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Vision, Mission, Goal, Objective and Strategy

Vision, Mission & Goal

I use to hear that elders blaming, their children doesn’t got their vision or goal. In resume we put our objective what we are expecting or what we are going to do if we got opportunity. In sports for example in soccer matches strategy is so much important, even you have good dribbling skills, you need to send the ball to the right person, or opponent will take the ball and chances of he is hitting the goal.

Okay, all are seems to be same, “What we need to worry about it?” lets differentiate the above things,

Vision: What are you expecting to do. “I have the perfect vision, what I am going to do”

Mission: What are you currently doing. “This guy in a mission, he will be like this”

Goal: What are we going to achieve. “He achieved his goal, his project is major success”

Objective: Vision and objective are kind of similar. But vision is overall statement, but objective will say the things what are we going to do in precisely “I will be develop along with the organization….”

Strategy: Do you have a plan? “Planning, Analysing, Resource Checking are main points in making any Strategy. “I have four resources, one is developer, one is QA….”

I faced lots of issues without knowing the appropriate meaning for these words. I hope this article will helps you.

Vision, Mission & Goal



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