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Independence day celebrations

In our area, the people looks for equality among others. DYFI friends club, paint their requests to the government by posting the paper in the cycle tyre and it will be lifted in street light poles. Some times power poles are also used. “There is no proper facilities in our area, government what are you doing”. Daily I use to see this kind of posters. My father and mother asked me to join in the activities in the school, if it is the speech competition, there will be the Auditor uncle he writes the speech and give it to my brother. I become unnoticed in our area, very calm among friends always at home. He memorize it and tell it in school. My brother excelled in sports and all extra curricular activities. But I am bookish, studying well and concentrated on school ranks. That is the new school to me, all the juniors are ready for speech competition. My class teacher told there is a huge competition among our juniors we are all need to join to encourage them. My mom also encouraged to join in the speech competition. Our are Police inspector invited to the Independence day function. I started taking notes for my speech competition, there are many leaders I come across, I selected this leader which provided much expressions. My friend started the speech about Veera Pandiya Kattabomman, with movie dialogues with same dialogues, “Vaanam pozhigirathu, boomi vilaikirathu….” Then other friend talking about Kamaraj, “Why his name came as “Karma veerar Kamaraj” with text book expression. Others generally talking about Bharathiyar, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.,

After Jalian wala bagh massacre there are the group of friends joined and one of the young person having this speech among their friends, “What is this injustice happen to us, our people just went to hear the speech. But they met the death, we need to be like tiger to our enemies, fall on them and perish them.” “There is no law, truth are prevailed in this nation anymore, come-on my young fellas we need to be one and defend ourselves…” At the end, we got the independence not so easily, we fought with unity, we had so much of sacrifices, we sow the seeds of sacrifice to win the Independence. We need to celebrate this freedom with knowing their works and due respect to those martyrs. Jai Hind”

At end of the speech, my family applauded there are many people among our area came to school there are vigils around, sounds, some of my friends are cried Hurrah, you done it. There are about 200 people listened and applauded, juniors telling me the kind words, how I told, my class teacher shocked with my speech. One instance I become famous in the school. Our Headmistress, cried and taking her napkin to clean checking if anybody noticing. Second prize goes to Jonathan Justus, Police Inspector awarded me saying, “Yen station pakkam vaada” with warning style “Come near to station”. When I got the prize, crowd smiled and applauded vastly. That speech inspired me to provide the speech or attending the interviews also fought with more fears. 

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