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Interview days – Part 1

There is the job announcement at Browsing center, I am eager to attend the interview. The browsing center owner came by and we sat opposite to reception. He asked my name, certificates, whereabouts etc., I gone into details and told about myself casually. Suddenly someone interfered and told that why it is required, that owner said, “Don’t you see I am taking interview” I giggled myself, “Oh! this is called interview”. Later I got the job. Often I am attending the interviews to know in which position I stand, how much can I do, what are the requirements in job market. Once I forwarded two Resume, to the company which doing the biggest project at that time, they called me asking about the candidates. I started explained about the candidate who had experience and the same level of expectation what they are looking for, “We are ready to take this candidate, there is another resume, which we are not going to consider it”, I replied, “Okay”. “Do you know that guy?” they asked seriously “Yes sir, that’s the person whom you are talking to” there was a silence for the moment on other end. “We will call you back” then phone got disconnected. Couple of days later, the guy called me and said he got appointed in that company. On the same day I got the call from the same company to attend the interview, I am surprised and afraid. 

Interviewer: Hi Jonathan, what do you know in computers
Me: I know MS Office & Computer Troubleshooting.
Interviewer: Will you repair laptops?
Me: No sir, I never touched laptop, I use to do with the desktops.
Interviewer: We have some excel work, where you need to work on 6 months of contract, after that we won’t available for this project, you need to search the other job for yourself.
Me: Its Okay sir I can do.

Later there is an MS Excel test and offer letter given to me. The most con-vincible interview I had with the Real estate giants of that time, takers are CEO of that company, Executive Assistant, VP of sales, etc., there are about 11 members seated in the interview hall., I am glad to see so many people to take one interview.

Hi, I hope you have seen our profile.
Yes sir, I took the information from your company website.
I can see that you have passed our technical round, now tell me if you are administrator of our website what kind of changes you can bring in to the website.
Sir, I have seen your US & India websites, in both profiles are kept neatly. But for Indian website I think there might be changes shall be included.
VP of sales interrupted he is full of smile and looked at me and asked, What kind of changes?
The database about the homes and shops are just photographed and information has been entered below, we need the information to be presented in easier way, the customer or visitor who looks for the property need the information about the area, building size, amenities, rent/buy prices etc., those information are not presented.
VP of sales again interrupted “But people like the photos and images”
now CEO interrupted, “Don’t take his words wrong, who ever he might be he is giving the information and helping us to provide the information about our website, I need to see the changes in that website going forward”

to be continued…

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