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Sound Horn OK please

I have seen many heavy vehicles on the road, I felt lorry is one of the innovative and well-designed product for transporting things. When we shifted the place from the heart of the city on the outskirts of Chennai, I have rarely seen any vehicle going on the road. But, lorries are like Superman on the road. When we decided to build the house, the place which we bought is in downwards seems like a pit for us, so we filled it with the Rubbish (it contains of demolished building materials). The Rubbish contains, demolished building’s bricks, sand, contains bricks and sand together. How much we filled it up, we can’t make it to road level on one stage. We use to have got lorries to bring up those materials. We wonder about the lorries on National Highway, some of the drivers, have their Horn sound different, it will be like music, some time we can have the AR Rahmans on the way.

Ashok Leyland will deliver their container lorries to other states, so the new lorries will be driven and given to the other state warehouses. The newly built lorry will not be having top and finishing at behind. The driver will wear the safety glass while driving, the glass strap will fly along with him when he is driving. Often container lorries will carry the huge rocks, new cars and bikes from the manufacturing units. The other lorries will carry the rubbish, bricks, sand, cements mostly building materials. Along with the lorry there will be cleaner, helper for in-taking the materials and unloading the materials. The helpers will be having the spade always in the lorry. On sometimes, the material delivered not paid by the recipient, the part material will goes to lorry owner. Later they convert it as money. There are functions for if their vehicle passed FC.

The typical lorry will be having 8 wheels, mostly with yellow painting, board with lorry company name, if it is individual God or Goddess names, Father or Mother’s name etc., Rear end of the lorry will be having two signs, “Sound Horn, OK Please”. Social messages, “Funny designs”, peacock designs etc., some of the lorries wouldn’t have the steps, Driver will step on tire, bolt and nut and reach the destination. Inside the lorry, three to four people can accommodate, if an extra person comes, he will allocate at the material loading place. Some lorry often made as cottage and tours will be taken off. I also saw the petroleum products lorries,Containers from ABT parcel service, Lord Hanuman takes the Sanjeevi Mountain in his hands.

Trucks are other kinds which will carry the wooden logs, industrial items, cements, food products like grains, pulses and vegetables. I can see mostly Punjabi’s on trucks, somewhere they will lit on the stove, they make Dal-roti they relish and continue their journey. Local lorry drivers will visit the Andhra mess, where they can get lots of rice for lunch time. Breakfast at any hotels they can accept. Supporting shops are Lorry mechanic shops, tire re-treading, puncture shops with Omni advertisements, plate changing shops, welding shops, Customized lorry shops here they will customize the whole lorry and made into the shape where they can allocate more space for their materials, the original branded lorry can’t beat its design. In some ways they are also influencing the price rise, Government raises the Diesel price, Lorry Owner’s strike, then transportation cost will be high, materials price will be higher, even milk, vegetables, basic needs are relying on the transportation of those materials.

In some ways prices rely on transportation. Nowadays Cement, sand will be mixed in big size lorry which has the mixer inbuilt, when they are delivering it, it will ready-mix easier to deliver. Instead of bricks, usage of brick ash and glasses are becoming higher. We are losing the old beauties of lorries, instead we are using the trucks nowadays. Still trucks and containers provide Indian designs on their vehicles. Still people are using to lorries to bring the people to their functions, gatherings, political meetings etc., This reminds me we are still survived by the wheel of invention.


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