Multiple Interest

Dialup, Broadband and 4G LTE

At the holidays we usually hang around at cricket grounds, on such holiday my brother get into the Internet center for chat. In 90s internet is the huge thing. I usually boast myself about internet with friends. Yesterday, we chat at internet center, MIRC, PIRCH chats are famous those days. There is a browsing center near Mehta nagar, there are the chappals outside of the internet center, there are so much of cables around, the small box often connected between the cables, LED lights from that. Annasalai’s Dish internet café is famous where its like a hotel or lounge where we get coffee with internet. Yahoo Email service just came. Whenever we chat we will provide the email address to the chatting friend so that they can email us. But they will do at the beginning and ends up frequently. Netscape navigator is the only internet browser we known those days. is the only search engine we had, later yahoo search joined. Yahoo become famous later days with the messenger, mail, chat, news and even more.

My friends ask me to create the email accounts for them, we will go to internet center, “Tell me your first name and last name” “I have only one name” “Then tell me your father’s name”. This is how we use to create the email account. Indiainfo’s is my best hobby, about cricketers, their records, Wisden commentary, etc., My father’s friend came to our home one day saying that, “Oh that internet, its showing world news and everything. You don’t need to phone or telegram nowadays, you can chat directly.” Relatives phone each other, asks them to come in chat, and they will share their information. My teacher called, her relative asking about our results before its releasing in the newspaper. Through internet we got the results, but she didn’t tell us about it. Then at the same night, me and my father went to internet center to download the results.

Those days we use to have Dial-up internet, then we moved to ISDN and Broadband internet. Its started from 28 Kbps to 512 Kbps. After internet revolution, Fibernet, 3G, 4G LTE, mobile internet upto we are getting about 100 Mbps. Internet plans are introduced with limited and unlimited plans of Fair usage policies (FUP) for downloading. When I am working in an internet center, the outbreak about the virus and update of internet explorer came. The viruses are Y2K, “I Love you”, we have another virus after the twin tower attack, “Nimda” virus. If any virus came in computer, media will tell how much loss it made to the corporate companies. Virus attacks are famous after that, then they use to differentiate it, Trojan, Worm, Spyware, Virus, Adware, Malware etc., We use to tell, “This is not a virus which affected your PC, this is only a adware”. Adobe acrobat, PDF versions, Flash versions, Internet Explorer versions are given important. How much security you increase, the attackers will attack the system files in computer. Then Anti-virus becomes famous, Norton Antivirus, PC-Cillin, Mcafee etc., Browsers are also added as Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Flock, Opera etc., Whatever the browsers or OS you use, Internet explorer is the maharaja of the browsers. After the Google revolution, Google given the opportunities for marketing their products, Google Analytics, Adsense, AdClicks etc., came into the light. After the smart phone invention, there is an internet in every nook and corner, like power bill, water bill, internet bill also considered and domesticated. Social websites are changed from Orkut to Facebook and Google+, there are about more changes in browsing internet. There might be different versions and changes, for me its truly amazing thing.


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