Multiple Interest

Pentiums and AMDs

AMDs and Intel

I have more passion about computers, when its coming for programs. Initially in our school in 90s we are allowed to do the Turtle programming. Teacher draws the turtle in the board and draws the triangle on it. That time I donno that is the cursor which she is mentioning. Forward 90, Back 45, creating the squares more fun on the computer.

Later due to shifting schools, I don’t have much pleasure on computers. Then my brother took a computer class where I took typewriting class. Fortunately, both are in the same building. In Annual school day leave provided computer programming for him. Once I complete the typewriting, I will rush to see him. Often people plays paranoid game on that. Games are more fun, interesting and gives time pass. When time passed away, my brother suddenly emerged as Hardware Engineer. Often he brings the desktop to repair, Pentium 386, Pentium II, Pentium III, AMDs, Celeron processor machines. Color monitor added advantage.

When I worked in a college seen lots of computers, with B&W and color monitor. After going to so many calls for Desktop repairing I got an opportunity to buy one Desktop for me. There is one monitor already for us, repaired cabinet motherboard got some issues without hard-disk.

I went to Richie Street at Mount Road, Chennai that time famous for computer parts. Explained my issue with the Cabinet. He took a calculator and asked me to provide Rs. 13,000. My savings are about 12,000 change and I borrow 1,000 from my Father to get the new computer. At last I got my new computer, fortunately small freelancing business started for me to Scan, Video Editing, Photos to Videos, Desktop configuration etc., I even brought the new scanner and printer then with the complete multimedia setup. Lateron Pentium 4, Core 2 duo, with the 24 inch monitor I bought for my self.

I have my confession here, I use to play lot of games in my desktop rather that doing useful works on it. But my desktops always stood for me, when I had my requirements. Neighbor kids exam results, New born child name, Google maps, Typing the letters especially for Government matters, Educational videos, Audio clips of inspiring speeches, Translations, Proof-reading, books and articles etc., Its always I had a wonderful time with my desktop. Sometimes I donno how much time I spent on it.


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