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A Day in Hyderabad – Pt 2

Hussain Sagar

I continued for my tour, where one security guard helped to go to Hussain Sagar. It is a small form of bus which they took the ticket. I asked for Hussain Sagar, they told me to get down at Devi complex. There is a large Hindu Goddess Temple, where she having lots of hands and had a thrishul within the right and left hand in standing posture. I think I got an energy after having the function then family gathering like that. I start thinking that Hyderabad is one of own city. When I reached the place, its small tomb at tank bund. road. On left hand side is Snow city newly built. There are leader statues, like NTR, Sitaramaraju, etc., Those statues are well maintained like a long park. I seen the road it seems unique. The road curved and ending at the junction. The curved area has the night lamps, when I imagined it in night this could definitely looks like necklace. Then I came to know this is none other than Necklace Road. Again right hand side, the Buddha statue looks small for me from the view I started. Behind the statue, there are the buildings stood after the lake. The mobile phone antennas are standing like rocket to be launched. 

At last I reached to Lumbini Park. I also queried about the Hyderabad Biryani to taste. One of the person from the park visitor told about the Bawarchi restaurant. I went inside the park, one of the German couple enjoying the site. Since it is about 3 PM, there are lot more crowd coming inside. In one of the board it written “Laser show Today on 7 PM”. I went inside, its more than a park. The playing area, connected to the great Hussain Sagar. I enjoyed the view the kids play. Then I found out the yacht going to the Buddha Statue which stood in middle of the Hussain Sagar. I don’t want to miss the opportunity, I got the ticket and went inside the yacht. The yacht is a public yacht, which is in square shape, with open all sides. I provided with the plastic chair at corner of the yacht which can provide the good view of Hussain sagar as a whole. There are so many languages with different lingual people are in Hyderabad. Urdu, Telengana, Coastal Andhra, Hindi, Bihari’s, Odisha etc., When I entered into the yacht, I seen the multilingual people as whole Hyderabad in a capsule. We reached at statue at middle of the Hussain Sagar. It stood and as like its touching the sky. The Buddhist monk given his prayers to Buddha. Near to the arm I found the brown mark, some body behind me said, there is a incident where the Buddha statute had a crack then it got repaired. Then we came back from yacht to the Park again. In other yachts the party mood started for them, the dance, songs, all of the sudden I am in the different world, totally changed environment. The lights are ON near to the Buddha statue, showing different colors a good wonderful feeling collectively. I am unable to make it to Bawarchi, but had a Biryani near to the Secunderabad Jn. At last I had good feeling with the families and relatives, they attached with me and I respect them at the core. Also seen the Hyderabad as much as I can in a day. (End)


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