin Soap “It will provide the white like a Thunderstorm” Wheel powder “It has lemon shakthi”. Lateron Ariel and Surf Excel came into Ads. Health Drinks, I donno why one wants that. Complan ad comes with “I am growing mommy” & “A complete planned food”. Horlicks comes with “I won’t drink this, I will eat raw”. Bournvita made low competition. We use to provide Horlicks for sick patients, believing it will provide strength to the sick person. The toilet soaps ads provided cool models., Cinthol with Aravind Swamy and Akshay Khanna. Lux soap with movie heroines. Rexona coconut beauty, but top of that was Hamam soap., we use to tell, “He will not tell lies, because he is bathing with Hamam soap”. Then Lifebuoy soap, “its securing your healthier life”. Medicines came into picture, one advertisement I can’t forget is “What happened, child is crying, then give the Woodwards grape water, when you are a child I have given that”, “Dettol cleansing the illness”. Anacin for Fever and Headache, Vicks Action 500, Saridon, Strepsils, Vicks “If you kich kich in your throat have this candy, It has medicine in that”. Then Balms for body pain, Amruthanjan, Zandu Balm with Kambli ad, Vicks Vapourub these ads which you can enjoy.


Later the cable TV era provides so many ads, TVs are running by the money sponsored by Advertisers. Pepsi and cola advertisements, Coca-cola tagged Actors mostly. But Pepsi always wins the Advertisement wars. Azharudheen, Jadeja later Sachin tagged to Pepsi. For Coca-cola, Saurav Ganguly, Javagal Srinath are the stars. Shahrukh Khan, Initially Amir Khan, Kajol are the stars for Pepsi came with the tag “Yeh Dil maange more” (This heart will asks for more”. Coca Cola later pulled Amir Khan in. Cola wars are famous and it gave big losses for classic, Gold Spot, limca, Thums up, etc., Local brands are mostly diminished. Everywhere either Coca-cola or Pepsi products got sold out. In snacks area, its Cadbury’s Dairy milk stole the show, its drinks Schwepps, Canada Dry are short lived. Uncle chips “Tell my O’ lips, I love Uncle chips”. Ruffles Lay “No one can beat that one”. The other varieties are chewing gums, Big fun is the only Chewing gum we use to use until 90s, in each gum favourite cricketer photo presented. Then Wrigley’s revolution, Big Babool, Boomer came with “Boom Boom Boomer” with free tattoos. Cooking oil, some days before I remember my friend’s love for Dhara. The boy will come out of home with the small anger, then his Grandpa will tell, “your mom cooks all oily items, why you come and taste it” that boy change and go to home. Funny isn’t it?. When Sundrop ad comes, I can’t believe it how in the earth, they created that big Vada and poori. That too, the poori fell down when the boy cross that. “In Sundrop’s love you can find the health”. The people who are health conscious from Ghee are really converted to Sunflower oils. Cement ads, the strong arm ad, Birla cement ad, Coromandel some ads are to be mentioned. Fevicol, “With your strength pull this”, to show the strength they use to tell it in humorous way. Electrical goods ads, “Khaitan Fan, it will be for ages”. Coffee Ads, Bru instant coffee, Leo coffee “The taste which win the ages”, Narasus coffee “Besh Besh this is too Good”. Coconut oil ads, Malish oil ads Shampoo ads, we all love the ads in our ages. All we found in common are White n Lemon.


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