Multiple Interest

UB Plaza days!!!

When I joined Thomson Reuters in 2009 with many dreams about the global work culture, MNC habits, different people, etc., It gave a different dimension of work. But where-ever we work, we have almost forgotten the place we are working. I had my memories about such building is called UB Plaza. It is near to the UB City another hallmark building in Bangalore. Before joining in Thomson Reuters, I am being here in Bangalore for a week, I am rounding in auto seeing the Titanium, Karle Premium, Infinity also UB Plaza. I often visit the Century builders with my relative. After a week later, I joined Thomson Reuters after having the Induction in Titanium, I called HR, she asked me to come over to UB Plaza. I went to Shivaji Nagar and came by walk to UB Plaza. While travelling I saw Manekshaw grounds, after that I stopped and crossed the road for the St. Marks Road. On Cubbon road, right side I have seen the huge stadium “M.Chinnaswamy Stadium” its full name is Chinnaswamy Mudaliar Stadium.  After that I am crossing by the huge Advertisement video was running “Hearing opera, lullaby to your ears”, credit card advertisements, after a minute traffic cleared, I crossed the road, the huge castle like building, “Bible Society” after I crossed the building, Hard Rock Café at Right side, Koshy’s small road I crossed then Indian Oil Petrol bunk, Leisure club, Bus Stand, Nirmala Toilet, Bangalore Traffic Police Park, Crossing the small road again, Century Builder, Haunted House, Egg Factory, MTR, Juice Junction, Oh! Calcutta, Richie Rich, Nahar’s Hotel, Amruth Hotel, Karnataka Tourism Board, then there is UB Plaza. Opposite to UB Plaza two wonderful houses, one is garlanded with garden another one will tell the tale of modern house. Once I entered the building there is a security asking the reason after that I went to collect the ID card. At reception area there are somany awards are presented to Thomson Reuters, Reuters Best photography book, newspapers, Water dispenser etc., Shortly I joined to the job. Cafeteria at 4th floor amazing. Often we go to Hotel Amruth for every reason and every season. If courier or part replacements, we use to tell “Its opposite to Bishop Cotton Girl’s School”. Later I rejoined in 2012, this time I found Haunted house is filled up with debris and new hotel built at the entrance. Naturals Ice cream parlour newly joined. For foodies we have Nandhini Group of Hotels opposite to our building, lots of insurance companies around. The ice cream Corner house is our best, Naturals, Richie rich are others we have. McDonald’s, Empire Hotel, Chutney Chung, Kushboo, at weekends.

At breaks, we often come to the roadside petty shop, the old lady who smiles at us and provides the value to her customers. The person who works in a Fried Groundnuts petty shop with wheels often smiles to us and often I see Warren Buffet Quotes on his wheel shop. He enjoys his work. If I came early to the office, I see the man with khaki trouser, having two Big dogs going around. Its about 20 Minutes for my travel to office, if we got no traffic jam. There are Vans loaded with children parked around our building, the kids who plays near to our building, it’s like a huge family around us. Next to our building, Fly Emirates reception visible from our office. Ladies with the same attire as in the Flight resolving the queries of their customers. The five floor building always sticks in our memories forever.


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