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A Day in Hyderabad – Pt 1


When we had a functions at our relative/friend’s house I can see the members are mostly from Hyderabad. Un -removed Air-India, Indian Airlines tickets from their baggage shown their prestige and privilege about flying. Most of them from trains, I seen lot of relatives for the marriage functions. Once my father planned to go to Hyderabad to relish his Hyderabad days. From Chennai we went through train, It was his Pinni (His mother’s younger sister) house. The house exact opposite to Praga tools. Then we went outskirts of Hyderabad, where his Mavayya (Brother to mother), he is Thathayya for me. It is rare memory I had in my school days. When I am in Kakinada, my brother got called from my father to attend the House warming ceremony in Hyderabad. At that time it was exam time in College where he given his name in the duty list. At that time I am a freelancer, got enough time to spent so obviously then its my turn to go Hyderabad, Initially I refused because, I don’t know anybody. My brother and father are in firmed in their decision, then my ticket got booked. I really worried about how to find their house, how will they treat me I got scared too much. There are so many questions inside me. My way of talking telugu is totally changed when I came to Kakinada. In our town we respect all the elders, need to ask “Randi Randi eppudu vacharu, prayanam elaga unnindi. Lopalakki Randi” (Please come in, when do you came to this place, how is your journey?” In the train, there are some elders, I queried about the address which was given by father. They told to go to Nizamabad Junction, later other person told, to go to Secunderabad Jn. which is safer. With all the tension, I went to railway canteen, asked for MInute Maid a drink to relax myself.

When I came out the large advertising screen, advertising their ads. Then I got a bus, asking for Thirumellgerry, “Don’t stand on the steps, come inside” “Sir is it going Thirumellgerry”, “How many times I will tell to you, Come inside”. Again taking the tickets “Please give me the ticket to Thirumellgerry” His words are too fast, which I can’t follow, “It will stop at Junction, be there”. I stopped at junction, My Thathayya’s number was not reachable at that moment. I called my father, told that I am unreachable the number. He then called me back saying, “Its reachable, and somebody will come there to pick you up”. Then I rechecked the number, the number which is given or taken by me is wrong. In some minutes, thathayya called me “Be there in junction, he said.” Lateron he came, he came to Chennai couple of years ago, very much active person and interested in religious. He got Hanuman Chalisa, will be there in Sai Baba Temple, his talks are about temples and mantras. In our family & relatives, we respect him and his family. He is like Godfather to our families, he will attend all the functions at maximum, also will do the monetary helps to the families. He came in Kinetic Honda to pick me up. On the way he asked about my career, life and rest. He told that his son built new house, he is Ex-Military officer etc., 

My level of scare is decreased when I seen thathayya increased when I heard about Ex-Military my Mavayya. At night when we reached home, there are number of relatives, mostly known faces. But I talked to them for the first time. The family treated me as I am member of their. I am introduced with Ammamma (Grandmother). The books, teachings, culture, relationship the great Indian grandmother I ever seen. In most of the things, we are apt and our views are same. She immediately like me. They given me the Diwan cot to sleep, where there are many little pillows around Diwan cot, where I had fabulous sleep. At morning, we went to their new house, lots of friends and relatives are came. I seen many relatives at mavayya’s new house warming. The pooja started. When I entered at the entrance, a hall right hand side, the wall below small slab disconnects the floor. The slab has the white stones and lighting, where small Ganesha statues kept their each giving different pose. After the hall their is a kitchen which is Italian modular, where we can define easier. Between that there is a mini-bar facility, where I am not going in detail. Right to the kitchen, there is a pooja room, where Thattayya’s friend talking about the door design of the pooja Room. My another known mavayya from Chennai and complained about my slang. “Yuk, what is the way of speaking, speak normally”. The way speaking with elders, annoyed him. My Grandmother introduced her senior’s in office, where I can do little help in arranging the foods for them. When I said I am leaving, mavayya strictly told, that I need to leave a week later. Then I told about my clients and about the projects, he smiled and let me go. When I left from the house, its afternoon, I got train at 11 PM. So I planned small tour for myself. I seen some old Krishna movie, where heroine talking about the Hussain Sagar. (Contd.)


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