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Interview days – Part 2 (End)

In the hall everybody nodded agreeing the boss notation.

How will you work and what is your working style?
My motto is QTS
CEO smiled and asked me “What is QTS?”
Quality, Time & Service, whatever the work we do trying to provide the additional value to work , finishing the work before expected time, providing our utmost respect towards the job what we do. This is my motto.
We have couple of openings in our company, if you are shortlisted we will inform you., you can go now.
Thank you sir.

I got call from that company for different position. There are some irritating interviews, where they are asking for questions to gain the knowledge from us. I attended the interview with consultants, and writing answers to in companies. Earlier attending interview through consultant is namesake. Where I need to waste the time by answering the questions, some referral person will get that job.

Some times interviewers will be interested with us and will not provide expected package. Also false promises like “If you work with us for 3 months, based on your performance we will increase your package”. “How will I know your skill, its impossible to say it now. Work for 2-3 months we will analyse you and then we provide the better package”. There are the companies will come to check my home for background checks. Even they ask my birth date and time to check the Astrology. MLM companies advertise job openings, but in reality they are marketing their products to us. Once you go their they will ask us to join in their networking (Chain business) business.

“Computer Operator wanted”, this is the advertisement, if you go there, they will provide their pamphlets to us and talk about their products. I got an interview which I attended in hotel, in ad they said about the white collar job, in reality it is not. They are trying to motivate me to take this job. One of our relative said, there is a job in Hard Disk company in Malaysia, where we need to pay about 1 Lakh, my parents asked me to accept the position, which I turned down. In the name of jobs and interviews there are businesses running around in huge manner, our resume (Bio-data) are sold to the companies. People getting into the personality development, language classes, attending speeches etc., only for attending interviews. There are the people making us to act for not being our-self. Sometimes our passion getting down towards the high paying job.

While attending the interview we need to be a pleasing personality, laundered shirt & trouser, polished shoes, saloon-ed hair, clean face are important in attending interviews. Verifying and knowing about the company through the company website will be definite advantage, while answering the questions, if we are unable to answer the question, ask the interviewer what is the answer at the end. That shows the interest in the job, before failing in interview, try your best, attend the interview like its a last chance. Read inspiring articles, logical reasoning will help you often. Thanks for reading this article. – End.

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