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Dosa Place – It serves in a bandi way

In Hyderabad lots more to see, places like Tank Bund, Charminar, Golconda, Malls, IT Parks etc., There is something to tell about where the place I boarded to. The Borbanda station gives the feel like my home town, after travelled through autorickshaw, we came to the Ayyappa society. The streets, house are confusing, some are similar to one another and catching up the right house little bit confusing. I went to office while I came back I am introduced with the nice treat. I use to believe only Hyderabadi biryani is famous, after I got this treat my opinion got changed. In Bangalore I saw so many variety Dosa shops, which had same manner. The Dosa Place which got in four wheels, which remembered me the “Food on Wheels” Jackie’s flick. Here no-body wants to fight with you :). The bandi shops normally not be clean and tidy, the place and their serving methods are contaminated. When I entered saw the shop, it is like four wheeler van, behind the driver seat the area is covered by the Kitchen. On top of the Van, the white color board says, “Dosa Place”, between the front end and back area, Hand wash area provided. The van is located in bare land between the house and school, the free land is utilised and even there are extra kadais kept for cooking the dosas. The Dosa’s are made at charcoal stoves to make extra delicious, the menu card given to us, on that there are about 50+ dosas are available with Idli and Tea are extra in the menu. We ordered Kerala dosa and Panneer masala dosa with Extra Idlies. The order has been taken by the separate order taker, he will tell to the chef “One Sada dosa and One Mysore masala dosa”. Bubbletop water container kept to satisfy our thirst after having the delicious dosa. The dosa we had, is crispy, the masala they put on dosa later  brought out separately like sabji for the Dosa, the masala and dosa are cooked simultaneously at the same dosa. The chutney they provided are awesome. More than that, dish and place are hygenic, even its open air restaurant.

The presentation and dish can beat any top hotel’s dishes. If I came to Hyderabad I won’t miss this place, I am giving the details of that place below this article.

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