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A Tribute to Robin Williams

When I am seeing the movie Jumanji, the two kids playing the game there are unexpected incidents happens. In between I am introduced with Robin Williams, there is some hidden sadness in him missing his father in the movie. Then later Kamal Hassan acted the movie Avvai Shanmugi, it is based on the movie called ‘Mrs. Doubt fire’ even though its a comedy movie, something makes us un-comfortable because of his acting. A Father for a kids and kids for their father.
Flubber, nerd scientist dedicates most of his life for the inventions.Awakenings, when the patients are walking ourself we are moved. I am moved with his trying to awakening the patients. Some of his movies tell his tale are Good morning Vietnam, Cadillac Man, Dead Poet’s society, etc.,

The voice modulation in Aladdin as Genie, Happy feet’s Love lace, Night at Museum as Theodore Roosevelt, there are many characters as we can say. He acted Televised series, he is also a writer, acted in famous series in television.

Earlier he is a good actor in Theatres which provided the chance in movies. “Bengal tiger in Baghdad Zoo” one of the theatre drama by Rajiv Joseph. Even though he got serious money trouble, he never accepted the movies for payment. The passion on movies are impeccable. Unable to bear the news he is no more, but his movies speak about him. His passion are not died with him. He is the guru and mentor for many actors in hollywood. He influenced the famous comedian like Jim Carrey. He even acted in Robin Williams movie. But he got only academic award for supporting actor. He got Golden globe, Emmy awards for his passioned acting.

I give the great salute to the such actor.

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