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Lily-flower among the thorns

A couple of days before my mom gave grave news. That is about Sis. Sarah Navaroji, devotional singer and founder of ZGPF church is no more. I have seen SUN TV scrolling telling that “Sarah Navaroji aged about 76 is no more.” Angel TV broadcasting her old interviews  She sang many Christian devotional songs. We donno how she named Navaroji but she got famous for the songs which she sang. Not only that, she writes, gives the raaga, often doing the music and she sangs. Like this she created about 400 devotional songs. That too, she is founder of the ZGPF church running without any foreign funds. Genuine personality and she had a couple of branches near Chennai.

She is strict in her gospel in all the songs are in meetings, she told about “Jesus is coming soon”. When we experienced family problems she and her elder sister advised us and those thoughtful advices are like told by some elders in our family. 

In her early ages, she went to Bretheren, Lutheren gospels. She went to CPM, there she had differences and started the new church. Her songs are sung at the gatherings in CSI & ECI churches. She got more opportunities in the movie industry, she rejected those offers. She had tough competition between, stalwarts of Gospel singers. She won all the competitions, she even more good than ever. She is also a wonderful critic, anyone making mistakes on their speeches, she easily identifies it and gives the right explanation. The church had been given me the opportunity to design the labels for the cassettes and CDs., she had an option to select the logo for her CDs, she accepted my logo, which I considered a big gift for me. Her songs like “Erugindrar”, “Mega meedhinil”, “Siluvai Sumantha uruvam”, “Umpadam paninden”, “Sathiya Vedam” these are my personal favorites. When she had a meeting in Congress Maidan in Chennai there are about thousands of people have been coming in the way of truth. They believe only the truth of a crucified Jesus on Calvary can save them. That made her to start the church and fellowship. She named her church as Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship. I don’t think if anybody sangs in Carnatic Raaga in Christianity songs nowadays. She has done it in a peculiar way, classical Indian music with the message of Christianity.

Her songs are absolute gifts for Indian Classical music. Someone says, the singer can’t be a good preacher, but she is the one who changed that thought. Her devotion towards Christ and poor people made her “Lily-flower among the thorns”.


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