Multiple Interest


In a childhood, my friend’s use to ask “Did you see the airplane, physically”. I said, “It’s just flown through in the sky”. “No, I have seen the airplane very near”. “Oh! I see, where it is?”. “In the airport at Tambaram”. I am yearning to see the flight nearby, I want to see that. Then there is an opportunity, Gandhi’s Birthday came we went to small picnic to Vandalur Zoo it is next to Tambaram. Since our vehicle is pretty much higher than ground level I saw the thick wall, which has the iron fences on it. Behind that, a big Cargo plane having its packages into it. As we saw in old movies, we can’t say welcome or saying goodbye by going nearby. Either we can’t see them boarding or coming from the plane from the airport.

Later I joined the construction/engineering company in Chennai, I used to book the tickets for Bus, Train and flights. Travel bookings for my Boss, Engineers, Staffs, Employees, etc., we will be having the site at many parts of India, I usually book the tickets for Engineers and Staffs. Before I joined the company, they used to book it through the agent by calling them through the phone. They will call back the company and feasibility of flights. After booking, the person from the agency will give the tickets as a person. Then I started booking all the tickets through on-line, it’s pretty much easy and faster. I usually book flight tickets through,,, etc., I found SpiceJet and Go-air tickets are cheaper. But my boss said, due to his ergonomics, he opted for SpiceJet. Air-India will provide its flights at nights. People don’t like to travel on those times mostly. The Indian Airlines strategy is different, when the passengers are more, the ticket price will be lesser.

Then 2010 I went to Chennai, our HR send me the itinerary to me. I saw the flight details “Kingfisher Airlines”, the timings etc., I smiled course the reason is that the Airlines like Virgin Airlines for India. Air-hostess from Kingfisher has a separate calendar for them. As always Vijay Mallya takes us to in a different new world. Same his brands and products depicts the same. After the induction, I made it to bus-stop, there my relatives are waiting for me to bid a goodbye from Bangalore. There is a white Indica waiting with the customer, the driver said, he got another customer, so I can able to pay half of the amount to the airport. It is a long journey to the Airport. There is a beautiful environment nearing, small bushes, plants planted over left and right, often we can see the advertisement hoardings at sides. The Taxi driver, brought my things up to reception even I requested, he made it through the reception. A reception lady from airlines asked me to leave the luggage. There is a collector from her end taken my luggage. Suddenly I got relaxed, gone outside for a while, BMTC bus is waiting to collect the passengers from the Airport. Buses are neat & tidy and well maintained. There are the people are waiting for their relatives/friends/customers from the next flight. Some people relaxing in Coffee shops, one man wearing the suit and having a suitcase urgently entering the ATM booth. Air-hostesses jointly gossiping with them and smiles. The white dressed and having the cap resembles the captain of the flight, just put his hands in a pocket, giving the Ray-ban look to everybody. Lot of taxis’ are waiting for its passengers outside, also cars for relatives vehicles are receiving and sending their friends and relatives. People waiting outside, some having the hoardings of passenger’s name, hotel name, welcome messages, etc., Hotel and travel agents are convincing the passengers to stay and travel from their agency. Passengers coming outside from the glass doors are having the searching, amazing, exciting looks on receivers. Emotions, smiles, jokes, laugh often thrown at them. Sometime later, I entered into the airport, I walked to the first floor, and where-ever I go guards are seeing me suspiciously with their Guns. In the boarding area, there is another reception collected my details, asked me if I am interested in boarding earlier. Since I have time, I have been wanting to be there for some time and I refused to take an earlier flight. The food is costlier than some Star hotels price. On the other side of the area, the pantry looks entirely different, the food available there is not heard in Indian restaurants. There are full of foreigners on the other end. All the races, ages, cultures, people seen around. My flight came, the announcer announced my flight details. There is a bus with good amenities inside, it is like a room inside the bus, carrying near to the flight. Air-hostess announced “1-10” numbers come first, mine is around 30, there is no announcement, the person who in front started walking towards flight. I said, there is no announcement, he smiled and told me that, there will be nothing such. Inside the plane, the pilot told about the weather conditions and some news. Air-hostess demonstrated about safety measures. I am amazed, that she exactly looks like a person in a Kingfisher airlines calendar. A foreigner with a kid seated before my seat. Often rang the bell and asks something to air-hostess., she politely told that the facility will not be available here. There is a lady next to me reading the book, the complementary sandwich and water came, I took a sandwich and water of the next person, because she is busy in reading. She later smiled at me with the friendly gesture and thanked for the same. The flight started, it is the Airbus started slowly, then gone fast and faster, then it took off. Bangalore is same when I looked through the Google maps. As Chennai also same when I looked the maps. The glittering night, which I saw might be the one-time show from the sky.


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