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Show-business for a day

Tomorrow please come to AVM Studios, I am producing the TV show just take look at it. “Hello sir, I am JJ, this security is not allowing me, he is asking about the floor details.” “Just say to him, newly built Studio 2”. I told to the security about the details. I am with the blue T-shirt, says GAP on it. “Hold on, JJ I am coming there, we will go by car” Sometime later, Tata Indica car came. I opened the door, get inside of the car. This time security given the salute. “So what is the program I asked”. This is the kids program I am producing, I have director, for this show. I went inside, that is like huge hall, inside that “Dance Mast” program name for Splash TV.  “Would you like to have some coffee, please”, “Sir, please have the chair, the security urged.” Friendly people. I made myself comfortable in the studio. The studio is fully Air-conditioned. First time I am seeing the concept of online editing. There are about three cameras around the studio. VJs came to the studio and told about the participants, sometime later “Nimbuda, Nimbuda, Nimbuda” two girls started dancing to that tunes. The three cameras started capturing the angles, online editor carefully capturing the videos which he wanted. Whenever the mistakes he found he rewind it and took parallel good video. Suddenly the studio changed to the Navaratri mood, we are taking about 29 episodes in three days. Through this we can save so much of money. I am introduced with Director, parents of dancers came to him and introduced themselves with their visiting cards. “My baby has won so many prizes in school competitions, she like dance, acting etc., why don’t you give the chance in acting. “Yeah will see that”. Organizer came in, Raj told that Dinesh organized the kids in Sowcarpet, where his marketing guy failed him. But Dinesh arranged the sufficient kids for the program. There are so many challenges, the episodes which they are organized are not in time, 2 ½ days’ time got extended to 3-4 days. He felt losses in show business. Lunch brought in all the parents and our supporting staff had a lunch. Again Raj shouted, “We are paying money, what kind of food is this”.

Again we went inside to the studio, DD came in and introduced herself, “Yeah I know her”, Raj again said “We will try”. “Raj, do you know her, she is DD, she acted TV dramas, and she is growing star”. Raj told “She came in for her brother, to give the cinema chance for him”. Again program started, often VJ struggled in memorizing the names of the dancers. They change their dresses after four episodes. Suddenly the kids stopped dancing, “What happened, sir the song is wrong, first phrases are right” Again we put the song, those kids are right. I immediately rushed in and seen the CD, it has been written in pen. “Sir I accept that I written in upper wards, but I donno has written in other end.” Don’t you know you shouldn’t write on pen? You need to write with OHP marker. Fool you making my life worse”

Again, Dinesh went to Music World and gain the CD, in-between director made other episodes. Kids, again had a touch-up like growing actresses. At last programs got completed. Raj started settling the payments to the staffs. Studio supporting staffs to argue for Tea Bata. Dinesh argued, we are not taking Shankar movie here. If you want a Tea, come I will get you in Saravana Bhavan will provide dinner also. But the amount you are asking is too much. “Sorry sir, you have to give or you can’t move from here”. At last Raj given the payment, Dinesh told, “Sir you shouldn’t to given that much amount, already we are in loss”. At last the set is closed, everybody started to our homes, Security given the last salute at the gate.

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