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My Desk

Earlier my desk filled with the notebooks, textbooks, calculator, pen stand, pad, notepad, etc., Talking about the desk is about having the privilege of individual things for yourself. I use to remember my reading table which is in yellow color, made of the wood, which increasing the weight day by day. It has drawer on one-side other side has huge compartment where it is made for huge things. On side of the reading table there is a compartment where we can keep the antiques also it has small door on that side. Its not so much comfortable at that age, then small desk which has four legs and slanting on which we can easily write on it.

Once again small desk is not useful, then reached to the same reading table this time, table lamp added to it. Some times later Personal computer added to it again I am unable to use it comfortably. I brought the table, customized it with the keyboard stand later it has Personal computer with printer, scanner, allotment for CDs/DVDs etc., There is a much space for keeping our legs inside the table. Landline phone, headphones for PC it stood like official for me. Once I moved to the home town, again I brought the Desk which I felt its too small for my things. Later I brought the Desk cum Computer table. It contains two doors on two sides where we can keep UPS and CPU, hole on middle, where we can connect the monitor cable and given the closure panel for it. It is bigger than normal computer table, which has brown paint, monitor placement is in metal. There is a space between the two compartments where you can sit comfortably. Once I moved from Bangalore to Chennai, My computer table completely vanished due to the transportation, poor quality furniture didn’t stand for transportation. Then bought the new desk from Zuari, well designed, good compartments for CD/DVDs, Keyboard, compartment for UPS, power cables, printer, speakers, scanner also easy to have the books on top of it, even a clock in the table. It didn’t occupied much space and well designed. I can’t move from the current desk because, the full and packaged things are modified for me.

I can read the books, go to online surfing internet, seeing the videos, using it as the study table. Most of the time people find me with the current table. It become my library, personal office space, writing table etc., Maintenance of tables are easier, often dusting the table, always I refuse to have eatables near to the table which you can also practice the same. Cleaning the Keyboard and monitor often which can avoid the dust around it. Often I will open the CPU to clean it and dust it properly. Checking the cables around the CPU fan, checking the RAM and HDD cable will give long life to PC. Pulling the table is tougher, but cleaning around will provide good ergonomics for us to use the same. If you have the vacuum cleaner that could be added advantage, for the proper maintenance. Wish you like the article.

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